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    It's been requested a bunch of times that we add the location of dropped crates, pds, photon tokens etc to the minimap. I know some other PSOBB servers have this feature but this code obviously isn't public and QOL features like this one aren't our priority. For this reason I'm not going to bother reinventing the wheel and research how they did it. There's lots of other cool stuff I'm working on behind the scenes, that's more important. That said, I do understand that, for example, it's sometimes hard to know if your luck is really bad or you missed an actual crate drop a few rooms back. A compromise of sorts would be a command (e.g. /dropnotifications ) that allows you to get a small notification if a crate has dropped for you. We could also extend this to event drops and photon drops. This wouldn't be as convenient as seeing the location on the minimap but at least you'll know if it dropped or not. And it's not much work for us to add this. Either way, if the majority of the server would like this implemented it will be added with the next server maintenance. Poll closes in about a week. Thanks!
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    As most of you are aware, it's against our rules to use 3rd party programs that tamper with the client including the many readers that are out there. These readers aren't allowed for a few reasons, including but not limited to cheating and privacy of other players. On the other hand many of you would really just like to use basic features of those readers such as the ability to see floor items, without intention to abuse the readers for exploits. For this reason we're releasing Destiny's own floor reader. It's functionality is pretty basic and at this stage should be considered beta. More features will be added in the future. Since it can't really be used to gain an unfair advantage over others, or mess with unintended server mechanics, everyone is free to use it while playing on Destiny! Note: Remember that 3rd party readers are still not allowed, and if you do decide to use them, there will be consequences. Download it here: Download If you encounter any bugs, please post them here in this topic or in the bugtracker section of the forums. Enjoy! To install: Simply drop it in your destiny folder, right click on it and select "send to desktop (create shortcut)" Known issues: Mags don't show photon blasts and color.
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    The Trial in The Eternal Age. Thank you for waiting patiently for this information. Patience is a virtue. “The Trial” is a super-secret challenge for the most experienced of players. To access the trial, you must hit three switches over multiple plays of the quest. These switches remain hit after ending the quest and they will be activated for your entire account, not just that one character. The trial and switches are Ultimate only. The switches are located in the CCA area chosen at random on each run. Jungle, Mountain, or Seaside. These are not normal door switches. They are consoles that will popup a message. You must hit the switch in each area before you are able to access the trial. Each player needs to hit the switch individually. There is an NPC in the Lab and a console in Central Control Area (Actually CCA, not sub-areas) that can tell you if you are ready and what you’re missing if you’re not ready. All players in the run must have hit all three switches before anyone can attempt the trial. There is a console in Central Control Area (Actually CCA, not sub-areas) that will tell you if any players are not ready. Due to RNG being a factor in being able to access the trial, there is an alternative method to access a switch of each player’s choosing. After defeating Olga Flow in Ultimate, an Ill Gill will appear. After one player speaks to him, he will attack you and summon some minions as well. This Ill Gill is not an easy fight as you cannot use traps or Demon’s on him and he has increased stats and resistances. After defeating these enemies, a device will appear allowing each player to choose an area that they need. You will have to figure out how to access the CCA and trial areas. There are some hints. In the Trial area itself, you will talk to an Ill Gill who starts everything. Each player must talk to him. If you wait at him for 30 seconds, you’ll be given an option to stop waiting so you won’t get stuck if other players aren’t cooperating. When you start the trial, the switches will be cleared from your account, meaning to do the trial again, you must hit the switches in the CCA areas or use the device after Olga to gain access. The trial is basically, kill as many Epsilons as you can in five minutes. There are 100 Epsilons. The Epsilons are all capable of dropping items. The Epsilons in this quest all open after one cast of Rafoie, making them much faster to kill. If you kill more than 20, your team will get a banner showing the entire server how many you killed. When time runs out in the trial, you’re not instantly kicked out of the tower. But your banner will happen at this time and no more Epsilons will spawn. You will be able to kill any remaining Epsilons that have already spawned but they won’t count for your score. A teleporter will appear that allows you to get to the next area. The trial will also end if every player in the party leaves the tower area or dies without holding a scape doll / phoenix claw / ragol ring. If the trial ends this way but you killed 20 or more Epsilons, it will be noted in the banner that your team died. After the trial ends, a door will open on Pioneer 2 that allows players (only after everyone leaves the tower) to get back to pick up any items that may have dropped and to kill any Epsilons that were still alive. Enemy Counts: Credit to @Magictrick for the banner here and for a lot of code and ideas that went into making the trial a reality.
