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  1. Show your screenshots

    i bet hell if you don't have any high hit hell shot. or arrest will be fun imo (i haven't even try tho) about zerk/charge/spirit, you can just use Exterminator. ... thanks for adding collector's item like this that no one wants to hunt (actually i was wanting this )
  2. List of Valentine Crate

    afaik. maybe i missed some. feel free to add -Skyfall / Twin Cyclone / M&A85 Hury -Passion Haze / Taste of Affection -Aensland / Inferno Blade / Tormentor / Gush Needle -Photon Drop / Addslot / Photon Booster / Photon Sphere / D-Photon Core / TP material -Love Heart / Safety Heart / Rumbling May / Angel Ring / Dress Plate -Yas9k and 7k / R-Nov3 / TypeSH shot and Type SW J Sword / Sup Gun -Centurion/HP and Battle Heavenly/Resists Adept V801 -Psycho Wand / Lavis Blade / Black King Bar / Madam's parasol and umbrella / Tyrell's Parasol / Slicer of Fanatic / mercurius rod

    ok, thanks. can we add spec on blank Sranks?

    nice event, thanks @staffs i have a question about flower bouquets, can i "change" special with x15 of it? (not adding on blank weapon)
  5. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

    hi, i'm available now! @arashi thanks for answering
  6. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

    bump added hp mat x115 set. gn folks.
  7. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

    gonna make room, one sec plz.
  8. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

    lemme know when you are available, you need x1 right?
  9. Show your screenshots

  10. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

  11. Show your screenshots

    hunted another stack of TPmats for RAmarl...
  12. S>Planet Eater 0/100/100/0/80

  13. VEL's Trade List & Discount (1PD~) Shop

  14. Show your screenshots

    took this screen shot today, i used x125 TP mats on this char but /matcount is now saying 113. maybe rollbacked for some reason? lol. no idea how this shit happened.
  15. Show your screenshots

    TPmat x125 gg will farm more for RAmarl