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  1. Max Stat Plans and Improvised Calculator

    Isso ai mesmo Retro, obrigado por responder! Mas, a primeira coisa que eu fiz foi upar o personagem até 200, sem materiais e nada, após segui os planos que o fórum traz (max calculator), porém observei que nem todos os itens estavam contando nos pontos base, o que acabava dando mais pontos em certos status do que outros, assim fui obrigado a refazer o uso de materiais após estar com todos os equipamentos que queria (,2nd anniversary wigs, Shadow cloack+30ATA and trap search more, v503,immortal battle and ability,V802. e por ultimo fazer o mag com o status necessário. That's right Retro, thanks for responding! But, the first thing I did was level the character up to 200, without materials or anything, after I followed the plans that the forum provides (max calculator), but I noticed that not all items were counting towards the base points, which ended up giving more points in certain statuses than others, so I was forced to reuse materials after having all the equipment I wanted (,2nd anniversary wigs, Shadow cloack+30ATA and trap search more, v503,immortal battle and ability,V802. and finally make the mag with the necessary status.
  2. Valentines Sneakpeek

    omg!!! love it!
  3. Now you can maximize Fomar in mst and add an immortal/abitilies, so he will have full stats.
  4. Radiants Trade list

    do you have V503 and last emperor yet?
  5. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    dvirus: sold!
  6. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    New item: Red Ring (min)
  7. SKINS

    Cherry! Great, because I really like server events and all their modifications, and it wouldn't change if what I changed remained fixed. thank you!
  8. SKINS

    Good afternoon everyone, a question here about game area skins. If I modify areas of the game with skins, when there are events on the server, will it change to the skin of the server for a given event, if any? or will it stay the one I modified?
  9. Show your screenshots

    uau, this skins @.@
  10. Show your screenshots

  11. Summer Event 2022

    I was going to return mine thinking it was broken, because I went to test it and my S/D was at 20, so Sloan told me about this tip hahaha.
  12. Show your screenshots

  13. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    Hi Vel, i take ARCTIC FAUST 50/0/40/0/50 / 20DTs
  14. Sell/Trade List

    how much for panzer faust?