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  1. Elusive Shield Drop !

    Nice job Bones.
  2. My experience on Destiny Server

    Ive been here about a month now and I agree with everything u just said. The custom gear and Daily Crates are great. Infinite Mag feed is awesome. It very nice to see a GM everyday or almost everyday. On other server I might not see any staff for months straight. Happy hour is way better on rotation than just random also. Putting top items on donation list is also a key thing. A lot of good things have been done here.
  3. Show your screenshots

    Baranz Launcher 100 hit, 90 dark from Daily Crate.
  4. Show your screenshots

    New secret area.
  5. Show your screenshots

    Was a good day.
  6. B>Gear

  7. Hi all CursorKing here

    hi cursorkingxp.
  8. B>Gear

    Updated list.

    Thank you very much for the Mag. I appreciate it very much.
  10. B>Gear

    Would like to buy: - Dark matter - last emperor - Luck, HP and POW mats Will pay in DT's if anyone is selling.
  11. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    Thanks for the guide. Made this 0 def Dark Chao today. Not a great color but still okay.
  12. Show your screenshots

    Made 2 Sato mags since yesterday. This server is cool. Having fun doing stuff that I previously never did like make mags.