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    are we 1st team? anyway we'll do more for better score and the secret room was fun, thanks for the awesome quest @staffs PS: killed 49 epsilons and trying for 60+ atm lol
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    Just making sure the banner works correctly. We totally died on purpose.
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    We’ve made some changes to the donations since the system is almost 2 years old and some options were obsolete or outdated. Donation Rewards Dark Matter price reduced from 80 tokens to 25 tokens. V802 price reduced from 25 to 10 tokens. Centurion/Battle price reduced from 25 to 10 tokens. Genesis Armor (max) price reduced from 25 to 15 tokens. Removed Excalibur. Removed Genesis Armor (min). Added V503. Added State/Maintenance. Added Immortal/Battle. Added D-Virus Armor. Added level 20 and level 15 tech pack. Added Rathalos Greatsword. Added Last Emperor. Added Grave Digger. Added Final Egg Blaster. Added Celestial Fusion. Added Skyfall. Added Zu’s Punishment. Check out the rewards here: Donation Reward List Keep in mind that it’s generally cheaper to buy items from players than from GMs. Donations in general Revised the main info post. Check it out here: Information & How to donate Added tutorials for each donation method including a guide how to donate via Cash App for US players. Added support for donations via steam wallet cards as temporary option. Thanks to everyone for their donations and support for the server over the last 2 years.
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    Hotfix #2: Fixed the bug related to the individual drops that caused the ship to crash. Interval between scheduled Happy Hours is lowered from 16 hours to 15:30 for a little more variation. About The Eternal Age info post: This will be postponed a bit as we're making some tweaks to the quest.
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    [email protected] for your continuing Support and passion you provide with each and every Event. Destiny is Love Destiny is Life
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    Hey everybody I'm new to the server. I been playing PSO since Dreamcast days. Is there a Donation system here? Whats the best weapons? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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    DESTINY PSOBB SUMMER EVENT 2019 Summer Time! Summer theme A special summer theme, including a summer paradise lobby and the most awesome Seabed you’ve ever seen, made by @Shiva ™. Note: This theme is installed automatically by the launcher, and any conflicting files are back-upped. After the event, the backup (if any) is automatically restored. Do not delete the files in /data/destiny/backup or /data/destiny/event. Summer Hud For some extra summer vibes, download the summer HUD here. Usage: Place it in your data folder, generally located in C:/Program Files/Phantasy Star Online Destiny/data. If you already have a HUD skin, make sure to backup the file "f256_hyouji.prs". To revert to default HUD, simply delete the file. ×10 XP & Free Section ID For the duration of the event. To change your section ID, use the /sectionid command in-game. Remember to change it back on time though! Summer Presents & Photon Tokens Special presents are dropping randomly from any monster and contain a random item, including 3 LIMITED EDITION summer items. Possible contents: Galatine Phoenix Claw Laconium Axe Girasole Baranz Launcher Rainbow Baton De Rol Le Shield Bubble Blaster (mechgun) Icecream Cone (partisan) Deal With It (shield) Photon Tokens are dropping randomly from any monster in the game. Photon Tokens can be used in the Phantastic Bazaar quest to add hit on your weapons. Find the quest in Episode 2 / Shop. Rules: Present weapons now come automatically tekked to +10%. Presents and tokens drop the same way as crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present