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  1. One final week of TTFD

    Thanks for extending the event! also big @thanx to @VEL(JP) for posting tips and video. It helped us a lot in consistently farming the quest
  2. Show your screenshots

    Gladius [Demon's] [20/0/0/25|90] [untekked] hey ur right, its cool on FO I was just upset that it wasnt calibur and gave up after a few tries tekking The dream still remains..
  3. Show your screenshots

    Unlucky drop EP2 Seabed lower lvls yellow ID ofc
  4. Anniversary 2023: Towards the Final Destination!

    Nice Run! Using hellfire shield to get over 2k HP for spinners and swaping it back on last phase to trigger mag invince from Belras is pretty smart.
  5. >Yamis > SHOP

    Gi Gues Body S-reds Arms Zalure 20 How much for these?
  6. Show your screenshots

    Hey, First of all, congratulations on your clear! We just had a boss fight against Millennium Fury and failed in the last phase due to the Golden Belras We're struggling to deal with them, Could you please share your strategy or any tips on how you handled those?
  7. Show your screenshots

    Congrats!! Thats a 100hit Final Egg Blaster
  8. Help with stats plan

    Here are some plans with 0 def mags focused on ATP, ATA and LCK. There are also other builds such as Nuke FOnewm or Battle FO down below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uIN2LbEmjdybDzvI8QuU9SMvy9csROqpkSl8bldvv0E/edit#gid=1355646740
  9. Show your screenshots

    My highest hit drop (RT Seaside box Yellow ID)
  10. Happy Birthday :D

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      Thanks man

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      Thanks Howi! :x

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