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    Valentine's 2021! Love is in the air <3 Valentine's Chair Special thanks to @Shiva for an amazing valentine's chair and the lobby theme. Valentine's Crate Notes Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Flower Bouquets Flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet or to change a special from a weapon. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the whole event! Special Valentine hunt Wing's of Life "A set of holy wings that boost support techniques." This shield boosts Resta & Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Valentine's only, and may or may not return next year. Drops from Dark Falz: Pinkal, Redria, Oran. A special thanks to @Shiva for the pretty banner. Also a special thanks to @Magictrick for his work. Event will last for around 3 weeks. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's from Destiny!
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    All the Winners Collected there Prize. This is what they picked and rolled. Good job all and thanks thanks again for the Symbol chats you all made. 1st Place: @torico FINAL EGG BLASTER [0/0/0/0|57] (Rolled 57) 2nd Place: @HHawk4 SNOW QUEEN [0/0/0/0|90] (Rolled 90) 3rd Place: @R-78 YASMINKOV 9000M [0/0/0/0|91] (Rolled 91)
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    Hi! i received this yesterday, I don't use it, so I will give it to the person with the highest price. This auction over in 48hrs counting since this post was created. 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT Good luck! ※ Added at 2:00 pm on February 20th. Only PGF is accepted in 50DTs conversion (however, up to 1)
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    Hey all, Oke So we had to choose 3 winners first second and third place it was really hard they were all really good but we had to pick So we did. Here are the winners: 1st Place: @torico 2nd Place: @HHawk4 3th Place: @R-78 Congratulations you guys and girls. You all can sent me a pm and ill let you know which weapons are left. For all the others who participated i will open a pm with you all and there you can let me know when you have time to receive the 2 crates. Thank you all for participating the symbol chats were all amazing
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    Her name is Rem, She is Japanese cartoons character! It seems to raise chocolate for Valentine's day!!!
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    @R-78 no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cg lmao
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    Blowin' you a kiss and offering a flower in these trying times
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    I hope my feelings reach you ...
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    i made a symbol chat for person who is too nervous to ask someone on a date. let me know if it uploads wrong, and i'll try again
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    And I don't remember ANYTHING. I played on this server for while a little over a year ago, and it looks like most of my group, like myself, has stopped playing. But I'm back, and I have no idea what I'm doing. So if you see me around, and you need someone to wander around aimlessly near you and occasionally shoot things, I'm your guy. I'm always down for a hunt and I'm excited to be a member of the community again. In game toons: KillerBee, Athena, Izuku, and Terra
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    55 DT 74 PD 12 Photon Token 1 Photon Sphere Arctic Faust 0/0/100/100|80
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    Hi! i received this yesterday, lets see how much it worth. This auction over in 48hrs counting since this post was created. (Yes, i forget do it before. Thanks Mystery for remind me :D) 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT Good luck!
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    I call this one "Fat man holding heart"
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    For this Valentine's Day many hugs and hearts, so Zion wishes you.
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    Hi! I have a dark past I want to forget.
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    Hello, I am Auctioning 2nd Anniversary Wings Viridia Starting Bid is 20 Dts End of this Auction will be on march 7th at 1PM GMT
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    Sry to ask for help i m player from years back in dreamcast now i need your help pls
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    Thanks for the event Mystery and congratulations to the winners! any 80+ rolls ?
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    This event is now Closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. When we have the results we post them here.
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    1DT = 10PDs = 2PTs 10DTs= 1Photon Sphere Guild Card:42003592 Please PM me(日本語でも大丈夫です。) Sell list TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/0/40[15] 15PDs TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/30/0[25] 25PDs FROZEN SHOOTER [30/35/0/0|35] 8PDs FROZEN SHOOTER [20/0/0/0|35] 8PDs FROZEN SHOOTER [0/20/0/20|25] [untekked] 8PDs SKYFALL [0/0/0/0|0] 60PDs 3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE GALAXY [35/35/0/0|0]  20DTs STORMRENDER [0/0/0/30|0] [untekked] 10PDs SOUL DEVOURER [0/0/40/0|40]  15DTs TWIN CYCLONE [0/0/0/0|0]  40PDs -------------------------------------------------------------- ・ D-VIRUS ARMOR [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 15DTs D-VIRUS ARMOR[slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 15DTs -------------------------------------------------------------- ・ Centurion/Battle 5PDs Immortal/HP 15PDs Heavenly/Resist 10DTs --------------------------------------------------------------・ Dark matter 15DTs Dark matter 15DTs Photon Booster 30PDs Ideya Cell + A New Friend + Dragon Tear 10PDs TPmaterial *125set (as a set only) 15DTs TPmaterial *125set (as a set only) 15DTs wants PD / PT / DT
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    T>This for something else 90hitter
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    Hi! i received this yesterday, I don't use it, so I will give it to the person with the highest price. This auction over in 72hrs counting since this post was created. 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT 10dts as start bid. Good luck! ※ Only PGF is accepted in 50DTs conversion (however, up to 1)
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    Ok, the auction is over. Holbewone won! Thanks for participing.
