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  1. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    updated, added big wants list.
  2. XMAS 2021 and 4th Anniversary!

    that laser bullet looks so dope!
  3. Recently we often find players whos using 2+ accounts at the same time to hunt rares (it includes farming material prize in xmas catastrophe etc), and getting 3+ daily crates per day. they are NOT allowed and we can easily find if someone did it. if you accidently took 3rd daily crate, immediately tell it to GM and give it back to them, since it could happen when you are helping someone's daily quest. forgot to read rules, lazy to read it, didn't know wheres rules are written or something like that will not be an excuse. if we can't find a way to contact to you, then we have to penalize (includes taking items from your bank/inventory) you without any warning, personally i don't like to do it. thanks for understanding. ・日本語訳はこちら Server rules. https://playpso.net/forums/guidelines/ Server Q&A. (for ban appeal)
  4. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  5. VEL's Perfect mat shop (Pre-open)

    Merry Xmas! are you wanting to make new char but don't have enough materials now? heres chance for you. you can have perfect mat set with better price (compared to GM service) My card: 42000915 ■Service -Material Plan for Andoroids (for example: Power*105/Luck*45/HP*125): 10DTs (you can choice D/E mats as well) -Material Plan for Newmans (150mats/HP*125): 10DTs (you can choice D/E/M mats as well) -Material Plan for HUmans (250mats/HP*125): 15DTs (you can choice D/E/M mats as well) -105Power mats and 125HP mats: 7DTs ■Options -Maxing TP mats: +15DTs (in preparation) -If you don't need HP mats: -1DT -BLUE PHANTOM FIELD: +3DTs -V802: +3DTs -V503: +4DTs (if you are wanting just this, price will be 5dts) -D-Photon Core: +4DTs (if you are wanting just this, price will be 5dts) -Primal Nexus: +9DTs (if you are wanting just this, price will be 10dts) -Immortal/Battle: +13DTs (if you are wanting just this, price will be 15dts) -Dark Matter: +13DTs (if you are wanting just this, price will be 15dts) ■Accepting -Photon Drops -Photon Spheres -Donation Tokens 10DTs = 99PDs = 1PS here is my shop and theres my other wants and sell-list as well, plz check this out too! 4sets are available now. PM me if you are interested in, Thanks.
  6. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Player : @VEL(JP) , @sunagimo , @mitashouw , @Rem Quest : The Eternal Age (Secret Trial) +4PB Kills : 100 (actually 0:08 remaining vid will come later) Class : HUcaseal, HUcast, RAmarl ,RAmarl Finally we did it. gg. (unit color glitch sux lol) video: for more information about this cool quest:
  7. Show your screenshots

    TEA bonus89kills, getting coloser day by day 1 more wave to goal!
  8. Show your screenshots

    The Eternal Age 80kills. 2 more waves are remaining. Maybe 100kills is not impossible. video: (thanks @mitashouw)
  9. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  10. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  11. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  12. S>PGF*3 / 60DTs each

  13. Show your screenshots

  14. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    event is over and winners are... Hit% 1st @gesseluis GC:42002874 NAme : Zion combustion cannon : 0/0/40/40/60 2nd @torico mahu 0/45/0/50/55 GC:42003716 3rd @shouwmita GC:42004308 wiza RED SCORPIO 40/0/0/35/50 Attribute% 1st @sunagimo GC:42003592 sunagimo DAYLIGHT SCAR 0/0/65/25 2nd @Tohru GC: 42003603 Tohru ( RAcast ) Meteor Cudgel 0/60/0/40 3rd @Aokichi GC:42004089 Aokichi(HUnewearl) SILENCE CLAW[0/60/0/0/35] CG! let me know when you are online or feel free to PM to other staffs for event prize! thanks for joining event
  15. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    added tohru's record and i'm not going to change rules.