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  1. Disgusting Behavior

    If you didn't ban people for no/little reason, maybe you wouldn't get the hate you do now. Literally everyone who doesn't play here has a negative view on Destiny. Maybe if you could take criticism and not ban people for saying "lol destiny sucks xd", you'd get a share in PSOBB's dead and toxic player base. But hey, ban now and warn later, am I right? You had such a golden opportunity starting out and fucked it all up when you started banning people left and right because your snowflake hearts couldn't take the criticism. No amount of 'new' content can save this dead server. Have fun with your Ultima ripoff.
  2. if you need me for gm stuff please either pm me here or ping me in the discord server, do not pm me on discord please as i am selective about who i dm with and so far im only using that for close friends who i dont have on other platforms as they live out of country and they dont use skype or w/e

  3. ???? «Bee's_Team» ????

    it was a wasp that stung me, thanks for quoting me tho and bees are cool but wasps are balls of hate D:<
  4. «・CLOSED・»

    hit me up with that anti android rifle tho

    i said because

  6. based status updates are enabled now so dw

  7. Race to 200 event!

    congrats to everyone who did it and won the many things from the goal of 200 before anyone else could even (special shout out to bee for doing it on a racaseal and what is probably the hardest class to level atm)
  8. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    so all the armor and shields have dfp listed twice instead of dfp and evp and i would edit it for you but i dont know what one is what so. v:
  9. "Failed to start PSO. Error: Access is denied"

    im not entirely sure what would be causing this, but if you havent already make sure your antivirus isnt blocking pso and the exes are set to run as admin individually might also help if all else fails you could try a fresh install, sorry i cant be of more help but i will let other staff know to try to resolve this for you bzzzzzzzzz
  10. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    this basically sums it up
  11. o hai

    o hai, im that guy, built so fly like a silk bow tie anyway i am the gm dw (among other gm characters i have) and a regular player like the rest of you while on my normal account when i actually play (cant actually hunt on gm account) but i do like to keep my work and play accounts seperate so i dont think ill say what my non gm stuff is here due to privacy reasons fairly new to being a gm on pso but have been a gm for other games and have known most of this staff for years and am happy to be help as i still get used to the commands and what not i might be a bit slow with redeeming at first and a few other things so patients is appreciated as i get up to speed on things <3