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  1. Xp rate and Free ID

    This is from 4 years ago lol. But ID changes and 10x xp always run during events. It'll run for a little over 3 more weeks.
  2. WTB> Yamigarasu w/ hit CLOSED

    Take this from me, spend your DTs/PTs moving attributes and adding hit
  3. New here, last played in 2013 on schtserv

    Welcome to Destiny!
  4. Item Combinations

    Thanks Vel!
  5. Hi all

    Welcome to Destiny!
  6. help

    If you click on the "PSO Account" Tab at the top of the forums page it'll take you to a login for your in game account. You can click "forgot password" on that page to reset it.
  7. help

    You've reset the password for the in game account or the forums account? They're separate passwords.
  8. Price guide

    What does everyone think is a fair price for Paragon Frame? The only one I've seen sold is the one Vel bought for 50 DT
  9. Trade List!

    No worries
  10. Trade List!

    Hey, friendo, what's that Blue Phantom Field worth to you?
  11. Destiny Reader Update!

    works perfectly, thank you!
  12. Muckbeast WTB list! (updated - buying: dark matter & imm/battle)

    He's trying to buy it, not sell it. WTB = Want To Buy
  13. Kulden's Odd Jobs/Gift Shop

    I've got one you can have if you're around.
  14. Unable to activate account.

    Glad you got it working. Welcome to Destiny ☺️
  15. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    Sorry for the necro, but is this still a thing?