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  1. dorameow

    Hello welcome!
  2. Thank you for the hard work and the update. <3
  3. Buying Handgun  0/50/0/50|50   40pds           (for making eggblaster]

  4. Buying passion haze any stats ,  buying panzer fuast with hit  . [  completed thank you]

  5. Game Crashes every 1-3 minutes

    can you run the launcher as admin , then go into options and try several resolution settings also try in windowed mode and full screen
  6. Show your screenshots

    HYPED , thank you again. great trade bro
  7. Destiny Reader Update!

    thank you so much , this update is sick . custom drop sound is fun to mess around with . currently my rare drop sounds says " damm" in a duke nuke em voice . Id highly recommend it