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  1. Show your screenshots

  2. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    80 hiit? or 300? lol
  3. Item Combinations

    hahahah, Ah, Perhaps he is referring to HELLFIRE SHIELD
  4. Item Combinations

    seriously, does it exist? ah want to see, set out to hunt orb
  5. Item Combinations

  6. Item Combinations

    What armor is this? Giant beast Armor?
  7. Show your screenshots

  8. Max Stat Plans and Improvised Calculator

    HUNEWEARL MAX STATS PLAN TESTED. BABY MAG- 3/112/55/12 (If doing mag with 5 def, Try not increase def stats). UNITS - State/maintenace - Immortal/ability - immortal/battle ( 1 slot free) SHIELD - Red Ring / Raibow Shield* ARMOR - D-Virus Armor /Shadow Cloack/Genesis Armor/Archifiend Armor ( use shadow cloack to see traps, or d-virus to gain more in status all status) MATERIALS - using RR- 72 power material, 22 evade, 35 def , 15 luck, 2 mind. MATERIALS - using Rainbow - 72 power mat, 22 evade, 35 def, 18 luck, 8 mind. Pronto, ai está o status perfeito para este personagem. Nota: Se você somar os pontos de status do mag (baby ou não) notará que ele está no level 182 ou 184, o que isso quer dizer? que se por acaso você errar algum material (meno luck) você pode consertar no mag quando chegar ao level 200. Aqui o que você tem que respeitar é o uso é do luck material se você não usar nenhuma outra Immortal ou centurion/ability no slot disponível. ENGLISH Note: If you add the mag status points (baby or not) you will notice that he is at level 182 or 184, what does that mean? that if you happen to miss any material (less luck) you can fix it in the mag when you reach level 200. Here what you have to respect is the use of luck material if you don't use any other Immortal or centurion / ability in the slot available.
  9. Show your screenshots

    One run, Defend the main room, I love this server
  10. Show your screenshots

    inveja é feio kkkkk
  11. Show your screenshots

  12. Zion Shop Update(30/8/2020)

    BEM VINDOS, ao Zion Shop, fiquem a vontade para ver os itens e também comprá-los Welcome to my Shop, feel free to also and buy Come spend your pds, dts and tokens here, just what matters, for the price that matters GUNS/MECHGUNS/SHOT Devil's Arms - 0/0/0/40<45> - 10 pds GRAVE DIGGER - 0/40/40/40<0> - 10 pds Havoc Raygun - 25/0/0/45<50> 10 pds Charge Raygun - 30/0/0/35<55> - 18 pds DESERT EAGLE - 45/0/0/45<0> 5pds SABER/SWORD/DAGGER PLANET EATER+3 - (CLEAN) 3DT ARMOR/SHIELD PRIMAL NEXUS - (yes we have other) 10 dts or pts or pds PRIMAL NEXUS - 10 DTS MOTHER GARB+ - 2 slots-evp0/def0 - 15pds DYNASTY ARMOR - def 36/ evp 15 - 15pds GENESIS ARMOR - def 47/ evp 22 - 5 DTs MISC/UNITS/OTHERS Cryo Warhead - 10 DT V802 - 25 pds V502 - 5 pds Immortal/hp x4 - 20 pds MATERIALS Mind Material x 300 - 5:1 Power material x 50 - 5:1 Compre por dt , Pt and PDs.
  13. Free Section ID

    thanks for more time ^^
  14. Price guide

    PC>>>>KITETSU +13 [40/0/0/0|50]