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  1. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Sure We should meet up at a mutually convenient time.
  2. S> Syncesta for 1dt or 12pds or 4pts

  3. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    I just changed Prices and New items have arrived. Private Message or Posting, either is fine.
  4. S> V802 for 3dts or 36pds or 12pts

  5. B> Parts of Egg Blaster for 3pds

  6. Show your screenshots

    I'm thinking about opening my own flower shop
  7. S> Photon Booster for 1dt (Donation Token Only)

  8. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

  9. topu's Trade List

    I'll take them please. It's 80pds in total.
  10. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Noted with thanks. We should meet when it's convenient for both of us. I'll login after 4 hours.
  11. Show your screenshots

    The big event occurred yesterday
  12. Show your screenshots

    Fake PGF with Sword
  13. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    I'll do. Could you trade now by any chance?
  14. S>C/Battle for 2dts or 24pds

  15. Show your screenshots

    Mad Hatter