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  1. Donations temporarily disabled

    RIP Segwit2x despite my very mixed feelings about it
  2. Trials of dw

    The most powerful reward is my custom weapon. Seeing as I won't be playing for a very long time, I figured I should give it to whomever dw finds most worthy
  3. Trials of dw

    It's a Last Swan with Master Raven's bullets, unreduced Demon's, and can be equipped by all classes
  4. Trials of dw

    They don't need to be from the same account
  5. Goodbye, Destiny!

    It was nice knowing you while I did. I will be online for parts of my event, but afterwards, I will not be able to play anymore. I wish you all luck in the hunts to come and may dw bless you with many drops. dw
  6. Trials of dw

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Heathens and disciples alike! Now has come the time of the Trials of dw! The trials of the mighty will start immediately and will end on December 16, 2017! Your duty as a participant will be to SOLO TTF, RT, and POD on ultimate and submit a recording of each run! Rules of Engagement: NON-RARE WEAPONS ONLY (orange boxes only) VANILLA UNITS ONLY You may use any armor, shield, and mag you please You may use no more than 2 (two) different characters (one character per run) No s/d before beginning the trial Those who may cheat will feel the wrath of dw Each participant is allowed 1 (one) submission of each trial Whoever has the shortest COMBINED time of the three trials shall be declared Praetor of dw Your video must be submitted to the Council of dw between December 1st and December 16th, any prior entries will be ignored and deleted from this manifest Further rules (and rewards) may be added as dw sees fit I wish you luck with your trials and with the battles to come! Rewards of dw: Those who complete the trials will be given the choice of many items from my personal stores. He(or she) who is declared Praetor of dw will be given first choice and all further disciples will be given their choice dependent on their decreasing worth (fastest is first, slowest is last)
  7. B>hu things

    Bump. Still need things
  8. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Nice! I'll have to get some 0def mags >:3
  9. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    I don't know if the banking thing works here (I know it didn't on Ultima). But I do stand corrected; max POW possible is 186 with a FO or HU mag and 187 on a RA mag
  10. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Answered via discord. 5/177/18/0
  11. B>hu things

    Pm me or post here I've got pds and dts Heart of Chao Judgement Blade with hit and stats Sword of Despair with hit and stats Bee's UDC And some more stuff that I'll add later
  12. Daily Quest: Item Crate

    Three Seals (Janenba got one), Glide Divine (normal one, I got it with 50 hit lmao), and Photon Crystals
  13. B > Spread Needle (Close)

    I've got one with like 35ab and 40d. Won't be online for like 9 hours though
  14. Hoi

    I didn't make one of these yet I'm kez Hoi :3
  15. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Huney and hucassy both have unique claw animations already. Hucassy has the BEST dagger animation out of all classes, too. I can't speak to heart of poumn and such, but I think it's meant to be like God Hand