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  1. Christmas themed Symbol chat event

  2. Orgo's Shop.

  3. Email...

    It won't help if you actually need this info in the future, but you can try exporting the registry from your current computer and importing it on your new one. Not 100% sure if this works or not, but it's something to try. Run regedit.exe and look for: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SonicTeam\PSOBB In the right pane, you'll see this is where all your usernames and passwords are saved, as well as other settings for the game. If you right click on PSOBB and export this, you can import it on your new pc and it should have all your saved accounts still there, but I'm not sure if you can recover the password from this or not.
  4. Wrath's Quiz

    Got a Shadow Cloak with 4 slots!
  5. Wrath's Quiz

    Sonic Adventure 2
  6. Done

    Got all the wings now!
  7. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    Scheduled HH 180
  8. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XP Boost 180!
  9. Ata Calculator

    I wrote that calculator (actually the entirety of that legacy wiki) and I don't even know if it is totally accurate. It's hard to test accuracy really. Here is a version I have been doing some work on that has Ultimate EVP for Destiny as well as other updated info. Still a work in progress though. http://psobb.epizy.com/atacalc.php
  10. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XP Boost 180!
  11. Item Combinations

    Missing these: Striker of Chao = Branch of Paku Paku + Chao (Mag) Dual Bird = Master Raven + Last Swan Foie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Foie Zonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Zonde Barta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Barta Gifoie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Gifoie Gizonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Gizonde Gibarta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Gibarta Rafoie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Rafoie Razonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Razonde Rabarta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Rabarta Red Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Red Yellow Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Yellow Blue Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Blue Shifta Merge = Assist Barrier + Amplifer of Shifta Deband Merge = Assist Barrier + Amplifer of Deband Resta Merge = Recovery Barrier + Amplifer of Resta Anti Merge = Recovery Barrier + Amplifer of Anti
  12. Price guide

    Oblivion maybe 5pds imo and that seems fair for Dragon Sword. It's a pretty easy hunt and really only used to drain PB, not for actually hitting things with it so the % isn't too important.
  13. LFM - Looking for Materials

    World of Illusion should provide TP mats. It doesn't give defense or evade.
  14. The Trial in The Eternal Age. Thank you for waiting patiently for this information. Patience is a virtue. “The Trial” is a super-secret challenge for the most experienced of players. To access the trial, you must hit three switches over multiple plays of the quest. These switches remain hit after ending the quest and they will be activated for your entire account, not just that one character. The trial and switches are Ultimate only. The switches are located in the CCA area chosen at random on each run. Jungle, Mountain, or Seaside. These are not normal door switches. They are consoles that will popup a message. You must hit the switch in each area before you are able to access the trial. Each player needs to hit the switch individually. There is an NPC in the Lab and a console in Central Control Area (Actually CCA, not sub-areas) that can tell you if you are ready and what you’re missing if you’re not ready. All players in the run must have hit all three switches before anyone can attempt the trial. There is a console in Central Control Area (Actually CCA, not sub-areas) that will tell you if any players are not ready. Due to RNG being a factor in being able to access the trial, there is an alternative method to access a switch of each player’s choosing. After defeating Olga Flow in Ultimate, an Ill Gill will appear. After one player speaks to him, he will attack you and summon some minions as well. This Ill Gill is not an easy fight as you cannot use traps or Demon’s on him and he has increased stats and resistances. After defeating these enemies, a device will appear allowing each player to choose an area that they need. You will have to figure out how to access the CCA and trial areas. There are some hints. You must have Barba Ray as one of the bosses you encounter. In the Trial area itself, you will talk to an Ill Gill who starts everything. Each player must talk to him. If you wait at him for 30 seconds, you’ll be given an option to stop waiting so you won’t get stuck if other players aren’t cooperating. When you start the trial, the switches will be cleared from your account, meaning to do the trial again, you must hit the switches in the CCA areas or use the device after Olga to gain access. The trial is basically, kill as many Epsilons as you can in five minutes. There are 100 Epsilons. The Epsilons are all capable of dropping items. The Epsilons in this quest all open after one cast of Rafoie, making them much faster to kill. If you kill more than 20, your team will get a banner showing the entire server how many you killed. When time runs out in the trial, you’re not instantly kicked out of the tower. But your banner will happen at this time and no more Epsilons will spawn. You will be able to kill any remaining Epsilons that have already spawned but they won’t count for your score. A teleporter will appear that allows you to get to the next area. The trial will also end if every player in the party leaves the tower area or dies without holding a scape doll / phoenix claw / ragol ring. If the trial ends this way but you killed 20 or more Epsilons, it will be noted in the banner that your team died. After the trial ends, a door will open on Pioneer 2 that allows players (only after everyone leaves the tower) to get back to pick up any items that may have dropped and to kill any Epsilons that were still alive. Enemy Counts: Credit to @Magictrick for the banner here and for a lot of code and ideas that went into making the trial a reality.
  15. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    Restarted HH. 178 remaining.