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  1. Happy b day !!!!

  2. tenor.gif.e5e5917691487221f0047d492a0c6ca0.gif

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday 🎈🎂🎉 I hope you day and the rest of your year are great

  4. Wrath's Quiz

    banner item - banner = item = no fame
  5. Halloween Event Update

    so this is plural am i right? :
  6. Closed

    with 1 PT you could buy 20 addslots because 4 adslots usually go for 1 PD or for free even. Hunting addslots is very easy, specially right now with free section ID change on. You just need a FO with Redria ID and run the ep2 quest called: Dolmolm Research on normal difficulty. There are alot of Hildebears and Poison Lilys so you have a good chance for Hildeblue or Nar Lily, both with 1/1,14 droprate for an addslot. I recommend reading dep's recently published beginners guide here: This is how you change Section ID, just type /sectionid 6 as soon ur ingame and itl change ur ID to redria. Here is a post from Shiva for other ID numbers and how it works: /sectionid # "#" is a number between 0-9 Make sure you reload block or log off/log on after using /sectionid if you don't want to have mag feeding issues (This also only works during an event or when its activation is announced) 0 Viridia 1 Greenil 2 Skyly 3 Blueful 4 Purplenum 5 Pinkal 6 Redria 7 Oran 8 Yellowboze 9 Whitill Welcome to the server
  7. Show your screenshots

    Todays Daily Crate
  8. Price guide

    I recommand not selling it at all, because its usefull on quest like pts and maybe we get an upgrade for that sword in the future.
  9. Price guide

    it looks like they go for 15Dts^^
  10. Ello? hiya

    Posted March 8
  11. B> Huge Battle Fan and Le Cogneur, PM me pls

  12. Sab's Shop

    DEATH REAPER [25/0/0/0|45] 15 Pds make room and give pls
  13. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    Thanks alot for this nice event. It was fun to hunt wings (except ep4 ones cuz of kondi and birds) and very addictive to farm crates
  14. Price guide

    For me its min 15Dts because it gives alot of Def and has build in C/Battle so its really good for FO and 1/170 droprate from Olga is not funny at all and worth imo at least 15Dts
  15. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    You dont have to recreate. http://www.pso-world.com/secid_BB.php