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  1. Happy Birthday! 

    1. Mystery


      Thanks :D


  2. Team Bones

    we are active daily ! feel free to join , looking forward to playing..
  3. Ayo , welcome to the team

    welcome to team Bones, If anyone need some help with with info or ingame stuff feel free to Pm me or post in here. Ive been more active recently and looking forward to doing some runs with everyone
  4. Selling or trading CryoWarhead

  5. WTB

    I have state/maint the calibur triple 50s can be bought from shop quest for 20 pds , just let me know what stats u want
  6. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    my defender Quarantined the Pso file , even after I disabled defender I had to go into defender and reinstate the Quarantined item , After that , I kept defender off and It worked ,
  7. closed

    I will try to hunt u a lavis with hit when im bored solo today
  8. dorameow

    Hello welcome!
  9. Thank you for the hard work and the update. <3
  10. Buying Handgun  0/50/0/50|50   40pds           (for making eggblaster]

  11. Buying passion haze any stats ,  buying panzer fuast with hit  . [  completed thank you]

  12. Game Crashes every 1-3 minutes

    can you run the launcher as admin , then go into options and try several resolution settings also try in windowed mode and full screen
  13. Show your screenshots

    HYPED , thank you again. great trade bro
  14. Destiny Reader Update!

    thank you so much , this update is sick . custom drop sound is fun to mess around with . currently my rare drop sounds says " damm" in a duke nuke em voice . Id highly recommend it