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  1. Show your screenshots

    Got em again.
  2. Show your screenshots

    Got em.
  3. EASTER EVENT 2020: Chaotic Casino

    let the grind begin.
  4. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Shisui, where did u get your skin / background mods. Im interested in that layout for the tower and any other cool ones.
  5. Buy HP and Luck Mats

  6. Price guide

    20 dts I believe for Etheral Armor.
  7. Buy HP and Luck Mats

    Buy any hp or luck mats that you are willing to part with. Paying in dt’s.
  8. Show your screenshots

    Grind King. Thank you 10x exp.
  9. Show your screenshots

    1st one ever.
  10. Show your screenshots

    Decent Zanba from Daily.
  11. Show your screenshots

    Double kill rare drop.
  12. Wade's Snake Pit

    Updated , items sold.
  13. Wade's Snake Pit

    Yes I can.
  14. Wade's Snake Pit

    Updated with new items.