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  1. Show your screenshots

  2. Show your screenshots

    damnn thats amazing, congrats!
  3. XMAS 2021 and 4th Anniversary!

    yoooo, twin executioner looking SICK
  4. XMAS 2021 and 4th Anniversary!

    o:: i cant wait!
  5. Hi all ;)

    welcome to destiny! hope ya have fun
  6. Show your screenshots

    a cool drop i got from a PTS run yesterday! two PTs back to back from two claws o:
  7. Show your screenshots

    that reminds me, i found this as well! i think i found a lvl 28 and *maybe* another 29 as well? but i dont remember :') edit: i checked my banks and i did find another 28 and 29! holy hell
  8. To all new players (an honest review of the server)

    welcome to destiny! very glad to hear yer having fun here <3
  9. Show your screenshots

    woo hoo! just found this bad boy!
  10. Happy Birthday :D

    1. HHawk4


      thank u howi! :x

  11. Happy birthday Hudo!

    1. HHawk4


      thank you piv! :x

  12. Show your screenshots

    woo! i messed up tekking it so its the same stats as when i got it, but still happy!
  13. I'm Back

    glad to have ya back!
  14. Congrats on the GM position Hudo! :D 

    1. HHawk4


      thanks piv! :D 

  15. Valentine Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    Blowin' you a kiss and offering a flower in these trying times