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  1. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    I know right Piv! Been watching R-78 for years The strats are insane
  2. Good way to grind?

    Hello Terashi. As Force I usually like to grind MAS ep 4 ( first phase only ) for fast levels. I just hope you don't mind the sound of Rafoie because you're gonna hear it alot
  3. EASTER EVENT 2021: Chaotic Casino

    Thank you Destiny Staff Team for this event! I love how in a Sonic game 1 ring saves your life, but here within the chaotic casino , 1 ring from Baranze = RIP ( Rest In Peace ) lol
  4. Don't click here

    It works because I did just that lol.
  5. First come, first served!

  6. Muckbeast - Super Happy to be here!

    Great Muckbeast, and welcome!