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  1. Music

  2. Music

  3. hi hi... im Luca ^,^

  4. Show your screenshots

    Thing looks pretty nasty haha. I wonder what kinda damage in can put out
  5. Music

    the dude's a legend tbh
  6. Music

    (Not what you think it is) This has got me fucked up ;-;
  7. Holbe and Sab's Celebration Event

    Congrats to you two
  8. Music

    too good imo No memes though, this is one of my favorite OSTs to come from an anime. not much to say here, I just enjoy beats and such. Okay I think I've covered most of my tastes.
  9. Race of the Mags EVENT

  10. Commands

    Sorry if this is already on the forum somewhere, but is there a list of possible commands? Would be nice to know what available commands there are so far. This thread could also possible server as command suggestions.
  11. HI, I'm mudo

    Hi my name is Mud I am new here I have never played PSO before. dw