or token. It's not allowed to farm presents or photon tokens with multiple accounts at the same time. Rates: Present rates: Photon Token rates: Dr. Robotnik's Plan B Just like last year, the infamous mad scientist Dr. Robotnik has invaded Seabed, and is once again trying to take over the world. It’s up to you to protect the “friendly” creatures of Ragol and stop dr. Eggman. Destiny PSOBB presents to you a custom monster in PSOBB: Dr. Robotnik! Modeling & Texturing by @Shiva Monster AI by @Magictrick DROPS & HUNTS Dr. Robotnik's Plan B "Eggman's super secret plans. They appear to be blueprints for some kind of weapon." Can be used to transform Egg Blaster into Final Egg Blaster. Drops from Ultimate Dr. Robotnik on all ids. Final Egg Blaster "A prototype secret weapon built by dr. Robotnik to destroy the world. Its power is awakened when its owner is in danger." Obtained by combining a "Dr. Robotnik's Plan B" with an "Egg blaster". Egg blaster is made by combining a "Parts of Egg Blaster" with a fully grinded handgun series weapon. Stormrender "A legendary wind lance. Its special attack sacrifices a small amount of HP to summon a concentrated blast that damages nearby enemies." Drops from Episode 1 Ultimate Dark Bringer on All Ids. The drop has been lowered from 1/1329 to 1/930 for the duration of Summer Event. Mortal Ruin "Ultimate energy blades from another dimension. Its special attack fires two death balls." In addition to the Olga drop, now also drops from Episode 2 Ultimate Epsilon on Pinkal and Redria @ 1/487 for the duration of Summer Event. NEW ITEM Soul Devourer "A special cane embedded with photon energy. Can be used by proficient fighters to drain mind power." 7 Target Slicer with Geist. Its high range and high target count make it by far the most convenient slicer to use. Class: humar, hunewearl, ramar, ramarl, fomar, fomarl, fonewm, fonewearl Drops from Episode 2 Ultimate Epsilon on most ids. Video: Check it out on youtube Event is live. Enjoy and Happy Summer from Destiny!
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    time to bump this thread, gg Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Anchovy (RAcast) @VEL(JP) / U-ki (FOmarl) @U-ki / topu (HUcaseal) @topu / Gurenren (Ramar) @Gurenren Time : 16:36 Note: Used 4chains PB during this run
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    Hi! Everyone long time no see!! New Summer weapon effects are cool!!
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    No one trying this quest? the secret trial is like x2 of free WtF runs (could be more), we can hunt olga at last, there is no reason not to try TEA go for it
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    Hello everyone! This is my black market so be aware nothing here is legal Highlights Weapons: Armor: Shield: Combiner: Techs: Misc: accepted currencies in the black market: Photon Drops Photon Tokens Photon Spheres Donation Tokens Exchange courses: 1 Photon Token = 5 Photon Drops 1 Donation Token = 10 Photon Drops 1 Photon Sphere = 10 Donation Tokens Not interested in trades: Item4Item latest Update: 07-August-2019
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    Amazing cant wait to play The new quest. Thanks a lot for all that Work and time you did invest. Kudos 2 u
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    Since we have this now we like to see the community make a post when Happy Hours starts in the happy hours alert topic in forums so everyone knows HH is on. https://playpso.net/forums/topic/48-happy-hourxp-boost-alert/?page=25&tab=comments#comment-5399 Thanks
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    I'm a little late on this, a few of you already know me, but I joined the server about two weeks ago. I've got some history with the game, played on the GC and kicked around on Ultima for a while. In game I'm KillerBee, Athena, or Terra. I'm always down to hang out and play or "help" with anything you need. Give me a shout!
