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  1. SKINS

    Cherry! Great, because I really like server events and all their modifications, and it wouldn't change if what I changed remained fixed. thank you!
  2. SKINS

    Good afternoon everyone, a question here about game area skins. If I modify areas of the game with skins, when there are events on the server, will it change to the skin of the server for a given event, if any? or will it stay the one I modified?
  3. Show your screenshots

    uau, this skins @[email protected]
  4. Show your screenshots

  5. Summer Event 2022

    I was going to return mine thinking it was broken, because I went to test it and my S/D was at 20, so Sloan told me about this tip hahaha.
  6. Show your screenshots

  7. Sell/Trade List

    how much for panzer faust?
  8. SHOP hayda

    how much hell striker 20 hit?
  9. Easter event delayed and some development news

    No problem, here in Brazil right after Easter we have a very fun party called ''Sao Joao'', with bonfires, flags, character clothes and typical foods, we celebrate this event on this date without any problems. I already know the party will be guaranteed!
  10. Show your screenshots

  11. Show your screenshots

  12. Price guide

    Price 4th Anniversary orb! ?
  13. 4th anniversary orb!

    price? 4th anniversary orb!
  14. Tro's Little List

    how much? Hell Arms 0/50/0/50 30hit
  15. Zion Shop Update (06/01/2023)

    hi sorry but i have just this PW- whatever for 15 pds or 3 pt. each. PSYCHO WAND [0/35/20/0|0]PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/20|0]PSYCHO WAND [40/0/0/0|0]PSYCHO WAND [0/25/0/0|0]