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  1. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    I was about to login, make my huney rdy for some runs and you just take my motivation away :7 rip
  2. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    challenge accepted
  3. Destiny v0.69.420

    Destiny v0.69.420 lool
  4. Destiny v0.69.420

  5. Government Quest 8-3 Hunewearl

    Thank you! we need new TA times, since Last Emperor got nerfed
  6. 8-3 gov quest with Huney and Nightmare Time attack version of this run will be uploaded soon...
  7. Ill gill hunt (Hucast)

    Shisui and i used this fun trick back in the days on ultima roct quest. There is a spawn with some ill gills, epsilons and a mericarol. We confused them with Iron faust and that big spawn was gone in a blink
  8. Ill gill hunt (Hucast)

    Ill Gill Megid VS Epsilon
  9. #dontlickdoorknobs

  10. Show your screenshots

    Its finally worth a PGF, CG!
  11. Next: Hunting PGF without HH because HH is a lie anyway + under quarantine..

    1. Piv


      I think it's time for me to unlock 8-3 with hucaseal :D 

    2. Howitzer


      Go for it!

  12. Show your screenshots

  13. Music

  14. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Last post of this thread may help: http://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?26844-Damage-formula-and-to-hit-formula