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  1. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Thats one awesome time! CG! It has been added to the TA-record list
  2. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Thanks for supporting my work :3 actually never made this sheet official lol
  3. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    I can confirm this somehow! The limitation of 1 scape doll per char/bank/common bank was made to make the gameplay diffrent.. to make it a little bit harder same counts for the knock back as @Lipelis mentioned it already. This consists since server release But all these changes are definitely compensated through added custom items. Thats the philosophy on how our admin wanted to run the server. About luck mats. I never played PSOBB on dreamcast or wherever it was playable back in the days, but since i play PSOBB, luck mats were always beeing a red box (also on other servers untill they changed the box skin for them), so I'd say it always have been red boxes? EDIT: Once i was brave enough to go on an adventure with @Piv (HUct lvl 130 quest: PW4) and had only one moon atomizer on me. I carried piv through this game. @Lipelis this is the way of playing with piv haha, in any other way he wont learn how to survive.
  4. Show your screenshots

    to anyone who already found an item with an incredible hard droprate: TRY TO BEAT THIS there is only bulclaw on yellowboze who drops psycho wand in ruins. Sadly didnt take a shot of /roominfo
  5. Show your screenshots

    My first rgs drop ever :3 not to bad stats tho! Thanks to @Howitzer for the runs<3 (Next one is yours )
  6. Trojan installed

    Hey there! Welcome to Destiny first and enjoy your journey! Back to the Problem: The game is detected as Virus from most of the antivirus software best thing you can do is to whitelist the file: psobbw.exe & the launcher-exe and the whole folder! grrrrrrr @Shiva snipped me 🤬
  7. B> PGF 50 DTs, D-Photon Cores 25 PDs/ea

  8. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    thanks for your order, your mag is ready!
  9. B> D-Photon Cores

  10. T>Photon Spere

    could do the 10 DTs
  11. B> D-Photon Core

  12. Price guide

    nice drop! M&A85 Fury is a nice weapon but its very situational.. there are a few weapons which outclass it (Yask9k demons/charge/berserk; Final Egg Blaster; D-Virus Launcher; Taste of Affection (close up) but I‘d say around 40 DTs (+/- 10DTs because of personal preferences and demand for it)
  13. Converting Monster Parts Guidance

    Hey Siozek! first of all: Welcome and enjoy your stay here yes the first step is that you have to finish the government quests until 4-1 is unlocked (this unlocks all single mode quests for p.ex. Dr. Osto's Research)
  14. B> any D-Photon Core - PM me for price/details