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  1. Show your screenshots

    of course i get this right after i use 80 tokens on my CF D: @Orgodemirk
  2. Show your screenshots

    was it shiva?
  3. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180, gl lads
  4. Show your screenshots

    !!! happy new year lads, got a good thing. my first one here, and probably my last one bc i hate doing RT lolol.
  5. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 179, enjoy!
  6. Show your screenshots

    i know right D:
  7. Show your screenshots

    my random item luck is,,,, interesting to say the least lmfao.
  8. Show your screenshots

    the first rathalos greatsword o::: (thanks to sab, magic and orgo xP )
  9. Show your screenshots

    how could you do this to us, simple hunters. D:
  10. Show your screenshots

    yeahhh, he hurts a ton haha
  11. XMAS 2018: Monster Hunter!

    yoooooooo this all looks so cool guys! thank you for putting so much time and hard work into it <33 i cant wait to hunt these things and find a bunch of xmas hats
  12. B> Celestial Fusion blank/low stats, Passion Haze blank/low stats, and Taste Of Affection blank/low stats

  13. Show your screenshots

    c-crate!? no D:
  14. Happy birthday Night! I'm a little late, but, i hope you enjoyed it c:

    1. Shisui


      thank you cakie c: yes was a nice day :3

    2. HHawk4

    This is my entrance for the symbol contest! It's the Lunari symbol from Diana (League of Legends) and here's the reference images for what it's from;