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  1. Game changes Droptable updated (please check below) Added banner to Amitie's memo, Pioneer Parts, Tablet, Yahoo! Engine, Heart of Morolian, Section ID Cards. ■VERY HARD ■Ultimate Also you can check official droptable list, thanks! https://playpso.net/drop-tables?diff=3#ep4
  2. EASTER EVENT 2024

    Event has ended, freeid will be on for 2days. so please do not forget to change back your ID, thanks
  3. List: Difficulty of Quests

    Since we have lots of custom quests, new comers won't be sure which one is reasonable to play, suitable for farming items without gear etc. Or someone whos looking for / interested in list that shows which one is HARD/EASY. (this list is in progress) Difficulty Level reference Difficulty Level 10 Difficulty Level 9 Difficulty Level 8 Difficulty Level 7 Difficulty Level 6 Difficulty Level 5 Difficulty Level 4 Difficulty Level 3 Difficulty Level 2 Difficulty Level 1 If you have suggestion or idea, feel free to ask via discord/PM thanks.
  4. EASTER EVENT 2024

  5. EASTER EVENT 2024

    giving your opinion is fine, but at the same time you have to choice your word and attitude first. please do not forget that next time, thanks.
  6. EASTER EVENT 2024

    Its not intended as easy quest as OP saying. you can enjoy other contents to hunt DVL/TRC etc if you are not that level.
  7. EASTER EVENT 2024

    Destiny PSOBB EASTER EVENT 2024 Time for some easter! So, what's there to do??? Egg Rappies Of course the Egg Rappies are back, dropping Easter Eggs that contain various stuff. Find the Rappies in Episode 2 Temple. In order to make farming easter eggs less boring, from now on easter eggs also drop at 1/500 from any mob in the following quests: Ep1 / Easter / Lost Soul Ripper Ep1 / Easter / Mines Offensive Ep2 / Easter / Gal Da Val's Darkness Note that this rate does not have DAR calculated in already, so the final droprate per actual killed mob is still affected by amount of players and enemy DAR. Furthermore, egg drops are completely separate from rare drops and even common drops. This means that you won't ever miss out on a rare drop because an egg dropped. However, you may occasionally encounter two items in the same spot. You can exchange Easter Eggs with a GM for a special item from the following list: Byakko shield - 25 Easter Eggs Suzaku shield - 25 Easter Eggs Daisy Chain - 15 Easter Eggs Murasame - 15 Easter Eggs Tension Blaster - 15 Easter Eggs RIANOV 303SNR-5 - 15 Easter Eggs Black Gear - 15 Easter Eggs Epsiguard - 15 Easter Eggs [New!] Fake Special on Weapons - 8 Easter Eggs for 1 weapon, 15 Eggs for 2 weapons (Please check @Howitzer 's post) Note: weapons that have regular special already (DVL/zerk, Grave Digger/Demons) can't be added fake special. Rules: The weapons will be delivered with blank stats (0 attributes/hit) and shields/armors will have minimum stats. Redeeming is possible from now until June the 3rd. To redeem your Easter Eggs, please message a GM on the forums or look for redeem rooms in game. x10 XP and Free Section ID For the entire duration of the event! Use /sectionid to change your section id. The event lasts for around 4 weeks. D-Virus Baranz have returned! A super hazardous D-Factor Virus has escaped from dr. Osto's lab! The virus spread all the way to mines, infecting the Baranz and empowering their abilities. Destiny PSOBB presents the extremely powerful D-Virus Baranz! Do you have what it takes to get the situation under control?! D-Virus Baranz appear in the following quests: Ultimate Episode 1 / Easter / Mine's Offensive Ultimate Episode 2 / Easter / Gal Da Val's Darkness Drops: D-Virus Launcher "A powerful virus flows through this ultimate weapon. Its true potential is awakened when the owner has low health." The lower your HP gets, the more projectiles it fires with each shot. Under 1/2 HP this weapon fires 2 projectiles to each target, under 1/8 (dark flow mode) it fires 3 shots per target (for a total of 12 shots). Drops from: Episode 1 D-Virus Baranz @ 1/1170 Section ID: Virida, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenum. D-Virus Armor "Armor enhanced with a D-Factor virus. The virus empowers your abilities, increasing attack speed and defensive power." Drops from: Episode 1 D-Virus Baranz @ 1/1204 Section ID: Pinkal, Redria, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill. Primal Nexus "This strange artifact is embedded with ancient magic. A proficient caster can harness this magic to empower offensive techniques and magic resistance." Drops from: Episode 2 D-Virus Baranz @ 1/1204 Section ID: All ids Oppressor VII, Praetorian IV & The Prophet Hopkins lost his SOUL RIPPER! Help him retrieve it by going toe to toe with some of the most powerful monsters ever seen in Destiny PSOBB. Warning: These enemies are strong! Better bring some friends They appear only in the following quest: Ultimate Episode 1 / Easter / Lost SOUL RIPPER Drops: Oppressor VII: Photon Drop @ 1/300 on all ids Praetorian IV: Photon Drop @ 1/300 on all ids The Prophet: TWIN RIKA'S CLAW @ 1/64 on all ids TWIN RIKA'S CLAW "A famous claw, modified by an unknown scientist to unlock its full potential. ATP increases by 200 when equipped by a hunter." Type: Claw ATP: 660 - 730 ATA: 40 Grind: 200 Total ATP: 1130 Targets: 3 Special: Tempest, Razonde lv. 25 Boosts: All Stats +10, Gifoie +30%, Gibarta +30%, Gizonde +30% Class: humar, hunewearl, hucast, hucaseal, ramar, ramarl, racast, racaseal Some info about event droprates: These items only drop in the specified quests. In all other quests, the standard items are dropping according to the droptable. The droprate shown has DAR already calculated in. Just like the regular droptable. For example, Primal Nexus drops at 1/1204 from baranz episode 2. The actual rate is 1/602, but because baranz has 50% DAR, the rate shown is 1/1204. Furthermore, these rates (just like the ones on the droptable) benefit fully from happy hours x3 and ultimate x2. Easter event will run for about 4 weeks. Special thanks to all the staff for making this possible. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the event!
  8. Trade Rules

