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    Hi all i wanna make a weekend mini event, With Free section id and x10 XP both are active now I hope you all enjoy
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    I let this run untill sunday 21 enjoy
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    Hello everyone I am new here, I have been playing pso since gamecube and before schthack got wiped. Nice to meet you :3
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    Flowers can be redeemd up untill one month after the event. I hope this will make things more clear about redeeming flowers.
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    Almost all mags have a specific linear evolution path that leads to having only 2 photon blasts. It doesn't happen because the third evolution isn't yielding a photon blast, but rather because the photon blast in question is the same as the one you received at the second evolution. You can view the specifics below. Changing class and section id before evolving to get the photon blast you need is often recommended. Force: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1238 Hunter: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1240 Ranger: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1241 As a sidenote, I'm not sure how many levels you raised on another character, but the evolutions starting at level 50 only trigger every level divisible by 5. In your case, only level 195 and 200 remains for evolution. Also, if you got a special evolution mag already, you're out of luck as they never evolve again regardless of stats/class/section id. Some of the special evolution mags include: Deva, Rukmin, Sato, Rati, Pushan, Bhima, Savitri, Dewari, Nidra and of course all of the mags you get using mag cells By the way, special evolution mags never receive photon blasts upon evolving. Edit: I just saw you have a sato which means the mag in question will sadly never receive a 3rd photon blast
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    Welcome^^ good ol' days of GC. I miss the Couch coop with split screen hehe 😁
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    Happy Birthday my sweetheart @Magictrick
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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay
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    By the way, I'll add this here as reference since it's not an obvious mag evolution behavior : Hopefully this information prevents people from messing up their mags.
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    Welcome to Destiny you have found the best PSOBB private Server enjoy and have lots of fun
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    XPBOOST 180 Enjoy folks
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    NEW VIDEO DAY Spotify pre save link is in the description
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    Looking to buy following items: PGF or Dark Bridge Rathalos Greatsword (any stats) got lots of DTs so if you‘re interessted in selling feel free to pm me
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    Hello all welcome to my Shop Weapons Armor's/Shields/Units Others Wants Most of the items dont have a price yet so feel free to offer. 1DT = 10 PDS = 2 TOKENS. If you are interested in something to buy or to trade or to sell one of the items i want PM me pls Thanks for looking
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    Please check PMs. Thanks!
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    I just changed Prices and New items have arrived. Private Message or Posting, either is fine.
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    Greetings. I am a new player who is trying to patch the game to no avail. Whenever the patching reaches the psobbw.exe file, at 99% the game gives me a 903 error. I have tried: -Reinstalling the game, twice. -Launching the exe directly -Using the launcher -Patching thru the "download patch" option -Patching by simply starting the game The files are whitelisted and allowed to pass thru windows firewall as well. I do not know what else to do or attempt. Thank you for your time.
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    I tried both methods and nothing worked. Every single time, the second the psobbw.exe file is updated, it 903´s me without fail at 99% I have even tried to uninstall my AV completely from my system and allow the game thru Windows Defender and did not work either. Finally, i have unboxed my old PC i no longer use, installed it there and it has worked and patched. Not sure why it refuses to install/update on my other machine but i guess it is no longer a problem. Cheers, though.
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    Can't remember if I've posted this before or not but I've been playing with sound on for the past couple of days and the title screen intro always reminds me of the start of this <3
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    Happy Holiday Hours to all the peoples! 180
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    Destiny PSOBB Time Attack! Wich duo team is the best ? This time attack is for teams of 2 players. The quest we do for this time attack: Brink Of Oblivion. Episode 4 Prizes First place TWIN CYCLONE (50Hit) M&A85 FURY (50Hit) MORTAL RUIN (50Hit) ( you can choose only 1 of these 3 items ) Second place BEHEMOTH ARMOR Third place S-RANK (with name and special of your choice) Consolidation prize: 2 Phantasmal Crates ( so everyone that participate gets a reward ) Rules Entries consist of a recording of your run uploaded on youtube with "Destiny PSOBB TA" included in the title. The quests are run in ultimate difficulty. It is not allowed to use special made custom weapons. No cheating, obviously. If you cheat in any way, not only will you get disqualified, you'll also get banned. No video editing. The entire run must be stock footage that's not tempered with. The time is counted from the moment you leave pioneer until the quest is finished. This includes turning it in at the respective NPC. You are not allowed to PB before the quest begins. You are not allowed to give Shifta/Deband befor the quest begins. You are not allowed to reduce your HP befor the quest begins. You can participate with one duo team (2 players), one entry only. You can't be in multiple teams at the same time, multiple submissions, even with different accounts, or the entire entry gets disqualified. If you reached a better time, edit your original post with the new video. Each player in the winning team gets a prize. Everyone in the team can choose an item from the list according to their place. (for example third place can only choose third place item) Event finishes friday October 19th 2018 06:00 PM GMT/UTC. Entries submitted after that exact date will be ignored. Winning teams will be contacted to pick up their prizes. Good luck everyone! Credit to @Shiva for the pretty picture!
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    Thanks for your input on this we made it diffrent now everyone that enters the event will get a reward changes are made in the main topic.
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    No the custom weapons that are special made for people can't be used in this event. You can not start the quest with shifta/deband or have low hp. It is only 50 hit. No as long 1 player of the run has the full video of the runs its fine. Hope everything is clear now.
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