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  1. Valentines 2022

    Yay tyty all who have been involved
  2. Tro's Little List

    I can do good prices so make some offers 😀
  3. Tro's Little List

    Hey all, For sale / trade a short list of items, will hopefully add more once I have sorted banks out. Wants are: Dts, Pds, Pts, PGF, Rathalos Greatsword, Nightmare, Mortal Ruin. Snow Queeen 60/60/0/0 60hit Frozen Shooter 30/0/30/0 35hit Frozen Shooter 0/20/0/20 20hit Death Reaper 0/0/0/40 45hit Judgement Blade 30/0/0/40 35hit - Sold Zanba 0/80/90/0 80hit Excalibur 0/0/0/0 30hit Stormrender 0/0/0/0 25hit Monkey King Bar 0/40/0/0 50hit Charge Calibur 0/0/0/40 50hit Charge Raygun 0/0/0/5 50hit Spirit Arms 0/50/0/ 50 50hit Berserk Arms 50/0/50/0 50hit Hell Arms 0/50/0/50 30hit - sold Photon Booster - sold V503 - Sold Pm or reply here 😉
  4. sunagimo's Sell List

    Are you still about to trade items?
  5. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    On the flip side though, Exterminator can be farmed from arguably easier enemies and is found on twice as many (and more common) ids. So while it wouldnt be as good, should it be considering its availability in comparison to Tormentor?
  6. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    Well it does have hell needle with hit so thats a solid replacement but obviously not like for like.
  7. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    I vote Charge
  8. Eres's Shop

    Are you on now? I want zalure 15 and can trade you stuffs?
  9. Eres's Shop

    I assume you already have all good spells?
  10. Eres's Shop

    Hey, Familiar name ;-) What class are you playing?
  11. Ramarl Purple 200 Fonewearl PINKAL 15x Humar likely Greenil 1
  12. Tro's Wishlist

    err pds, mats, love and affection???
  13. Tro's Wishlist

    Updated list
  14. All Class Stats

    Why is the base tp stat for several of the classes lower than on the max stat chart? Are they the wrong way round?
  15. Tro's Wishlist

    Buying> Blue phantom shield V502 Spread Needle with Hit or very good stats