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  1. Mags by Shisui

    Hey there, You want a mag? No clue how to feed it or just want to avoid that work? Shisui is the answer For the process of mag feeding i desire 5 PDs I won't provide mag or mag cells PM me here or on discord if you looking for a mag! Cheers Shisui
  2. S> 4x IGR 25-40% atts for 30 pds each | 2x Ethereal Armor for 15 DTs :)

  3. B> Ethereal Armor x2, Demon Wings x2

  4. Show your screenshots

    I've worked hard and invested a lot of time for it. And finally a good one dropped!
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Shisui


      Thank you!!

  6. Happy birthday man! :)

    1. Shisui


      Oh wow, sorry for the late reply but i havent seen your post on my feed.

      Thanks my friend! Much appreciated :D

  7. Joyeux Anniversaire =D

    1. Shisui


      Merci beaucoup mon ami!

  8. Happy birthday bro!

    1. Shisui


      Thank you bro! :D

  9. Happy b day

    1. Sabrina


      Happy Birthday,
      I wish you a many more healthy successful years to come.
      May all your dreams and wishes come true. <3 

    2. Shisui


      thank you guys!!! <3

    3. Sabrina


      I am proud of you <3 

  10. Happy Birthday Shisui

    Hoch soll er leben unser Shisui:D

    1. Shisui


      thank you arashi!

      grüße in den osten ;)

  11. Alles gute zum Geburtstag!

    1. Shisui


      danke brudi!<3

  12. Show your screenshots

    found a really nice GD while hunting Photon Tokens doing Max S ep4
  13. S> Luck Material x155

  14. S> Some Hit weapons

    those items are actually reserved, sorry