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  1. EASTER EVENT 2024

    <3 actually the change i was hoping for @Magic updates are like vine BOOM sounds. EPIC
  2. EASTER EVENT 2024

    Am i able to get a custom name before the flow???? i.e. `Divine Dark Flow`????? or does it have to match a known special?
  3. EASTER EVENT 2024

    i think this quest is very easy and cheesing the enemies is not required. people only do that when they lack gear. there are many viable strat to soloing / partying the quest. enemies require a little strategy.
  4. Show your screenshots

    Happy Valentines
  5. b> 40photon token 10dt

    10dts = 20pt
  6. Valentines Sneakpeek

    magic always appeases my ADHD in the best ways
  7. >Yamis > SHOP

    how much is RAMBLING MAY 0/0/70/60
  8. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    i agree this also happens to me when banking too quickly sometime~
  9. Destiny Reader Update!

    thankies Orgo as i been trying to recreate this for some time!
  10. Show your screenshots

    This is really Underrated screenshot! sick!
  11. Show your screenshots

    very good idea!~ can i build on this idea? @thanx
  12. Happy Bday Vapid <3 

  13. Show your screenshots

    you more than anyone deserve this GD! lol
  14. Destiny v0.69.420 (april fools)

    best post ever created
  15. SKINS

    Luis they change to the new one for the event if you use the launcher! you can mod over them and reput edited skins over the event if you want! just have to reapply the skin after event starts!