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"Beer? Why did ya bring that, man it's serious, we're playing now!", #nobodyever2017. Masters of humor and irony, come chill down with us Ð: (we have panties too)

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  2. Special daily quest challenge

    You did well SirPilledUpPumpkin! We also couldn't wait any longer before traveling to Norway, and we cannot play this week either because we didn't bring our computer with us, so feel free to open your next stack alone (record it again if you can, I enjoyed it).
  3. Special daily quest challenge

    sorry guys couldn't wait any longer :3
  4. Special daily quest challenge

    Ready to open again whenever everyone else is
  5. Special daily quest challenge

    D: most of my time here has been spent amassing my 25 pumpkins so no daily crates in the bank atm haha
  6. Special daily quest challenge

    @Yskialuw You hereby have the title of "2Go Restless Amassing Meow" @JanenbaDMS Also I once again pilled up 7 Legendary Crates, so feel free to tell me when you're available so that we can do the grand opening =Ð
  7. Special daily quest challenge

    @Misombre Where is my special title ?
  8. Special daily quest challenge

    No gigs today so I'm free whenever
  9. Special daily quest challenge

    @JanenbaDMS @Junsui Hit me up anytime today for crates opening =)
  10. Special daily quest challenge

    I'm gigging tonight so won't be on at all but can play tomorrow morning.
  11. Special daily quest challenge

    So I basically already pilled up way more than 7 Legendary crates, so tell me when you guys are ready and we'll open it all.
  12. New Flag - PGF

    I made a vignette one as well but the image is a bit off centre. Given the size of the logo perhaps the original square is fine. I shall let you be the judges :3
  13. New Flag - PGF

    Hahaha, not bad at all Jim! Good and funny topic Misombre! (no bare kitty allowed =3) LMAO! ^Not my proposal but I thought it was a funny gif xD! Someone could screenshot all our chars heads in there ahaha! I'll post this one lol:
  14. New Flag - PGF

    Here is my picture I made it square but could you do the resize as I'm a "Computer n00b"
  15. iH Team, I want to introduce to you a monthly event named the PantiesÐrøþ Grappling Flag. Basically, we'll change our flag every month, and you guys get to choose what we'll set up. Post on this topic what you'd like to see as our new flag, following those rules : Must be a strong reference to our team name PantiesÐrøþ (so you can't go wrong if it contains panties, dropped or not) Must be a squared picture (if possible 250x250 in .bmp, but I can resize and change the extension myself if needed, aka: if you're a computer n00b) Must be good looking on PSO lobby too (the flag will be changed both on the forum and on PSO, keep that in mind) Must comply to the forum rules (no bare kitty allowed =3) You must post your flag proposal on this topic Once every willing member has post a flag on this topic, we'll see which as the most upvotes (I will only take PantiesÐrøþ upvotes into account). If you submitted a flag, you must upvote one of the proposed flag. You can only upvote one flag. Now gentlemen, go catch some panties!
  16. Team Members Section ID's.

    Alrighty guys and gals! So I first tried inputting the data on Google docs: Word and Spread but they both failed because them both being very difficult to 'split' columns. After a few google searches, add-ons and failed attempts I just thought to post an image of it (will update as we go along) of the document in Microsoft Word. Atleast I can be a bit more creative and have more freedom to express and neaten things up too ^^; Tell me what you think so far. Its only a testing image. I may need to increase font size I think lol. But here it is for now. I have updated it with all the information above. Thanks, enjoy! *Click on it multiple times to be able to zoom in/better perspective.
  17. Special daily quest challenge

    I'm in ^^; I was thinking of stocking up on crates my mates, so that I can splash out and see what I can get. Have to hold the urge in for sure! Nocrate will be our virtual and PSO version of Nofap. 7 Legendary Crates; requires 7 Heavenly Virtues to rank us our titles!
  18. Special daily quest challenge

    At least two, but if we could get 4 it would be better (basically, filling one room)
  19. Special daily quest challenge

    Exactly so @Shade If you get them before anyone else, you can open the extra crates in the meanwhile It is a test of will (and a hope for better RNG as we open more at the same time)
  20. Team Members Section ID's.

    Ah! Crap I forgot all about this. Was busy doing the event hunts and real life stuff lol. I'll have time tomorrow to smash it out. Thanks for your information!
  21. Got your crate today ? You're hitching to open it, do you ? You probably already opened it between to monster slaughter because it BLOODY cannot wait Ð: So here is a little team challenge for you, what about... waiting and piling up legendary crates? Come on guys, you can do it, from nom on, no more opening. We all (and by all I mean the "warrior" ones) wait for at least 7 legendary crates before opening them. Then we'll meet up in a dark room of Mines, and we'll proceed to the exhilarating crate stripping. For sure we'll get something good :Ð Every participant will earn a special title for achieving this challenge successfully (what only that ?).
  22. Ramarl Purple 200 Fonewearl PINKAL 15x Humar likely Greenil 1
  23. Unlocking 8-3

    For the purpose of hunting down that damn Olga Flow more efficiency, I propose that we unlock the government quest 8-3 (episode 2 of course). Of course we could do it on our own, but it's boring and slower to do that alone. I would also rather have 4 people unlocking it at the same time than one uncertain guy here and there. Please feel free to use the Whale Calenðar in order to indicate when you're available for such a hunt. Of course, it will take a bit of time even with a 4 man team, so it's not gonna be done in one time. We could do the 5-x series, then another time the 6-x series, 7-x and then 8-x wich would take approximately 4 casual days to achieve (if we're really motivated and have plenty of time at hands we could do it way faster. But well, we do have life matters to attend to, do we ?) Also if you need help with CCA unlocking, feel free to post on this topic and we'll quickly remedy to it.
  24. Team Members Section ID's.

    So I changed my hunewearl ID, which is now a Oran lv15x