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  1. «・CLOSED・»

    Apologies for my absence, but if you still want those items I can get them for you whenever you're available @Polyr and @Marcus Martineu. Please tell me your in game name(s).
  2. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    @Destiny HH 178
  3. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    bzz @Destiny HH 180
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  5. happy birthday to bee <.<

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      happy Bday Bzzzz

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      (a bit late... but better late then never :3 )

  6. Shisui’s Meme And Screenshot Event - EXTENDED

    Here is my PSO meme: Here is my PSO screenshot: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Happy Turkey Day @ Destiny peoples :3

  8. Music

    Somehow a new Ihsahn album escaped me until now
  9. Does anybody know if the Proof of Sword Saint works with any of the custom items here?

    1. JanenbaDMS


      I spoke to @Magictrick about this a while back but can't actually remember what the answer was :3

    2. NDW


      They do not, currently. I believe Magictrick said he had planned to try to add the ability to add custom weapons to the list of weapons that are affected by Proof of Sword-Saint.

      I'd imagine Dark Falz Buster, Judgement Blade, Planet Eater, and Tiger's Fang & Dragon's Claw would be added if such ability becomes possible.

  10. If your Baranz begins acting irritable, try gently massaging its missile glands.

  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    @Destiny HH 180
  12. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    @Destiny XP Boost 90
  13. Show your screenshots

    I'm gonna pull a NDW here and dump a bunch of screenshots I haven't bothered uploading yet. But unlike NDW, I'm gonna spoiler them to save space. >:3 1. Blue Phantom Field I got with @Orgodemirk spamming the beginning of LHB. 2. Red Phantom Field given to me by Good Guy @Orgodemirk, who found 2 before I could find mine, so he gave me his spare. 3. Found a Demon's Raygun with 50 hit. 4. Meme Fill Scepter +128 with 55 hit. 5. FINALLY found a Frozen Shooter with 40 hit for Snow Queen. I've never had a Snow Queen--I've always wanted to make one, but I've never been lucky enough to find a FS with enough hit until now. My previous best was a 25 hit one on Ephinea. 6. Got a 0'd Excalibur from a crate. 7. BIG MILESTONE: Finally found a Centurion/Battle. It took ungodly long. I remember @Sabrina offered me one for my 40h Sword of Despair, and for a long time I've kind of regretted not doing that trade. NOT ANYMORE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 8. An almost-maxed HUney's total ATP with an Ultimate Double Cannon and 4P PB buffs. 9. Finally got a Smartlink after doing 8 BPD runs in one day (although I've probably used 15-20 PCs total to get it). I've been coasting on 90 hit my UDC dropped with as a Lavis, but now it can truly shine. :3 Also wow, the difference between having and not having a Smartlink with Hell Striker is night and day. o_o 10. My 3rd X-Parts drops. ...Anyone wanna trade me for a Dynasty Armor or a Kroe's Sweater? <.< 11. My 4th X-Parts drop. ...Anybody? >.> 12. And lastly, another BIG milestone: My HUnewearl «QUEENBEE hit level 200 yesterday. Making me the 3rd level 200 HUney on the server? Allegedly? :3
  14. «・CLOSED・»

    I've updated the completed orders I've had with Seority, Cuber, Polaris, and even some past ones I've procrastinated from filling out due to laziness. Also I've added more techs and more rares-- including some Spread Needles I've recently obtained from BPD. I have even more techs on the way from mat farming. All high level stuff, only level 27+. :EDIT: Updated my thread with the techs I was talking about, King's Strikers, some rares, and a new mag section. I'm giving away my old level 200 pure POW Sato and a new level 100 POW Sato. Both are bright yellow. Like a BEEEEEEEEEE