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  1. help

    hello I'm looking for someone who could help me reinstall pso my pso only has to be uninstalled every time and now I can't reinstall pso at all (a French person preferably) I'm not good in English
  2. Valentines Sneakpeek

    the event start soon or not
  3. Valentines Sneakpeek

    its what one quest?
  4. SHOP hayda

    okay join my room hayda
  5. SHOP hayda

  6. SHOP hayda

  7. SHOP hayda

    its not 20hit its 20dark
  8. B> Centurion/Battle

    i have
  9. SHOP hayda

    ONLY DTS / PDS THREE SEALS x3 MOTHER GARB+ MOTHER GARB SPREAD NEEDLE [25/0/20/0/20] SPREAD NEEDLE [0/20/0/0/20] FROZEN SHOOTER [0/0/0/30/30] FROZEN SHOOTER [0/0/0/20/30] FROZEN SHOOTER [0/0/0/0/20] SWORD OF DESPAIR [30/35/30/0] SOUL BITER [0/50/50/0] HELL STRIKER [30/30/0/20] HELL STRIKER [35/0/40/0] CANNON ROUGE [30/0/30/0/30] ENERGY STORM x3 IMMORTAL/HP DRAGON SLAYER [25/0/0/45/50] GRAVE DIGGER [30/0/0/30] Mille marteaux [0/0/0/0/100] PRIMAL NEXUS [slots: 0|4/20|14/50] STORMENDER [0/0/0/30/0] KITETSU [0/30/0/0/0] V802 SYNCESTA ARCHFRIEND ARMOR [slots: 2|0/0|21/80] BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU [slots: 1|0/10|0/10] DEATH REAPER [20/0/0/0/20]