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    Was trying to hunt Dr. Robotnik's Plan B as purple ID HUcast for insane difficulty. Many RIP moments and retries later this happened.
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    Players : @R-78 Maschenny / @Tohru Tohru Quest : Raid On Central Tower Time : 39:10 remaining Classes : RAmarl and RAcast NO PB
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    FreshCake here, so I have been playing on this server for a few weeks now. Sheesh the experience has been amazing. Every single person I have had the pleasure of playing with has been a delight. I left another server that will not be named, to find a better community. Little did I know I would land smack dab in the middle of the best one available. A huge shout out to Legion for welcoming a noob with open arms. I guess if I had to summarize it all up for people reading the forms that haven’t started playing yet. (Yes, that does happen believe me I was one of them). If you are on the fence, looking for the best PSO experience. You have come to the right place.
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    Player : Tohru Quest : Raid On Central Tower Time : 17:11 remaining Class : RAcast NO PB
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    Player : sumagimo Quest : Raid On Central Tower Time : 16:54 remaining Class : RAmar NO PB
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    that reminds me, i found this as well! i think i found a lvl 28 and *maybe* another 29 as well? but i dont remember :') edit: i checked my banks and i did find another 28 and 29! holy hell
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    HYPED , thank you again. great trade bro
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    After looking for hit Kitetsu for " over a year " A 45 hit dropped during our daily MAS Live to play PSOBB for moments like this CG @NEVER* , you the man
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    thank you so much , this update is sick . custom drop sound is fun to mess around with . currently my rare drop sounds says " damm" in a duke nuke em voice . Id highly recommend it
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    While learning to record a gameplay, " Orb Of Illusions " dropped! Improved on my time greatly as RAcast here so will upload video when my family member shows me how to
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    The concentration needed to make it here as solo RAcast in ROCT without using PB is crazy The time alone tells how it went lol
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    a cool drop i got from a PTS run yesterday! two PTs back to back from two claws o:
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    We're proud to release a new version of the Destiny Reader! Download it here: Download Note that the reader has a new filename that now includes the version number. The new version is v.0.9.4. Note that it is the same file name as the previous version of the reader. Make sure you use the new one after downloading. The new version will show v0.9.3. Screenshots: Changelog: To install: Simply drop it in your destiny folder, right click on it and select "send to desktop (create shortcut)" though the reader can be run from any folder on your PC. Known issues: For now, reader doesn't work alongside ENB. Workaround: place the reader in a separate folder. (assuming this is not fixed) Rare Sound has some known edge cases that currently cause a sound to happen when there was not a rare drop. These include dropping and picking up meseta from your inventory while a rare item is on the floor before picking up meseta from a monster or box. And dropping 1 item from a stack if it's not the entire stack in your inventory (dropping 2 or 3 pd / luck mat too). These do not apply on Pioneer 2 or Lab areas. Rare Sound may have other unknown issues. Your selected client can change to a different one automatically in rare situations that involve using 3 or more clients at once. Example: If you open 3 Clients, select Client 2, and close Client 1, your selected Client will remain "Client 2" but Client 2 will have changed to what was previously "Client 3" and you'll be reading from a different floor. This can also happen when opening additional clients, and should only apply when you have a specific client selected in settings. If you encounter any other bugs, please post them here in this topic or in the bugtracker section of the forums. Enjoy! Third party readers are still not allowed on Destiny. See the previous topic for additional info.
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    woo hoo! just found this bad boy!
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    True! I think as long as the item pool for those crates doesn't remove those weapons, they're good to use. I think if Snow Queen was removed for example it's pretty unlikely you would ever find a 100 hit Frozen Shooter in-game from a drop. I think the other non-returning event gear (like anniversary blades + wings) shouldn't be used as it's not possible to obtain. But I also see that the TA scene is pretty small here... I think previous runs shouldn't be scrubbed because of this, but I think new runs should just use non-event gear. (Unless Eternal Night + Blue Phantom Field get their stats upgraded to match to 3rd aniv blades + wings! That would be my solution haha) Great run @Tohru!! The idea of reduced demons and J/Z on this quest is a nightmare haha. Awesome
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    Omg nooooo I forgot that the rules don't allow 2nd Wings! I love this run so I can keep practicing until I get this time again or better using RR or BPF I'm sorry everyone
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    The reader has been updated to version 0.9.4. v0.9.4 Update This update should fix the rare sound playing when players exit the room while a rare is on the floor. Added player name in window title when multiple clients are open. All presents are now considered rare items.
