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  1. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180 good luck c:
  2. B> Rathalos Greatsword & PGF/Dark Bridge with DTs , paying some good DTs c:

  3. B> Rathalos Greatsword & PGF with DTs :)

  4. Looking to buy following items: PGF or Dark Bridge Rathalos Greatsword (any stats) got lots of DTs so if you‘re interessted in selling feel free to pm me
  5. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180 :3 Good luck to everyone c:
  6. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180, good luck everybody :3
  7. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180 Good luck everyone c:
  8. T> Cryo Warhead for PGF or a nice Rathalos Greatsword
    B> Rathalos Greatsword with DTs

  9. Error 903

    @Giovani please check your firewall settings. and allow psobb.exe/psobbw.exe in your firewall if this does not help let me know!
  10. looking to trade for a photon booster :)

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Just had a look in my bank and found one if you still need?

    2. Shisui


      sure lemme know when we can meet to discuss for a trade :)

  11. Happy birthday Night! I'm a little late, but, i hope you enjoyed it c:

    1. Shisui


      thank you cakie c: yes was a nice day :3

    2. HHawk4
  12. Hey you,
    Happy Birthday may all you're whises come true <3


    1. Shisui


      thank you a lot sabby! <3

      greetings to your fam :)

    2. Arashi


      Happy Birthday to you:P

  13. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180 :3

    my screen: idea from: and i know that symbol from the game: Midnight Club (III DUB Edition remix / Los Angeles remix) good luck to the other participants
  15. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180 Enjoy! :3