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  1. What's coming to Destiny PSOBB?

    No offense taken. I do disagree though, I believe the reason less people played easter this year in comparison to say, valentines, is because there wasn't really anything new. D-Virus Baranz alone has been dealing 4k damage for years and the event was always well received. The reason it's 4k damage is because at 4k it's essentially a one hit kill, but can't reliably be used against them with confuse traps. But yes, instant death is by design. Anything less and mag invincibility can be abused by setting HP to a certain number. Not all our events feature monsters that one hit kill by the way, you have to realize easter is one of our hardest events (if not the hardest). As Vel said, these challenges are really less about gear (to a certain extent, you'll still need some essentials and a high level) and more about knowledge of spawns, knowledge of the game and reaction times. Freeze and confuse traps are free to get, and those are still some of the best ways to deal with these types of mobs. Combine that with a ranger with a grave digger (not hard to get either) and you got your team some good odds to kill them. Twin Cyclone for hunters is also a very good option. We also make sure with all our enemies that it's not essential to own 80 hit weapons to thrive, and that there's always at least one way to kill them. That said, obviously I can't guarantee you won't die a few times. And even the best players here still die every now and then from the buffed sinows. But that's okay. Like others said, no pain no gain Either way, it's alright if we have different opinions. I hope you enjoy your time here regardless. And like I said before, the upcoming content will be beneficial for everyone regardless of participation.
  2. What's coming to Destiny PSOBB?

    First of all, Mericarols and purple epsilons one hit kill and they're in the game since gamecube. Back when I played PSO as a kid on my friend's gamecube, we got oneshot by the first hildebear encounter in normal. What did we do? We devised strategies to deal with it regardless, and that's some of the most fun I ever had playing PSO. But when you have demons, mag invincibility, guaranteed freezes, 4 way PB and J/Z at your disposal, the fight is already favored heavily towards players. Especially in terms of pure power. Several bosses get obliterated by dark flows and final egg blasters before they can even attack. The truth is, a team of geared Lv 200 players is much more powerful than the content currently available (events excluded) and any content without at least some instant death mechanics is just too easy to be called endgame. Another problem is the fact that enemies can only have a maximum of 32767 hp. But even if we were to increase that somehow, demons would make light work of any HP increase. We do have plans to address this issue in the future though. An argument could be made for tanking, healing and dealing damage, but with the utility we have available there's always going to be a better way to kill enemies more efficiently. Plus, enemy positions and targets aren't synced in PSO, so an enemy may be attacking the tank on one client, but going after the healer on their screen. All this makes balancing new content a difficult task. But I believe we did a good job with the right combination of power and instant death. And if it does turn out to be unreasonably hard, we can always nerf some parts of it. Lastly I want to mention that, without saying too much, this harder content will benefit everyone in some way, even players who aren't geared enough or aren't ready yet to participate directly.
  3. Here's a little sneak peek of what we've been working on <3 Huge credit to @VEL(JP) and @Orgodemirk
  4. EASTER EVENT 2024

    In order to make farming easter eggs less boring, from now on easter eggs also drop at 1/500 from any mob in the following quests: Ep1 / Easter / Lost Soul Ripper Ep1 / Easter / Mines Offensive Ep2 / Easter / Gal Da Val's Darkness Note that this rate does not have DAR calculated in already, so the final droprate per actual killed mob is still affected by amount of players and enemy DAR. Furthermore, egg drops are completely separate from rare drops and even common drops. This means that you won't ever miss out on a rare drop because an egg dropped. However, you may occasionally encounter two items in the same spot. Good luck!
  5. Valentines 2024!

    There was an issue if multiple players in the room use halo and recon together. After some investigating it turns out that it was the lighter color on the halos that causes this issue. As a workaround, for now we removed the lighter color part of the halos so that everyone can use these items without problems. I'll be looking into another way to restore the original skin. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Valentines 2024!

    Small update Item shop was added to pioneer 2 in Love Research Wings of Life droprate lowered from 1/930 to 1/630 Fixed an issue with redria wings skin conflicting with terror sawd
  7. Valentines 2024!