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    Hello, welcome to my mag making service. Note that this is a SERVICE not a SHOP. I will not be selling MAG CELLS. This is because I sell COMPLETED CUSTOM MAGS. If you want a custom mag you need to get in-contact with anyone in the Hunter's Association Team. Details that need to be given about the mag you wish to be made are... STATS, what MAG you want it to be and colour (If the chosen mag is affected by colour). I am notorious for making fast mags so It wont take long. Mag Cells: Parts of RoboChao = RoboChao Mag x3 Heart of Chao = Chao Mag x5 Heart of Devil = Devil's Wings and Devil's Tail x5 Kit of Hamburger = Hamburger Mag x1 Kit of MARK 3 = Mark 3 Mag x1 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM = Master System Mag x1 Dragon Scale = Tellusis Mag x1 Heaven Striker Coat = Striker Unit Mag x9 Ideya Cell = nIghts Mag x5 A New Friend = Twin Sato Mag x2 Pandora's Box = Twin Wraith Mag x1 Dragon Tear = Coelum Mag x15 Other Mags: Sato Pricing: 20 PD or 4 Photon Tokens for MAGS THAT USE MAG CELLS. 10 PD or 2 Photon Tokens for SATO Other Important Info: IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN MAG CELL FOR THE CUSTOM MAG IT WILL BE REDUCED BY 1 TOKEN. SO INSTEAD OF 4 TOKENS, IT WILL BE 3 TOKENS FOR THE COMPLETED MAG. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY; PM ME ON THE FORUMS OR LOOK OUT FOR MY CHARACTER NAMES, NEBO, EITUR, BUMBLE.
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    I'm very excited to have found this server if some of the things I've heard about it are true. I played a FOnewm back when my GC copy of PSO 1&2 worked, and when I found Blue Burst through Ultima and later Ephinea, turns out DMC (damage cancel) is a thing and offensive magic, the entire reason I made a force character and the playstyle I enjoy the most on PSO, wasn't viable in muliplayer. This lead me down the path of the original game's balancing which resulted in a lot of frustrated nights, but the thought of going back to that playstyle here makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Because of that, I'm super excited to play here, and I hope I make a lot of friends during my time here.
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    Cant wait to check out this server! Thanks for having me.
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    Welcome Hunters! We at the Hunters Association are looking for friendly and active players to fill our ranks. Our main focus is to form a community of players that not only helps out our fellow compatriots but also to be a friendly and helpful face to all members on this great server. If this sounds like the type of environment you would like to be a part of feel free to let us know here or look for our team flag in-game! Happy hunting!
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    c'mon gal, not the present D:
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    You'll never guess what happened next...
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    found dark matter after this spawn also
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    can we have a dislike button pls?
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    I'm playing catch up here but here are some photos from the ongoing adventures of PSOs favourite FO: CLASSIC Hopkins OCD continues to be satisfied I found you, FAKER! Had to send a lot of Baranz to the scrap heap to get that banner @Shiva
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    Bump, changed into a little black market
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    I just noticed you are GM Now Congratulation Vel You have always been a very helpfull Kind and Friendly Person Im sure you will do great
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    Good luck with your upcoming Trades May you become rich:D I would have a sword of Despair with 95% Machine works as gizonde huney vol opt killer weapon If you want it pm me
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    Always nice to see new shop and trade lists Good luck Yuzu
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    need a good candidate for Arrest Needle.. hit/dark/native or abeast… hit and dark a must.. wug?
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    Guild Card:42000799 1dt=10pds=2token Weapons Armors/Others Wants dts token pds
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    This is a very cool feature, Magic! It's so nice to not have to run around checking everything, haha, I'll admit that's some of the fun but it really helps a ton.
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    Do you have .net framework installed? And running as admin?
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    World of Illusion should provide TP mats. It doesn't give defense or evade.