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    GC: 42003603 Tohru ( RAcast ) Meteor Cudgel 0/60/0/40 Not able to get " Reader " to work for some reason so had to tekk this too Thank you @sunagimo san for telling me this on ground
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    DESTINY PSOBB SUMMER EVENT 2021 Summer theme A special summer theme, including a themed lobby and seabed, made by @Shiva ™. ×10 XP & Free Section ID For the duration of the event. To change your section ID, use the /sectionid command in-game. Remember to change it back on time though! Presents & Photon Tokens Special presents are dropping randomly from any monster and contain a random item. Possible contents: Galatine Phoenix Claw Laconium Axe Girasole Baranz Launcher Rainbow Baton De Rol Le Shield Bubble Blaster (mechgun) Icecream Cone (partisan) Deal With It (shield) Photon Tokens are dropping randomly from any monster in the game. Photon Tokens can be used in the Phantastic Bazaar quest to add hit on your weapons. Find the quest in Episode 2 / Shop. Rules: Presents and tokens drop the same way as crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present or token. It's not allowed to farm presents or photon tokens with multiple accounts at the same time. Rates: Present rates: Photon Token rates: Dr. Robotnik's Plan B The infamous mad scientist Dr. Robotnik has invaded Seabed, and is once again trying to take over the world. It’s up to you to protect the “friendly” creatures of Ragol and stop dr. Eggman. Destiny PSOBB presents to you a custom monster in PSOBB: Dr. Robotnik! Modeling & Texturing by @Shiva Monster AI by @Magictrick DROPS & HUNTS Dr. Robotnik's Plan B "Eggman's super secret plans. They appear to be blueprints for some kind of weapon." Can be used to transform Egg Blaster into Final Egg Blaster. Drops from Ultimate Dr. Robotnik on all ids. Final Egg Blaster "A prototype secret weapon built by dr. Robotnik to destroy the world. Its power is awakened when its owner is in danger." Obtained by combining a "Dr. Robotnik's Plan B" with an "Egg blaster". Egg blaster is made by combining a "Parts of Egg Blaster" with a fully grinded handgun series weapon. Stormrender "A legendary wind lance. Its special attack sacrifices a small amount of HP to summon a concentrated blast that damages nearby enemies." Drops from Episode 1 Ultimate Dark Bringer on All Ids @ 1/930. Mortal Ruin "Ultimate energy blades from another dimension. Its special attack fires two death balls." In addition to the Olga drop, now also drops from Episode 2 Ultimate Epsilon on Pinkal and Redria @ 1/487. Soul Devourer "A special cane embedded with photon energy. Can be used by proficient fighters to drain mind power." Drops from Episode 2 Ultimate Epsilon on most ids. Event is live. Enjoy and Happy Summer from Destiny! Summer event will last for around 4 weeks (hopefully xD) Special thanks to @Shiva for the amazing banner.
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    GC: 42003604 Melony ( RAmarl ) Stag Cutlery 0/0/0/0/55
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    I know right Piv! Been watching R-78 for years The strats are insane
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    Hello Terashi. As Force I usually like to grind MAS ep 4 ( first phase only ) for fast levels. I just hope you don't mind the sound of Rafoie because you're gonna hear it alot
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    Thank you Destiny Staff Team for this event! I love how in a Sonic game 1 ring saves your life, but here within the chaotic casino , 1 ring from Baranze = RIP ( Rest In Peace ) lol
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    It works because I did just that lol.
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    Great Muckbeast, and welcome!
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    The timer does that once u kill Olga for some reason. They were like 20 minute runs.