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  1. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XP boost 180 - enjoy!
  2. Price guide

    i heard they go for 15 DTs, indeed its a hard drop but in my eyes this armor is really situational, others love it for being able to just drop immortal/battle and be able to use another unit i‘d personally say min price 8 DTs max price 15 DTs depending on how bad you want it
  3. B> PGF or nice stated Rathalos with DTs :)

  4. Price guide

    i‘d say around 10pd‘s each maybe more. they are hard to come by
  5. B> 2nd Anniversary Wings

    Hey i'm buying 2nd Anniversary Wings with Donation Tokens PM me if you have any to sell! Looking for following ID Wings: Viridia Wings: Shambertin 1/19.69 - 5 DTs Greenill Wings: Olga Flow 1/14.22 - 5 DTs Skyly Wings: Dark Falz 1/25.6 Bluefull Wings: Olga Flow 1/14.22 - 5 DTs Purplenum Wings: Dark Falz 1/25.6 Pinkal Wings: Saint Million 1/19.69 - 5 DTs Redria Wings: Epsilon 1/426.67 - 10 DTs Oran Wings: Shambertin 1/19.69 - 5 DTs Yellowboze Wings: Saint Million 1/19.69 - 5 DTs Whitill Wings: Epsilon 1/426.67 - 10 DTs
  6. B> 2nd Anniversary Wings with DTs

  7. B> PGF & Rathalos with DTs

  8. Price guide

  9. S> Flower Bouquet x50, 25 for 40 PDs c:

  10. Pivs Tiny List

    YASMINKOV 7000V [30/0/30/0|30] got that thing, if you are interested pm me
  11. Pivs Tiny List

    Sorry to bother you, but ranger wall is an item which is for free (sort off) just takes like 10 minutes of your time if you are interested how, msg me good luck in getting your wants!
  12. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    @Terashi i'm not exactly sure, but sounds like it has to do something with the UAC. try lowering the UAC by one level untill it works (hopefully) lemme know if that worked out for you
  13. Price guide

    the weapon itself is really good. but that depends on the situation. i mean that weapon could deal 15k DMG to gal for example also what orgo said isn't 100% true, the weapon can be used to get rid of PB, if you use it properly before a spawn you can still deal some nice DMG and get rid of the PB
  14. B> hit spread needle

    locked the topic since it's done
  15. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    cg! that's one awesome time!