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to.............. Special thanks to @Shiva for the Amazing banner. This will be a fun Valentine themed mini event. In this event you guys have to make a random Valentine Symbol chat in game. Make a screenshot from it and post it in this thread. Rules are very simple: Valentine theme only (so any Valentine related symbol chat is allowed). You can only post 1 symbol chat. You can update your symbol chat by editing your post. You can't post new ones. You can't edit after the end date. Everything edited after end date is disqualified. No inappropriate content. Have fun. If you are not keeping on the rules you will be disqualified and can't participate again. The best 3 Wins good prizes, Prizes will be: 1st Place: @torico FINAL EGG BLASTER [0/0/0/0|57] (Rolled 57) 2nd Place: @HHawk4 SNOW QUEEN [0/0/0/0|90] (Rolled 90) 3rd Place: @R-78 YASMINKOV 9000M [0/0/0/0|91] (Rolled 91) Prizes will be handed out differently. 1st place gets to pick any prize, 2nd place picks from the two prizes that are left, 3th place gets whatever isn't picked. This time its going to be different. All the prizes are 0 stats, However the winners can get hit on them, while in game i will hand out the prizes to the winners they can use the in game command /roll The number rolled with this command will be the amount of hit they receive on the weapon they won. For example: You rolled 65, you get 65 hit. Hope that's clear enough. Every one that participated in this event but didn't win will get 2 Phantasmal crates as a consolation prize. This event will end on Sunday 14TH of February at 12 PM server time GMT/UTC. I hope you guys have fun. Good luck.
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    I really need that for the cosplay of Rinoa *Final Fantasy VIII* This is my first event here in Destiny and is awesome all the content! I didn´t expected a new forest, and even less the love rappy instead the ladys
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    I'd like to know the end date for the auction . _.
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    Oké the poll is closed and almost everyone Chose this one, 1st place gets to pick any prize, 2nd place picks from the two prizes that are left, third place gets whatever isn't picked. So We will apply this one for this event. Enjoy and Good Luck.
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    PSO has been one of my favorite games for 20+ years now. My wife and I bought 2 Dreamcasts so we could play on Dialup internet access with 2 phone lines! Then later it was the Gamecube with a janky ethernet adapter that was super hard to find in the US. And then later on the PC. Before now, my most recent PC playtime was 2016 where I just ran my own server for my family. I am soooooooooooooo glad I decided NOT to run my own server this time and instead found DESTINY. I love the server configs and the custom content. There is so much cool stuff that you all have done here! A bit about me: I am a professional game developer with 30+ years in the business. My biggest accomplishment is inventing the F2P/microtransaction business model (if you hate it, sorry - it doesn't have to be lame and abusive. It can be done well and ethically!) - first on BBSes in 1991 and then in my first internet game, Threshold, that is still in operation today (dev began in 1993, open to public 1996). 2 years ago I also started teaching game design as a college professor and I've really loved it. My entire family are hardcode gamers. As a game dev I am really impressed by what you all have done here. Also, the community has been wonderful to me. I am really glad I found this place and made the decision to jump in here to play PSO this time! My characters currently: Cambios - HUmar Snarlax - HUcast Aloy - RAmarl Ultron - RAcast I will probably make some FO- characters and perhaps mules on a 2nd account. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!
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    Timeless groove 🤖🤖
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    disable/lower UAC in your windows and see if it fixes it. for example when you open a programm as admin your screen wont become dark and usually prevents the crashing.
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    The auction has ended. The winning bidder is Orgodemirk Congratulations!
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    1hr 30min to end. Go go go
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    10DTs on this to start this thread, gl and cg
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    Happy Birthday lekkere ding
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    afaik. maybe i missed some. feel free to add -Skyfall / Twin Cyclone / M&A85 Hury / Soul Devorer/Planet Eater/Frostbite -Passion Haze / Taste of Affection/Panzer Faust/FROM THE DEPTH -Aensland / Inferno Blade / Tormentor / Gush Needle -Photon Drop / Addslot / Photon Booster / Photon Sphere / D-Photon Core / TP material/Syncesta -Love Heart / Safety Heart / Rumbling May / Angel Ring / Dress Plate -A new Friend/Pandora's box/Heart of dark chao -Yas9k and 7k / R-Nov3 / TypeSH shot and Type SW J Sword / Sup Gun -Centurion/HP and Battle Heavenly/Resists Adept V801 -Psycho Wand / Lavis Blade / Black King Bar / Madam's parasol and umbrella / Tyrell's Parasol / Slicer of Fanatic / mercurius rod Red = 2020~ only
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    So the year is almost over. I’d like to apologize for the lack of content, events and the lack of my own involvement in general. This year has been rough for me and my family (as I’m sure it has been for many others). People always say real life comes first. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I’m honored that there’s still some of you who play regularly. For what it’s worth I haven’t given up on PSO. Neither has the rest of the staff. We still have many ideas and plans. I just don’t have as much free time as I used to have, and won’t have much time for the foreseeable future. Up until this year our events were a major aspect of Destiny and we held a pretty high standard for those. New items, custom enemies, server wide skins and themes, etc. Almost all events featured something new. This unfortunately has to change. Because I don’t have nearly enough free time as I used to have, I have to be very careful what to spend my time on. Seasonal events will still happen but they won’t be as extensive anymore as they used to be. Instead, it will be for the most part recycled content from the previous years. We feel our time is better spent fixing bugs, balance, and adding permanent content and features. This means I personally still won’t be around much. I’ll mostly be behind the scenes working on server improvements when I can. You will still get events, and we’ll try our best to start them on reasonable dates, but they will be mostly recycled content. There will be some new features to definitely look out for next year. But no ETA for anything yet. That all said, we did miss summer, halloween and anniversary this year. For that reason we came up with Triple Threat. A custom event that lasts around 3 weeks and includes elements from all three to finish off the year. Xmas starts right after. Read the post in the events section for more information. Thank you all so much for the support of this server. Magic