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  1. Valentine Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    For this Valentine's Day many hugs and hearts, so Zion wishes you.
  2. Buri's Market

    MAn edit color of word i can read anything lol
  3. hello, new player here

    Hi Viridia, I do not think it will be unusual for help to upar, even because you will see that here is twice as hard, help is always welcome , hahahaha this initial difficulty may scare some players, I've had friends of mine who gave up for the difficulty, but they just wanted to play alone, well I prefer a full party, finally welcome and have fun. Ahh do not know what kind of class you like but, Recommend Ramarl, Hunewearl or Forces.
  4. Wade's Flea Market

    how much combustion cannon?
  5. XMAS Event 2020!

    It was my first Christmas event on the server, except for the Orb which was very depressing to get (and I got only one). IT WS VERY GOOD CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  6. sunagimo's Sell List

    i take Photon Booster, talk to Zion
  7. Show your screenshots

    you was use a Imortal/luck kkkkkk
  8. Zion Shop Update(26/12/2020)

    ok In 2 hours i will be on line.!
  9. Show your screenshots

    hahahahah omg i see this in Olga flow too hhahahah
  10. Show your screenshots

  11. Show your screenshots

    Xmas 40% hit, thank you Vikram!! for the stronger.
  12. Show your screenshots

    My first Orb, ty for event
  13. Price guide

    PRICE purplenum CARD, 40 HIT?
  14. Show your screenshots

    Yes! same room, V802 and D-Virus Armor , Zion the best hunt Ever...First room LSB. If i am Happy? nooooooooooooooooo I AM SUPER HAPPYYY
  15. Piv's List

    yes i dont know delete message u.u i am on line now