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  1. Destiny Reader Update!

    thankies Orgo as i been trying to recreate this for some time!
  2. Show your screenshots

    This is really Underrated screenshot! sick!
  3. Retro's wares

    i will sell you a Dvirus armor 100pd not PS
  4. Show your screenshots

    very good idea!~ can i build on this idea? @thanx
  5. Happy Bday Vapid <3 

  6. Show your screenshots

    you more than anyone deserve this GD! lol
  7. Destiny v0.69.420 (april fools)

    best post ever created
  8. SKINS

    Luis they change to the new one for the event if you use the launcher! you can mod over them and reput edited skins over the event if you want! just have to reapply the skin after event starts!
  9. Show your screenshots

  10. SNOW's Sell List

    TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [25/20/25/0|0] How much for this?
  11. Best Drops/ID's per Hunt

    Bump ~ Honestly
  12. Sort of new - Daily Quests?

    hey try typing /daily in game. should give you current daily here's a list of commands
  13. Cherry's Foundry (Currently Editing Slowly)

    updated! Added Mille Marteux 100hit
  14. Sell/Trade List

    How much for? BAT WING [def: 0 / evp: 0] *2 SPREAD NEEDLE [0/50/0/40|35]
  15. runashop

    Can i buy MOTHER GARB+ [slots: 4 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 1PDs