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  1. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Yes it is. DF special is similiar to this and for that you need hit%. Also 503 affects DF wave aswell and gives you more range. So you need hit% on Nightmare to actually hit stuff and 503 for more range and procs.
  2. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    High lvl gifoi works aswell but you have to time it a litlebit. The point is to freez/dmg multiple charging enemies all at once.
  3. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    Here is a pro tip for RAngers on how to fight multiple Mericarols. By spamming DM with Normal-Hevy-Normal combos, you can stunlock and kill them easily without getting rushed over (Try it first with one meri for practice). This was a secret back then with LHB and hunting cent/battles on Ultima . Only one guy was able to solo that quest without 20 scape dolls in his inv by using this combo. Credits to -Under9000
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  5. IGR is the most unique wep on the server imo And the hell special with 80hit is just something else. It feels like Hell++
  6. Its a close call for Ranger to decide between yas7k and Hell striker. For me, Hell striker won because it has handgun animation and is slightly faster than rifle (yas7k).
  7. yuzushop


    S> SPREAD NEEDLE [40/0/40/0|45] 15PTs or trade for i/b
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  10. wtb > RGS with Arrest and Demonz AOE 

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    2. wade1212


      charge would be funny. cost 9000 meseta per swing.

    3. Howitzer


      900 ATP Sword with charge+(Vjaya) explosion special :D

    4. Howitzer


      with that you no longer need hell speial because the dmg by itself does the job haha

  11. Return of the sniper in red

    Wilkommen zurück! Grüße aus Hamburg
  12. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    130hit (80hit sword + 20hit Armor + 30hit Shield)
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