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    My first reaper o: A Mortal Ruin I found while running some PW4 with sab, dep, and wrath My first PD troll.... D: How come it wont work? D: After like a billion first reapers killed in WtF, i got it!
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  5. Pivs Tiny List

    Price reduced on maxed HS, added Arctic Faust 0/0/0/100/80
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    thanks blessing
  7. Halloween 2019!

    that red wings looks so cool! thanks for hard work for this event @staffs
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  9. Maybe time to bump this thread cuz yeah, event comes again. that plan in vid is older one tho. 1 run per 10 grim reapers. with good demon accuracy, can be more faster. Gear:2nd picture + snow queen
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    1st Ill gill reaper i believe..
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    HH 180 For the beginning of the event enjoy all
  13. Halloween 2019!

    glad to see you back in action kicking gobooma butts
  14. Halloween 2019!

    Great job as per usual. I really appreciate you not rushing out things if you're not 100% ready. Been dealing with a lot of stuff IRL too so looking forward to sinking some time into this when I can
  15. Halloween 2019!

    Wow, the Ill Gill Reaper is firstable beautiful, every PSO lovers dreamed about having this weapon ingame and secondly seeing the concept in action (the video) is awesome!! Great job for sure and über cheers on this one 🤘
  16. Halloween 2019!

    Wow. Alrighty thanks for clarrification
  17. Halloween 2019!

    Nothing except the skin.
  18. Halloween 2019!

    Thanks for the event team Destiny : D
  19. Halloween 2019!

    Fantastic thanks so much for the event !!!
  20. Halloween 2019!

    Whats the difference between bat wings and demon wings?
  21. Halloween 2019!

    Let The Games Begin
  22. Halloween 2019!

    Thank you for this event, all those who worked on it! It's definitely worth the wait!! Good luck everyone!
  23. Halloween 2019!

    Halloween 2019! Happy Halloween! We're proud to present Destiny's third halloween event. Halloween Theme Once again, a super awesome halloween theme is active throughout Ragol during the event. Credits: Graphics, areas, HUD, etc. by @Shiva Music and sound by @Shiva Special Phantastic Bazaar activities @Orgodemirk Hallo Rappies Obviously the Hallo Rappies are back, dropping Jack-O'-Lanterns that contain various mag cells. x10 XP & free section ID change For the entire event! Trick or Treat throughout Ragol You can now go ahead and trick or treat the monsters in ragol. Actually by trick or treat we mean kill them. But they do sometimes drop treats in the form of presents! Besides the usual 3 presents, this year around there's a 4th one to obtain. They come wrapped Are limited edition (only obtainable during halloween) One of the presents is a weapon, and it comes tekked with a random tier 4 special Presents drop the same way as crates, individually No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present. Note that it's not allowed to farm presents with multiple accounts at the same time. Get S-ranks Once you collected a bunch of jack-o'-lanterns, you have the chance to trade 25 of them for an s-rank weapon (no special) with a GM. Redeeming s-ranks starts when the event ends. Like last year, the Headless Horseman and The Grim Reaper have returned to cause havoc! Find the Headless Horseman in episode 1 ruins. Find the Grim Reaper in episode 2 tower. These monsters are more powerful than regular Ragol residents, and there's a high chance you'll meet death (lol), so you better bring some friends. However, to make the pain and suffering worthwhile, they both drop some brand new items: DEMON WING (LIMITED EDITION) "A pair of demonic wings that boost support techniques and attack power." This shield boosts Jellen & Zalure range by 100%, and ATP by 60. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Halloween only, and may or may not return next year. ETHEREAL ARMOR "This legendary piece of equipment gives the wielder a set of extraordinary abilities. Only usable by forces." Boosts: Megid Penetration, Attack Speed +80% Class: fomar, fomarl, fonewm, fonewearl ILL GILL REAPER Video: Check it out on youtube "An ultimate scythe worn by Ill Gill. When equipped, three different attacks can be used." Type: Partisan ATP: 900 Special: Unreduced Tempest/Blizzard/Hell, depending on button press. In addition to the special attack, also deals regular damage. Targets: 10 Class: all For more information about these items check playpso.net/database. For droprates check out the droptable. Note: For balance reasons, the quest Defend the Main Room (epsisode 2) has been temporarily removed. Why we're late: HAPPY (LATE) HALLOWEEN!!! Credit to shiva for the awesome picture!!! Enjoy! Hotfix #1: An issue has been fixed with Ill Gill Reapers sometimes not able to be tekked.
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  25. VEL's Trade List

    bump :
  26. topu's Trade List

    Could I get your HELL STRIKER [0/50/0/0|30] for 6 PT when you're free?
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  28. Halloween Event Update

    Woot thank you been waiting for this event
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