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  1. Dr Osto's request event

    simple request list is here, you can copy/save it and use to check which one you need to hunt. some of items are available from BPD1-2
  2. Dr Osto's request event

    [change log] request3: ELECTRO FRAME → ELECTRO FRAME or TRIPOLIC REFLECTOR since love rappy is replaced to St.rappy during xmas event. sorry for inconvinience!
  3. Dr Osto's request event

    ■Dr. Osto's Request■ We recieved some requests from Dr Osto... Rules -You'll be awarded x5 of Dr Osto's Appreciation Badge by clearing one request. its in-game item. -There are 10+1 requests and it's allowed to sell/buy/trade Dr Osto's Badge as currency with other players. -You need to start from request 1, once you finished request 10, then you can do final request or restart from 1. -To clear his request, you need to exchange certain requested items with GM to get Dr Osto's Badge. (like claire's deal5) -If you want to redeem Dr Osto's Badge, you need to tell GM what you need! -About requested weapon, you can redeem any stats one. but you need Enemy parts isntead of Enemy weapon. no untekked one please! Rules about redeeming -We are allowing to redeem badges for service year-round, but requests and shop are available for 1 month after xmas event. thus... Redeeming requested items for Badges: After xmas event (for 1 month) Redeeming Badges for shopping: After xmas event (for 1 month) Redeeming Badges for service: Year-Round thats said, you have around 2 month to hunt requested items! (during xmas and after xmas for 1 month) i recommend you to use blank bank to check easily and for fast redeem. Request1: Tormentorr -I want to grow up hildetorr much more stronger and bigger to make it able to cast Rafoie/Gifoie/Zonde... List of requested items Request 2: Oppressor VII and Praetrian IV -I want to update sinow blue&red to make more faster and stronger... List of requested items Request3: D-Virus Baranz -I want to update baranz to make more hazardable... List of requested items Request4: Headless Horseman -I saw ghost of Dark Bringer in ruins, but no one believes it... List of requested items Request5: Phantasmal Construct ????? List of requested items Request6: Rathalos and Vaal Hazak -Do you know the dragons that came from another dimention? here is the hint how to call them, but i have no clue at all. List of requested items Request7: Dr.Robotonik -Actually i was planning to invite infamous guy from sonic games, but its tough. can you help me? List of requested items Request8: Grim Reaper I want to see if illgill can have more power of darkness. List of requested items Request9: Soul Butcher I want to add metalic shell on Dal la lie to make no one can hurt it. List of requested items Request10: The Prophet Someone hacked Vol-Opt and it's out of my control, can you help me? List of requested items Final Request: Millenium Fury ????? -You need to clear request 1~10 to do this mission. You'll be awarded 15 Badges instead of 5. -You can't do final request twice. List of requested items List of Service You can get various service by redeeming Dr. Osto's Badge. Dr. Osto's Badge shop You can buy various stuffs too! If you have any question, feel free to ask! enjoy thanks for screen shots @Magic @thanx
  4. Upcoming Events and More

    tips [3] -A rare Card weapon that can deal highest damage -An enemy parts that can make weapon with foie special -Unit: Centurion/Body also the best melee FO weapon will be allowed to add hit.
  5. Upcoming Events and More

    tips [2] -An Enemy parts that can make combo-locked weapon -Rare Sword that can steal HP, but only one ID can find this -A Rare Katana that has Dark special tips [3] will come in 24hours. also CHRISTMAS SPIRIT / ACT OF WAR are allowed to add hit.
  6. Upcoming Events and More

    You'll need various items to get event tokens. so, here is little tips [1] for the event. -A Rare magic stone -Enemy parts that can make pair of blades
  7. innopropriate room name

    i can't see any problem from your screen shot. the player who made the room is japanese, i think he randomely typed that.
  8. Upcoming Events and More

    Hello, we are planning to open cool event after this halloween. for sure, xmas event will come at the same time! there will be a chance to make certain 85hit weapon, the allowed weapons list is limited, but we hope it's still cool oppotunity. (since you can't exceed hit80 by using photon tokens) in addition, there are another cool options by redeeming event token. (includes name change) Sneak peek:
  9. VEL's Sell/Trade List


