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  1. Free Section ID

    This will end tomorrow at 9 am GMT make sure to change your ID back in time.
  2. Happy birthday my friend have a wonderful day and may all your dreams come true. <3 


  3. Sab's Shop

    Added wants and adjusted price's
  4. Free Section ID

    Hi all, Since the event ended and not everyone was able to get back the right section ID I put it back on it will last until Sunday 7th of June 6PM GMT. Make sure by that time you have the right section ID. Enjoy
  5. Music

    <3 <3 <3
  6. Music

    Man i love this guy Sefa all the way <3
  7. Music

    Sefa <3
  8. B> Primal Nexus x3 10 Dts each pm me 

  9. Happy Birthday I wish you a wonderful day and lots of healthy years to come <3 


  10. S> DARK BRIDGE [50/0/0/50|30] 60 Dts

  11. Easter Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    Everyone got there prizes hope you all enjoy it . Untill next time
  12. Easter Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    Thank you all for participating, We have made our decision The Winners are: 1st place @Mr Snows 2nd place @Nickie 3th place @Hollywood Congratulations to all of you guys. The 3 winners can sent me a pm when you have time to collect your prize. For the others i will open a pm with all of you for your crates. Hope you all had fun.
  13. Easter Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    This event has ended. The winners will be announced soon.
  14. Destiny v0.69.420 (april fools)

    it was april fools patch v0.69.420 LOL