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    Since next event is delaying, we decided to activate valentine mini event i hope you'll enjoy it! Valentines Crate Rules Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Good luck! Rates: Flower Bouquets For the duration of valentines event, flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet or to change a special from a weapon. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the whole event! ENJOY! End date: April 1st
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    Hey guys, as @Maxweel asked, I realized there is no list yet for Valentine's Crates So I'm going to compile a list based on players input. everyone suggestion is welcome personally I'm going to wait till the end of Valentine for opening my crates for 2023: TP Material Lavis Blade Twin Cyclone Frostbite Panzer Faust Passion Haze Taste of Affection Gush Needle M&A85 Fury Skyfall Armageddon
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    actually i already made list of valentine crate in 2019. this list + holy ray + type RI RIFLE will be true list i think. also, armageddon is not obtainable from v-crate, the player got it from daily or other crate.
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    I saw Peoples receiving a lot of things. Gush Needle M&A85 Fury Skyfall Armageddon I can confirm i saw Peoples receiving those. If ill see more / Remember more ill add more / update the list with what i find.
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    Hey! 1 DT (Donation Token) = 10 PDs (Photon Drop) = 2PT (Photon Token) = 0.1 PS (Photon Sphere) I accept all currencies GC# 42002355 Hunter: Master Raven [0/0/40/0|40] 50PD Ranger: Guld Milla +60 [0/40/0/0|60] 50 PD Gush Needle +1 [50/0/0/0|50] 10DT Boondock Saints [40/0/40/40|0] 30PD Grave Digger [50/0/0/0|0] 15PD Force: Psycho Wand [0/0/10/20|10] 20PD Frames/armor Spectral Suit (1 slot) 20PD Shields / Barriers From The Depths 20PD Energy Storm 20PD Deal With It Units Immortal/arms x2 20PD each Mags 0/0/0/0 Mags 5PD each Misc Gifoie LV29 disk Shifta LV30 disk 2PD Zalure LV30 disk 2PD Deband LV30 disk 2PD Resta LV30 disk 2PD Wants / Buy List: DT / PT / PD / PS Maxed Red Ring 90+ hit Weapons: 90+ hit Suppressed Gun or TypeGU/Mechgun 90+ hit Armageddon -5 hit weapons (only interested in -5 or 5% unteked) -5% hit Twin Blaze -5% hit Glide Divine -5% hit Skyfall
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    we are active daily ! feel free to join , looking forward to playing..