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  1. i totally agree with this. i often use i/battle v503 state and pb/flow or h/resists this building can use 2 pb/flows without using state, for me, free slot >>> non significant stats if wanting maxed EVP for fun, you can use some Emats and i/legs in free slot.
  2. about regular hell laser vs rianov-3 [hell], i'd say regular one is much better due to bullet type. regular one (photon bullet type) can snipe moving enemy easier (especially in distance). i got h70 rianov-3 with hell, but i prefer regular hell laser more. and i recommend you to use spoiler code to make this thread looks more clearly. also i couldn't find difference between stealth type armor and regular one, stealth one looks/sounds faster when i switch weapon. but not sure it's actually faster or not, or how faster than regular armors. if it's faster even by 1 frame, it could make sence though... (still not sure it worth wasting ata/atp boost ). i haven't seen someone was using those type armors in TA.
  3. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XPboost 180 go leveling
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XPboost 180 enjoy
  5. not random, he always ignores attribute% on weapon. invincible form is just you can't hurt him without certain attribute%s.
  6. that vertical range of yas7k is smaller than hell striker, you'll notice when you try to kill recobox on ceiling. (it's annoying ) horizontally range is a bit smaller than hellstriker also. i don't recommend to make hell yas7k unless you found really nice stats one. in addition, olga#2 ignores attribute%, so you don't need D% on DVL to kill OF2 fast.
  7. Photon Token mini event!

    Event has been ended, thanks also, exprate x10 is turned off from now, freesectionID will be turned off in tomorrow. they will be back soon.
  8. Photon Token mini event!

  9. Free ID and exp rate × 10!

    Hi all, we activated freesection ID and exp rate x10 from now. time to lvl your chars and hunt stuffs this will end in 2 weeks, enjoy! /sectionid #"#" is a number between 0-90 Viridia1 Greenil2 Skyly3 Blueful4 Purplenum5 Pinkal6 Redria7 Oran8 Yellowboze9 Whitill
  10. hello Vel I have a complaint making the pgf drop in table 1 / 204.8 100% but I think it is unfair that I made 219 deaths of olga and no fall being that other players kill 5 times and catch u think it's fair.

    1. VEL(JP)


      it's just RNG, don't complain it to me PLEASE!

  11. Please read in-game/forum rules carefully if you haven't read it yet.


    We treat players as they've read rules already. In other word, 'i didn't know rules, sorry' won't be a reason to evade any punishment. (Staffs can check any suspicious movements easily.)

    In worst case, you'll lose your in-game items or even your account. could be without warning if you abused enough.

    Thanks for understanding! :)

  12. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    it's government quest. you need to unlock it from 5-1(temple) to 8-3(seabed).
  13. Show your screenshots

    finally... 5th one 19/20 49/50
  14. Show your screenshots

    solo GVD (spaceship area) with casino baranz is fun
  15. [SOLO] Char: Racast Quest: Mine offensive Weapon: Heaven Striker M%(or something high M% weapon that can penetrate high DFP) Comb Cannon or Power maser (to shot your CT. comb works to sweep up mobs around you also.) Snow Queen or Froozen Shooter Demon Yasminkov 9000k you don't need so much hit/attribute on your wep, you just need to penetrate high DFP of casino baranz. good luck. (sorry for super delayed SE, i can't handle it ) [4Players] Chars: RAct, RAct, RAmar and FO Quest: Mine offensive video will come soon (prolly) need to split in mid of run to spam faster. x50 casino baranz/15mins