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  1. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    A cool visual trick is to trigger a freeztrap with the blue wave of TJS while being surrounded
  2. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    This one here is for tower. If you have an ill gill getting out of control and rushing back and forth, there are 3 things you can do: 1. Run a ramp upwards because ill gills can only walk upwards and get stuck if they rush upwards. 2. interrupt the rush with normal attack first and use special after. 3. use twinblaze gifoi to create a barrier between you and the ill gill, this will stun and interrupt the rush aswell but you have to be quick with switching weps (these work against the grimm reaper aswell)
  3. Zion Shop Update(23/03/2021)

    Attribute% on Psycho wand doesnt matter at all because you are going to use those RA tech boosts of it and dont swing the thing itself with normal and heavy attacks
  4. Happy Birthday Magic :D 

    1. Magictrick


      Yo thanks dude <3

  5. Don't click here

    its magnetic to the cursor
  6. Don't click here

  7. First come, first served!

    Alright, have to admit that i clicked on it and listened the whole thing haha
  8. First come, first served!

    I havent checked yet but if there is a rule 210.3 in section D ill deliver the rewards right away. nice try!
  9. First come, first served!

    My idea was to not unlock this at all. I wonder who unlocked it haha
  10. First come, first served!

    @R-78 you pranked me yesterday and Dep a few days ago and braged about it because it was funny for you i assume. Now i got you with april fools day and ofc its not funny for you but for me it definintely is
  11. First come, first served!

    This is a masterpiece
  12. First come, first served!

    Well first of all, i dont know who unlocked this topic But the good thing is we have now a list of april fools HAhAhaAhh
  13. First come, first served!

    Hi all, this is a fun mini event/giveaway with prizes from my own inventory Rules are simple, as the titel alrdy says: first come, first served! in order to win the first prize, you have to reply here with *first*, for second prize with *second* and for third prize with *seventh* ( i know i got u here) . Only one reply and prize per player and no editing! Here is an example to clarify a litlebit: Vel posted 4mins ago: second Flola posted 4mins ago: first desuxu Dep posted 4mins ago: first Orgo posted 3mins ago: second (Edited 2min ago) Mystery posted 3 mins ago: second Shiva posted 3 mins ago: second woof Rem posted 2 mins ago: second Shisui posted 1min ago: third Piv posted 1min ago: seventh Cosmos posted 1 min ago: seventh The winners in this case --> 1)Flola, 2)Mystery and 3)Piv, Consolation Prize--> Dep 5Photon Tokens, Shiva 2PTs, Rem 2PTs Prizes: 1. Calibur [Tempest] [0/25/40/0|75] [untekked] 2. Parasitic gene "Flow" 3. 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS (Oran or Whitill) Everyone between first and second reply 5 Photon tokens and ppl between second and third 2 PTs. I will unlock this topic at some point on next Happy Hour. Good luck and have Fun ;D
  14. Invisible Sinows are driving me insane.

    Oh i was talking about sinow zoa/zele (Seabed sinows). Sinow Berill/Spigell are not really invisible, you can still see the blurry silhouette. For CCA i can suggest to learn the spawn patterns by heart and to use twinblaze. With twinblaze or gifoi you can prevent sinows from their jumping slam attack and by knowing the spawns you can either position urself better or spawncamp and freezem right away with freeztraps, twin cyclone or frozen shooter.