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  1. Is this my lucky day?

    I try 1 and 2 please
  2. What's coming to Destiny PSOBB?

    I also think that any kind of new content, especially endgame content, is highly appreciated. In the end of the day, everyone decides for themselves whether they want to play the new content or not. Its an addition to the game after all
  3. List: Difficulty of Quests

    Nice hint!
  4. EASTER EVENT 2024

    Update: 'Fake Special' Hey everyone, We're happy to announce 'Fake Special' feature for weapons with unique specials such as Dark Flow/Meteor, FEB, etc. We're introducing this feature to make it easier for players to tell weapon sets apart. Starting today, you can obtain the 'Fake Special' by redeeming Easter Eggs. It'll require 8 Easter Eggs to add 'Fake Special' to one weapon and 15 for two weapons You can choose any special except S-rank exclusive from here: https://phantasystar.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_special_attacks_in_Phantasy_Star_Online >The special displayed is really just text and has no impact on the weapon >Weapons that have regular special already (DVL/zerk, Grave Digger/Demons) can't be added fake special
  5. EASTER EVENT 2024

    I tried to move this comment to the ideas & suggestions section, which unfortunately didnt work out. Here is a nice guide by @thanx (You dont have to do the whole thing btw) As for this topic, Happy Easter everyone!
  6. A> 2nd Anniversary Wings Bluefull

    CHB and winning bid: @thanx with 150DTs Thank you for participating!
  7. A> 2nd Anniversary Wings Bluefull

    Reset applied, 8 hours added to end time. Please consider minimum increment for next bid, thank you!
  8. A> 2nd Anniversary Wings Bluefull

    Thank you for the bids so far. I have added a countdown timer as well (Hopefully with the correct time XD) To clarify: Reset will be applied if there is new bid within last 24hours, then the end date will be expanded for 8hours
  9. A> 2nd Anniversary Wings Bluefull

    Update, new auction rule applied
  10. A> 2nd Anniversary Wings Bluefull Start Bid: 50 PDs End Date: Sunday, March 31st 2024, 7PM GMT+2 Reset duration: 8h Min increment: 5DTs 1DT <=> 10PDs <=> 2PTs <=> 2 Crate Im auctioning spare bluefull 2nd wings. Place your bids pls
  11. List of server features

    Destiny differs most from vanilla pso due to the battle units like Immortal/Battle (Attack Speed 120%) and V802 (Technique Cast Speed +100%), making the game somewhat more dynamic despite its age. Bosses/Monsters have buffed stats and you can only carry 1 Scape Doll in your inventory. No knockdown complements this style of gameplay
  12. Hello hello!

    Max stats of chars:https://pso.rollandrate.com/maxstat.php Monster stats:http://psobb.epizy.com/database.php?type=5&i=3 I might be the only one who rarely plays FO but I can tell you that FO here gets Technique cast speed +100% through unit V802, and can cast Shifta Deband lvl 35 with Paragon frame for example
  13. Hello hello!

    Hello and welcome Click on the arrow 'OUR FEATURES' on the homepage https://playpso.net/index
  14. Sell 1 wings of life 35 DT, DONE, SOLD!

    i would like to buy that pls
  15. 100h type sh/shot