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    I realize everyone has their own faith. I am a believer in Christ, but I don't want to start any uproar, so I made this team for players who are either interested in the faith, or are fellow believers who can have a private place to express themselves without causing problems. If you are interested Just give me a holler, and I'll send you an invite, but let people come to us, and I don't want anyone to be pushy. Also note I plan to be helpful not only in game, but as a place to express your troubles, or vent, etc about real life struggles. Happy hunting everyone.

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    Official Destiny Staff Team

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    Quak! Quak!

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    "Beer? Why did ya bring that, man it's serious, we're playing now!", #nobodyever2017. Masters of humor and irony, come chill down with us Ð: (we have panties too)

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    A server woefully devoid of BEES? A team full of BEES ought to put a stop to that!

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    Legion never dies

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    JADE's Team

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    This team hasn't provided a description.

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