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  1. The Eternal Age - Information and The Trial

    Just making sure the banner works correctly. We totally died on purpose.
  2. Max Stat Plans and Improvised Calculator

    Here's fomar max MST plans without RR: fomar 1 - max ATP, ATA, LCK, MST (2 slots open) units: immo/ability + v802 mag: 5 def, 130 pow, 65 dex mats: 67 power, 137 mind, 25 luck (21 free) ---------------------------------------------------------- fomar 2 - max ATP, ATA, LCK, MST (2 slots open) units: adept + v802 mag: 5 def, 162 pow, 33 dex mats: 50 power, 152 mind, 40 luck (8 free) ---------------------------------------------------------- fomar 3 - max ATP, ATA, MST (3 slots open) units: v802 mag: 3 def, 124 pow, 73 dex mats: 93 power, 157 mind
  3. Free Section ID

    When it's on, you can use /sectionid to change your section ID. This allows you to hunt different things on the same character or change some of your characters ids around. It's only available sometimes
  4. Domo's Dreams & Desires

    Wanna do 5 dts for OBLIVION +17 [40/0/0/0|35] ?

  6. B>Celestial Fusion / Passion Haze

    can be closed
  7. B>Celestial Fusion / Passion Haze

    cool, you online now?
  8. Looking for V802 or V801

    No idea if you still need one, but I got a v801 you can have for free
  9. B>Celestial Fusion / Passion Haze

    Paying 20 dts for Celestial Fusion 10dts for Passion Haze pm me or post here
  10. B> Lavis Cannon w/ hit

    Paying good in dts, items or pds pm me
  11. trash compactor

    I want this oblivion (0/45/0/50|0) any wants?
  12. Show your screenshots

    First run individual drops can't complain
  13. Show your screenshots

    Took only 350 sinows.... But worth it
  14. Show your screenshots

    Thanks RNGsus And thanks sab for making it