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  1. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    psobb in general you can also disconnect yourself if you add or remove items too fast. ive done it a million times.
  2. B>Lt. Mantle

    ill log in now.
  3. B>Lt. Mantle

    i have one for free u can have. im a hoarder.
  4. dorameow

  5. Price guide

    Yes dt’s.
  6. Price guide

    50 and 20 (depending on the stats of RGS). Although the market is pretty weak so its hard to say what anything goes for currently.
  7. B > SOF Slicer of Fanatic

    with some hit.
  8. Destiny's Time Attack Records

    Same goes for 80+ hit weapons.
  9. need ATP200 mag

    20 pds you can buy in the shop.
  10. Good way to grind?

    Are you doing nuke force strictly or hybrid?
  11. Destiny's Time Attack Records

    Nice STA build
  12. Show your screenshots

    80 Hit Yahsa, ROCT reward.
  13. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    I have collected all the items on this list except one. I wish there could be a limited mini event to once again hunt the Dark Falz Buster.
  14. HUmar, Hunewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal

    Most powerful is Hucast. For solo pgf runs Hunewearl rules. Humar is good also but u need a zalure weapon for Olga. Hucaseal there is a Evasion build which i like, Reflex Gear. Personal favorite is maybe humar.
  15. HUmar, Hunewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal

    http://psobb.epizy.com/maxstat.php?i=2 Check HP caps as well as others here. Assuming its still up to date.