    Auction rules have updated, please check this out if you are going to sell items via auction, thanks
  9. Trade Rules

    other forum rules are here: https://playpso.net/forums/announcement/4-rules/ Trades The market section is intended to discuss trades for in game items, currency and Donation Tokens. This section is for trading only. If you are selling items, start your topic title with "S>", and when buying, start with "B>". In the market section, you are allowed: Up to 5 active trade topics at any given time. To bump one trade post per day. You are not allowed to: Derail trade threads Rant or publicly express your opinion about prices Post in a trade topic without actual intention of trading These actions will be considered spam and can result in action against your account, or in the very least a warning. Respect the topic starter. Each player has the right to trade as they see fit, and ask/offer any price as they see fit. If you think they act unfairly, it's a good idea to send them a Private Message to explain your thoughts in a friendly and respectful manner or, if you feel the trade is violating any rules, report the post. Auctions When auctioning items, start your topic title with "A>". You are allowed up to one active auction at any given time. For each auction, it is required to: Set a start bid Set an end date or count down from 1st bid Set reset duration at least 8hours (if no explanation, 24hours reset will be applied) Set minimmum increment (if no explanation, 1PD increment will be applied) About reset, If there is new bid within last 24hours, then the end date will be expanded for 24hours, to make fair for everyone in various timezone. Don't auction items you're not willing to sell for the start bid. If the auction ends, the item goes to the highest bidder, period. If you auction items you don't have, refuse to trade the item for the highest offer, bid items or currency you don't have, back out after end date is due, it is considered scamming, or in the very least spam. You can't cancel your auction if theres bid. only if theres no bid, you can cancel. You can't cancel/edit your bid with any reason. No PM bids You can't edit your auction rules if theres bid.
  10. List of server features

    list of features from discord #guide page you can check here as well about EP2 EDK also we have pretty cool sword named RATHALOS GREAT SWORD / TERROR SAWD that causes explosion with physycal attack, and ikr no knowckdown is what makes this game more stress-free
  11. updated. added some pics and info about ID Halo.
  12. Hello hello!

    RAmar is not really bad tbh, especially in certain quest that requires FO and RA with decent demon weapon. RAmarl is weak if theres already FO with lv35 S/D, thus both characters have advantage each other. for solo'ing RAmarl has more advantage i think, but if the quest doesn't need zalure so much, then RAmar could also be an option. about HUmar... got lv200 but stopped to use him since the lv200 game lol