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  1. I just tried the Formarl, Etheral armor, rainbow, dark bridge for the 1st time tonight. Hahaha, its the most fun thing i ever did in PSO maybe. Maybe my new favorite character.
  2. Show your screenshots

    Broken Heart.
  3. For Hucaseal, what do u think about using Immortal Ability instead of Immortal Legs. All the same stats are maxed plus u get a little more defense. Also can use 25 luck mats instead of 45 luck mats. (luck mats are a lot harder to come by). The mag would have to be 0/141/59/0 though.
  4. Wade's Flea Market

    3 billion pds
  5. I think a lot of new players to the server never heard of this build. This is very cool information. Hopefully we get a chance to farm the h resists. I started last year at the very end of the anniversary event.
  6. This section I'm a little confused with wording. Gratia Not relevant anymore in end game due to ennemies stats but the ata specific bonus for yas can still be come in handy if you're not 200 . UPDATE (and what an update) Actually its one piece of the most lethal and resilient build close to Sonic Team Armor from PSO VER 1 Dreamcast for Racast/Racaseal Only that this shield can produce but it NEEDS Lot of hard equipment to find and comes with lot of limitation like 80% Max Attack speed and unable to use any free slots This has been discovered by @Orgodermirk
  7. I use this guide all the time. Thank you for the work.

    I have an extra immortal battle, will take it.

    updated list
  10. Photon Token mini event!

    Any news on up coming events this year. Will there be summer or anniversary event or skip to Halloween or Christmas event?
  11. Wade's Flea Market

    Dark Meteor Added
  12. Wade's Flea Market

    Added PGF and Immortal Battle.
  13. Show your screenshots

    Good run, ROCT. The Special Weapon drop was Soul Banish from Delbiter also.
  14. Wade's Flea Market

    added Etheral Armor
  15. Show your screenshots

    Dark Falz drop but not on good ID.