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    Well... Had all this stuff piling up on me for a long time.. Guess I better make a trade list Prices are all negotiable.. but I'm super bad with pricing.. so.. theres that.. I try to trade right at the middle of market value if I can.. Pew Pews Grave Digger 0/0/0/45|45 (I would sell this or my 0/0/25/30|40 one.. but not both) Frozen Shooter 35/0/25/0|25 Red Mechgun? (idk it has good stats lol) 50/0/0/45|40 Panzer Faust 25/0/0/35 Demon Yas 9000M 15/25/0/0 Charge Yas 9000M 0/30/0/0 Magic Sticks Claw of Elements 30/30/30/0 Glide Divine 70/0/60/60 (i know, right??) Beater Sticks Laconium Axe 0/0/50/0|35 Dragon Sword 0/40/40/40 Oblivion 0/35/0/30 Soul Biter 35/0/0/40 Soul Biter 0/0/0/40 Mitsunari 0/35/0/50 Mitsunari 40/45/45/0 Kitetsu 40/0/0/50 Ancient Prophecy 45/0/0/0 Lame D'Argent 0/30/20/0 Lame D'Argent 0/45/40/0 Judgement Blade 0/65/35/0 Judgement Blade 45/0/0/40 Rainbow Baton 40/35/0/0|50 Monkey King Bar 40/40/0/0 Monkey King Bar 0/55/30/0 Girasole 0/60/0/45 Daylight Scar 0/0/50/40/30 Zanba 0/35/40/0 Teh Clothes Mother Garb + Energy Storm The Skull of your Enemy S-Reds Arms Syncesta Gi-Gues Body (we should totally mod this into a useful weapon.. make shoot his butt bullets for lols.. cmon do it) Sinow Berrils Arms (please do a graphical overlay so these are a thumbs up instead) Mag DNA Ideya Cell A New Friend Dragon Tear x 50000 sad faces Rappy Beak (dont judge.. its a good nub mag cell!)
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    Hi guys, first of all big THANKS to destiny staff for upgrading Nightmare! After the buff was announced, i wasnt quite sure about how usefull it is or how much better it would be than death reaper or Ill gill reaper. So i started grinding for it and maxing it up (at least hit%) to find out. Turns out its an SH/Shot with hell special for Hunters and much more powerfull in close range. See for urself
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    GLIDE DIVINE X [10/25/0/0|35] [untekked] 10PDs. Buy
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    130hit (80hit sword + 20hit Armor + 30hit Shield)
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    Hey, everyone! This is a guide to all of the item combinations available on the server. If you're looking for something that's in the database, but isn't in the drop table, odds are you will find it here. If you notice anything wrong or missing, please let me know so I can update this. Thanks! Credit: Orgodemirk, for reminding me that merges are a thing Weapons Dark Flow = Sword series + Parasitic Gene "Flow" Dark Meteor = Shot series + Parasitic Gene "Flow" Dark Bridge = Rod series + Parasitic Gene "Flow" Lavis Blade = Lavis Cannon + Syncesta Double Cannon = Lavis Blade + Syncesta Lavis Cannon = Double Cannon + Syncesta Ultimate Double Cannon = Double Cannon + Dark Matter Nightmare = Yamigarisu + Dark Matter Hell Needle = Spread Needle + Dark Matter Iron Faust = Panzer Faust + Photon Booster Burning Visit = Flame Visit + Photon Booster Snow Queen = Frozen Shooter + Photon Booster Power Maser = Maser Beam + Photon Booster Egg Blaster = Handgun series + Parts of Egg Blaster Final Egg Blaster = Egg Blaster + Dr. Robotnik's Plan B Arrest Needle = Spread Needle + Proof of Sonic Team Summit Moon = Cane series + Magic Rock "Moola" Magical Piece = Wand series + Magic Rock "Heart Key" Sweetheart = Love Heart + Magic Rock "Heart Key" Rainbow Baton = Slicer series + Magic Stone "Iritista" Black King Bar = Monkey King Bar + Blue-Black stone Plantain Huge Fan = Fatsia + Magic Water Plantain Fan = Plantain Leaf + Magic Water Twinkle Star = Wand series + Star Amplifier S-Berrill's Hands #1 = S-Berrill's Hands #0 + Berill Photon Sange&Yasha = Sange + Yasha Dancing Hitogata = Hitogata + Book of Hitogata Guld Milla = Handgun:Guld + Handgun:Milla Mille Marteaux = Heaven Punisher + Ophelie Seize Jizai = Shouren + Guren Arctic Faust = Iron Faust + Cryo Warhead Celestial Fusion = Taste of Affection + Passion Haze Dual Bird = Master Raven + Last Swan Striker of Chao = Branch of Paku Paku + Chao (MAG) Armor Behemoth Armour = Spirit Garment + Dark Matter Brightness Circle = Spirit Garment + Star Amplifier Aura Field = Spirit Garment + Magic Rock "Moola" Love Heart = Spirit Garment + Magic Rock "Heart Key" Safety Heart = Invisible Guard + Magic Rock "Heart Key" Parasite Wear:De Rol = Stink Frame + Parasitic Cell Type D Parasite Wear:Nelgal = Parasite Wear:De Rol + Parasitic Cell Type D Parasite Wear:Vajulla = Parasite Wear:Nelgal + Parasitic Cell Type D Virus Armor:Lafuteria = Parasite Wear:Vajulla + Parasitic Cell Type D Foie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Foie Zonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Zonde Barta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Barta Gifoie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Gifoie Gizonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Gizonde Gibarta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Gibarta Rafoie Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Rafoie Razonde Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Razonde Rabarta Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Rabarta Red Merge = Red Barrier + Amplifer of Red Yellow Merge = Yellow Barrier + Amplifer of Yellow Blue Merge = Blue Barrier + Amplifer of Blue Shifta Merge = Assist Barrier + Amplifer of Shifta Deband Merge = Assist Barrier + Amplifer of Deband Resta Merge = Recovery Barrier + Amplifer of Resta Anti Merge = Recovery Barrier + Amplifer of Anti
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    No, i was googling it and it might be an old Everquest item. Tailor Skills was everquest.
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    seriously, does it exist? ah want to see, set out to hunt orb
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    sounds more like a different game
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    What armor is this? Giant beast Armor?
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    for some reason the only TT item i dont see is Giant Beast Armor couldnt find any easier way to get to a higher tailor skill?
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    It's just people playing by themselves, let em enjoy themselves