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  2. Happy Birthday Piv! :D

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      Thanks Howi! :x

  3. I'm Koro. :D

    Welcome back
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  5. Constant Disconnecting

    Hello @VerdantCross, you can change that ingame. Login your character > F12 > Options > Auto Disconnect
  6. Show your screenshots

    This Arrest Gungnir is fighting its weakness
  7. Show your screenshots

    Nice follow up
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  10. Trade> ARCTIC FAUST [0/0/100/100|100] + Celestial Fusion [0/0/90/90|90] for Lavis 100hit

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  12. Show your screenshots

    pts drop
  13. Looking to buy "starter" things

    oh sorry the quest is called Phantastic Bazaar thanks dep!
  14. Looking to buy "starter" things

    Hi and welcome! Most players here are selling items including price https://playpso.net/forums/forum/9-market/ Here is a link with rewards you can get from the server: You can get photon tokens from mini events like recently or from big server events such as xmas and summer event. There is also a chance to get one of a daily crate. 1 Photon Token = 1 hit% launch episode 2 and start the quest Gallons Shop, there you can use those to add hit on ur weps. Thats why photon tokens are used as a currency ingame here. We have a rotating daily quest which you can check with the ingame command /daily. The quest gives you chance for a daily crate drop. Normal 1p: 1/2000 2p: 1/1200 3p: 1/932 4p: 1/800 Hard 1p: 1/1600 2p: 1/960 3p: 1/720 4p: 1/600 Vhard 1p: 1/1000 2p: 1/700 3p: 1/500 4p: 1/400 Ultimate 1p: 1/500 2p: 1/350 3p: 1/250 4p: 1/200
  15. Happy Birthday :D

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      thank u howi! :x