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    Welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
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    if you are interested in something, plz PM me. (日本語ok) 1st come 1st served. w/o price = no idea so feel free to ask 1DT = 10Photon Drops = 2Photon Tokens = 0.1 Photon Sphere Guild Card ID:42000915 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRADE LIST: WANTS: EXTRA WANTS: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hey! Welcome. I'm kind of new here my self, but I'll help as much as I can. The server accepts donations in the form of Bitcoin; so you can create a Bitcoin wallet, purchase a portion of a Bitcoin, and then donate that to the server. Getting it started is a bit of a process, and there is about $3 in fees but other than that it works pretty well. As far as best weapons goes, depends on what class and what you want from the weapon.
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    Happy Birthday Shiva, I wish you all the best in life may all your dreams come true <3
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    Destiny v0.6.18 Game We added a new feature: Scheduled happy hours. From now on, happy hours are not random anymore, but rather every 16 hours a happy hour starts automatically. This will make sure happy hours is fairly distributed between different time zones. You can see the time left until next happy hour by using the /hh command. Random happy hours may still occur in special occasions, though. The command /npc now tells you what skin you've selected. The /arrow command now uses the same color numbers as the /sectionid command. Fixed the adjectives in banners. Some adjectives were wrong, for example "player has found a A New Friend". Bugfixes Fixed an issue with the daily quest generator where the system sometimes picked battle training as daily. A bug has been fixed where certain mag colors weren’t able to be randomly picked. This affects mags received from crates and found in mines. Quests A new quest has been added to the game. We’re proud to present the biggest quest ever added to Destiny PSOBB: THE ETERNAL AGE! by @Orgodemirk The quest features randomly generated runs and boss fights, and ends in an epic final showdown in Seabed and Olga Flow. This new adventure is loaded with secrets, shortcuts, puzzles and a unique challenge for the bravest of hunters. We will reveal some of the things in the quest in about a week from now, so stay tuned, but for now, it’s up to the champions of Destiny to unravel its mysteries. The brand new quest can be found under Episode 2 / Destiny at the quest counter. The following quests are no longer eligible to be daily quest: Harmony of Despair 2 Today’s Rate Beyond the Veil The East Tower The West Tower The Phantastic Bazaar (lol) The following quests have been updated/fixed: Forest Offensive (Episode 1): Fixed crash when anyone other than red slot player attempted to receive rewards. Everyone can now properly get a reward from the machine. Max Attack S (Episode 2): Increased time after stage completion. Strange Sighting (Episode 1): Fixed issue with bank not being usable. Removed fixed camera angle. Endless Nightmare 4 (Episode 1): Changed a door that required 2 people to open. Now the quest should be doable solo. Path to Salvation (Episode 1): Changed it so everyone has to talk to quest giver to obtain meseta reward. Previously, when one player talked to the quest giver, it popped up a message for all players which could be annoying while tekking/banking. World of Illusion (Episode 2): Removed DFP and EVP mats. Changed the code to allow receiving mats even if you're 30/30 as long as you could hold more of the randomly chosen material. Random Attack Xrd Stage (Episode 2): Fixed issues with players getting stuck in Mountain area. Random Attack Xrd Stage (Episode 1): Fixed a small issue with it not clearing the correct area from the mainwarp. Items The following items now have descriptions: Armageddon Boondock Saints Celestial Fusion Combustion Cannon Death Cannon Death Reaper Dragon Sword Exterminator Frostbite Glide Divine S Glide Divine X Grave Digger Hell Striker Judgement Blade Kitetsu Mitsunari Oblivion Planet Eater Soul Biter Sword of Despair Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw Tormentor Twin Pallasch Taste of Affection Passion Haze Claw of Elements A new item has been added to the game: Soul Devourer! Take a look in the summer event 2019 topic or in the database for more information on this weapon. Changes are live. Huge thanks to our amazing staff team for making this all possible.
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    Hotfix #1: Fixed Soul Devourer Banner. Soul Devourer required ATP lowered from 1000 to 700. Hotfix #2: Fixed the bug related to the individual drops that caused the ship to crash. Interval between scheduled Happy Hours is lowered from 16 hours to 15:30 for a little more variation.