  11. Hello, since destiny has lots of server-exclusive features compared to vanilla PSOBB, some of new player may confuse what to do first. So i made this tutorial how to play efficiently for new players! (note: this page is mainly focused on how to play efficiently, but you can play freely and you are not forced to play with this way surely.) [0] Before you start the game, please DL the itemreader from forum! [1] let's start with FOnewm or FOneweal with Whitill ID however, you can change your section id freely while event is on going. ( type /sectionid # in game, # = 0 ~9) also i recommend you to set commands on shortcut. for e.g. i'm using Shift + F1 = /lobby (you can go back to lobby while playing quest) Shift + F2 = /bank (you can switch bank, character and common) do not forget to type /dropnotifications 1 it informs you when specific rare has dropped (event items, PDs, Daily Crates etc.) other usefull command are here: [2] let's get level to play ultimate. there are some quests that has lots of enemies. btw, you don't need to wait to feed items on mag (also you get 150k meseta by making character). and you have x5/x10 exp! here is recommended quests. [3] let's get some higher lvl tech disk to run ultimate smoothly! here is recommended quests. [4] let's try to hunt psycho wand! [EP2] Defend the main room: kill 1st 5 del lilies till Pwand drop if you are FOnewm and prefer fast casting, you can skip [4]. here is helpful video from @sunagimo [5] let's try to hunt Three Seals! [EP1] Maximum Attack S (ORAN): You can skip this part if free section is is not available, you want to do [6] (V802) first, etc. Melqueek drops it, be careful since you can't go back if you die. near the 1st door is your safety spot! [6] let's try to hunt V802! [EP1] Lost soul blade (whitill) Sinow blue drops it. (i want see your reaction of your 1st time using V802 ) also with pinkal ID, you can hunt PRIMAL NEXUS(ARMOR) that boosts all tech 30%. the droprate is harder than V802. [7] let's start to hunt other stuffs as you want! here is droptable, database and useful guide from @Depassage https://playpso.net/drop-tables?diff=3 :drop table https://playpso.net/database?type=1 :database Recommendation [EX] Additional information Seasonable Event Photon Tokens (PTs) Crates (Phantasmal, Valentine, Anniversary) Spooky Bazzar [EP2] The quest has lots of functions for Players. if you have any suggestion, idea, feel free to tell me, thanks
  12. Item Combinations

    added to OP Cosmetics 4th Anniversary Orb + Rathalos Great Sword = Terror Sawd 4th Anniversary Orb + Christmas Spirit = Act of War 4th Anniversary Orb + Storm Render = Twin Executioner Mag 6th Anniversary Cell + Kama (lv50+) = Recon Heart of Dark Chao + lv50+ Mag = Dark Chao Pandora's Box + lv50+ Mag = Twin Wraith Ideya Cell + lv50+ Mag = NiGHTS A New Friend + Sato = Twin Sato Dragon Tear + lv50+ Mag = Coelum

  14. added/fixed some more info and added gif files for shield/armor from @Magic 's event topic (big thanks to him), maybe lists looks beautiful more. ■5th Anniversary Armor Same amount of DFP/EVP and resist as D-Virus Armor but its built in PB/Flow instead of Centurion/Battle. In other word you can save 1 free slot for unit that DVA couldn't since players prefer immortal/Battle more. ■Recon (mag) Better than Garl Giel since recon doesn't drain your HP. it doesn't matter for HU and FO tbh, but for RA they uses berserk lot and play with HP3 (thus HP drain WAS pain for RAs), so you don't need to carry HP/Flow anymore. ■Ethereal Armor (upgraded battle speed) FO only Now it has 120% speed and no more glitch. Imo FO will still prefer Paragon for party, Nexus for Solo farming, but built in immortal/battle is one of the strongest features for armor. it has potential to change game i think, maybe i need to carry paragon and ethereal at the same time someday for serious playing.
  15. Anniversary 2023: Towards the Final Destination!

    thanks for the event! it was FUN and a great experience ever