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  1. Destiny Reader Update!

    v0.9.15 Update Added an option to show item count.
  2. Destiny Reader Update!

    v0.9.14 Update Changed Ignore Tools so that only techs level 15, 20, 29, and 30 appear (and Anti 5+) Changed Always Show item list so that it is an option within the program rather than loading an external file. It should still function the same, but with the benefit of automatically updating item list and map without closing the reader. You will no longer need the always_show.txt file, but be sure to copy your item list from that file into the textbox within the reader. For techniques, just list the base name, foie, rabarta, megid, etc. and this will make all levels of that technique appear.
  3. Destiny Reader Update!

    v0.9.12 Update Changed Ignore Blue Boxes setting so that it will always show 4 slot Armors. You can now set certain items to always show even if you're ignoring certain types of drops. If you want to see drops on the ground such as Trimates, Moons, Resist/Devil, etc. while ignoring other items this will be useful. The reader will check for a file named always_show.txt in the same directory when you first open it. If the file does not exist, a blank one should be created. In this file, you can put one item name per line to always show that item on the reader and map regardless of what types of items you're ignoring. The item names you list will ignore spaces, special characters, and capitalization, so your file could look something like this:
  4. Destiny Reader Update!

    v0.9.10 Update Fixed issue with items disappearing after walking away from them. Added option for players to manually choose icon size.
  5. Destiny Reader Update!

    The reader has been updated to version v0.9.9. v0.9.9 Update The new version will not retain v0.9.5 settings / position / size / etc. Added map items option! This will show items on your map. These items are filtered in the same way you choose to filter items on the reader now. If you use multiple monitors and Display Scaling within Windows, a borderless game tool, or have other issues with map items appearing correctly, you may need to manually configure the setting. Fixed mouse-over behavior for reader items so item icons no longer disappear. Clicking an item in the reader will make the icon on the map pop out. Using your cursor to hover over an item on the map will show details about that item. Added a settings reset option that appears in the JumpList from the taskbar. (Requires restart) Lowered the minimum Opacity and added a warning about using 0% opacity. Changed some button behavior for 0% Opacity cases Added a Dark GUI option that changes the title and buttons to black. (This also prevents resizing the reader)
  6. New here, last played in 2013 on schtserv

    Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about changes / differences here.
  7. returning player

    You can reset your account password if you still have access to the email you used when registering. https://playpso.net/recovery
  8. Show your screenshots

  9. Destiny Reader Update!

    The reader has been updated to version v0.9.5. v0.9.5 Update The new version will not retain v0.9.4 settings / position / size / etc. An option for tabs has been added. It is enabled by default. If disabled, the reader should work the exact same as v0.9.4 regarding multiple clients. When enabled and 2+ clients are open, tabs will appear at the top of the window that will allow you to swap clients with a single click! There are only 3 tabs, so if you open more than 3 clients, you'll still need to use options menu to swap to any beyond the 3rd.

  11. Show your screenshots

    1/28k Lavis Cannon drop.
  12. Done!

    Got my orbs. Thanks!
  13. Destiny Reader Update!

    The reader has been updated to version 0.9.4. v0.9.4 Update This update should fix the rare sound playing when players exit the room while a rare is on the floor. Added player name in window title when multiple clients are open. All presents are now considered rare items.
  14. Destiny Reader Update!

    We're proud to release a new version of the Destiny Reader! Download it here: Download Note that the reader has a new filename that now includes the version number. The latest version is v.0.9.15. The new version will not retain v0.9.14 or older settings / position / size / etc. Screenshots: Changelog: To install: Simply drop it in your destiny folder, right click on it and select "send to desktop (create shortcut)" though the reader can be run from any folder on your PC. You will no longer need the always_show.txt file, but be sure to copy your item list from that file into the textbox within the reader. Known issues: For now, reader doesn't work alongside ENB. Workaround: place the reader in a separate folder. (assuming this is not fixed) Rare Sound has some known edge cases that currently cause a sound to happen when there was not a rare drop. These include dropping and picking up meseta from your inventory while a rare item is on the floor before picking up meseta from a monster or box. And dropping 1 item from a stack if it's not the entire stack in your inventory (dropping 2 or 3 pd / luck mat too). These do not apply on Pioneer 2 or Lab areas. Rare Sound may have other unknown issues. Your selected client can change to a different one automatically in rare situations that involve using 3 or more clients at once. Example: If you open 3 Clients, select Client 2, and close Client 1, your selected Client will remain "Client 2" but Client 2 will have changed to what was previously "Client 3" and you'll be reading from a different floor. This can also happen when opening additional clients, and should only apply when you have a specific client selected in settings. Map Items option will not work correctly if you use Non-fixed Map Direction in game. Map Items can appear on top of other windows if a window is on top of your game, but not the active window. Items will only appear when your game or the reader itself are the active window. Map items will still show when opening Symbol Chat / Word Select menu, or when viewing chat log / sending mail. Map items may not appear correctly in cases where items move on the map automatically, like between boss phases. Map item positions may not update properly when using the tooltip feature to show item details on the map. If you encounter any other bugs, please post them here in this topic or in the bugtracker section of the forums. Enjoy! Third party readers are still not allowed on Destiny. See the previous topic for additional info.
  15. Guide to the Destiny quests?

    Here's info about the quests I have made: