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  1. Destiny v0.69.420

  2. Show your screenshots

    1st one ever.
  3. Show your screenshots

    Decent Zanba from Daily.
  4. Show your screenshots

    Double kill rare drop.
  5. Wade's Snake Pit

    Updated , items sold.
  6. Wade's Snake Pit

    Yes I can.
  7. Wade's Snake Pit

    Updated with new items.
  8. Wade's Snake Pit

    This is a work in progress. Will add prices and other stuff later.
  9. Wade's Snake Pit

    SELLING Weapons Final Egg Blaster +30 [0/35/0/0/55] Combustion Cannon [0/0/0/5/0] untekked Combustion Cannon [0/0/15/0/0] Baranz Launcher [0/0/0/90/100] Black King Bar [0/0/0/0/80] Skyfall [0/0/0/0/0] Last Emperor [0/30/30/0/0] SOLD Kietsu +30 [0/0/50/55/35] Claw of Elements [0/0/0/0/0] Armor X Parts ver 3.10 [0/0] Dynasty Armor [4 slot 0/0] Archfiend Armor [4 slot 0/0] SOLD Etheral Armor [4 slot 0/0] SOLD Shields From The Depths [0/0] Cataclysm Shield [0/0] SOLD Units Immortal Legs Techs Lvl 15 techs 1 PD Lvl 20 techs 1 PD Materials Evade Materials x250 WANTS PDs/PTs/DT/s/PSs or trades PGF Genesis Armor MAX Red Ring MAX Rainbow Shield MAX
  10. Xp rate and Free ID

    Nice, thank u.
  11. Howitzer's Trade List

    can i buy dragon sword if its available.
  12. Old Newbie

    whats your name in game. im on all the time and can help u level up or whatever u need.
  13. Phantasmal Crate findings?

    U kept a list of the crate drops? Or is there a way to check that.
  14. Elusive Shield Drop !

    Nice job Bones.
  15. My experience on Destiny Server

    Ive been here about a month now and I agree with everything u just said. The custom gear and Daily Crates are great. Infinite Mag feed is awesome. It very nice to see a GM everyday or almost everyday. On other server I might not see any staff for months straight. Happy hour is way better on rotation than just random also. Putting top items on donation list is also a key thing. A lot of good things have been done here.