    Valentines 2024 Here we go! Sorry for the wait. Happy valentines from Destiny <3 Valentines Crate As usual Valentine Crates are dropping randomly from monsters. Rules Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Good luck! Rates: Flower Bouquets For the duration of valentines event, flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet or to change a special from a weapon. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) New monster: Bubbles! No worries, this guy just wants a hug. Find him in the quest: Episode 2 / Valentines / Love Research. This a temporary quest only active during valentines event and based on the quest Dolmolm Research. There's a secret way to unlock 6 extra Bubbles spawns. If anyone dies during the simulator part of the quest, you won't have access to seabed. Seasonal Valentines items Wings of Life "A set of holy wings that boost support techniques." This shield boosts Resta, Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%. Class: All. This item only drops during valentines event. Drops from Bubbles on all IDs @ 1/630 New item: Section ID Halos A chromatic halo that boosts support techniques and accuracy. Req Lv:150 DFP:180 EVP:180 EFR:20 EIC:20 ETH:20 EDK:25 ELT:20 Class: All This shield boosts: Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%, Jellen & Zalure by 100%, and ATA by 25. It's only available during Valentines. To obtain it, find the "exotic armor dealer" NPC in the Love Research quest and he will trade it for 3 Wings of Life and 50 Flower Bouquets. The color of the halo you receive is based on your current section ID. So if you want a certain color, make sure to change your section ID first! x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the duration of the event! To change your section ID, use /sectionid in the lobby. End date: March 18th Enjoy and good luck!
  8. Valentines Sneakpeek

    We planned to launch valentines today, but unfortunately there are still some issues with the new item. So it will take a little bit longer. Thanks for the patience <3
  9. One final week of TTFD

    TTFD has ended! Thanks all for playing and I hope you guys had fun. 19 more armors dropped for a total of 76 in circulation. Do with that info what you want... We're working hard behind the scenes on updates, so stay tuned for some new content soon!
  10. One final week of TTFD

    TTFD is now available for 1 week until january 10th. Enjoy!
  11. Hi! A short news update regarding our last Anniversary Event. We've received some player feedback and it seems that while players enjoyed the content, a lot of people found the duration too short. This also falls in line with our own findings: Not many 5th Anniversary Armors have dropped, even though participation was high. 57 total armors dropped, which is considerably less than past anniversary drops. TTFD was hard, there were group and gear requirements and there was a learning curve involved. 2 weeks time wasn't enough to consistently run this quest and obtain the drop for most people. Which is not the intention behind our Anniversary events. There were pretty much two events going on at once, due to the delay last year, so you couldn't really focus solely on TTFD. Considering all this, we have decided to extend the 5th Anniversary event with one week, starting after Xmas event (january 3rd). As for 6th Anniversary Cells, over 300 have dropped, and that quest wasn't that hard, so it will be just the TTFD part that's being extended. Keep in mind that this is a one time thing and future anniversary events will still only be 2 weeks. After this final week of TTFD, it will never return, and 5th Anniversary Armor will be forever unobtainable. Since there's still roughly 2 weeks left in the xmas event, you have plenty of time to prepare your team and acquire some extra gear if needed. Also, be sure to check out @VEL(JP)'s tips to beat the quest and watch the video by @thanx. Both can be found in the Anniversary Topic. Good luck!
  12. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    So far I can't reproduce a disconnect with fast banking. Even with an autoclicker, depositing 30 items per second and then withdrawing them at the same speed, doesn't dc me (on live server). If anyone can send me a clip of dcing from banking too fast (in a fresh room, fresh block) I'd love to see it. It's possible you guys have better ping than me. In the meantime, my theory is that there's still unfixed item desync somewhere else, probably in certain quests, and when depositing the last item in your inventory the server thinks you're depositing meseta instead of an item. Edit: Nvm, tested, not possible. Either way, I'll keep looking into it.
  13. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    I've checked it out. I can see 5 disconnects all related to depositing meseta. Somewhere the amount of meseta in your client is desynced with the meseta the server thinks you have. For now just keep playing, there's not really any danger. I will improve the logging on this so that in the future if it happens again we get more info. If it happens again try to remember what quest it is exactly and what you were doing at the time. (e.g. sold items to shop, obtained quest reward, etc) Lastly, to minimize the chance of these things happening, after a few hours of playing make sure to go back to the lobby and select transport > change block > block 1. This will "reload the block" essentially and makes sure you're 100% synced with the server. Desync has always been a big issue in PSO, and while we fixed 99% of it, some desync can sometimes still occur after a few hours of play. I hope that was useful so far, and glad to hear you're enjoying your time here!
  14. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    Thanks! That does help. I'll check it out and see what I can find.