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  1. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

  2. T > 3rd Anniversary Blades

  3. T > 3rd Anniversary Blades

    Added Passion Haze 0/0/70/90/90.
  4. Show your screenshots

    Nice one.
  5. T > 3rd Anniversary Blades

    Update, trade 3rd blades for 2nd Wings.
  6. hello, new player here

    What is your name in game?
  7. Wade's Flea Market

    not sure of the price but i will check.
  8. Show your screenshots

    I use always General Luck+++
  9. Wade's Flea Market

    Added PGF and DM.
  10. Show your screenshots

    The timer does that once u kill Olga for some reason. They were like 20 minute runs.
  11. Show your screenshots

    Back to Back runs.
  12. Show your screenshots

    Thank you team.
  13. Show your screenshots

    Nice one.
  14. Show your screenshots

    Flola saved my life and 45 hit blades dropped.