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  1. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    GC:42002874 NAme : Zion combustion cannon : 0/0/30/30/50
  2. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

    doesnt matter attributes, all cost 5 pds each, or 1 token if you want
  3. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

    with this status no more, but have this if you need! PSYCHO WAND [0/25/0/0|0]PSYCHO WAND [0/35/20/0|0]PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/20|0]PSYCHO WAND [40/0/0/0|0]
  4. B>Fo Gear

    I have somethings, primal Nexus, Psycho Wand, 3 Seals, Zu punishment, Glide and others
  5. hahaha omg sorry, I always think they are always selling hahahahah
  6. how much price XD!
  7. how much dark matter?
  8. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

  9. Thoughts on Orb of Illusions

    Hello my dear player, I understand this one, let's call it a better drop in the ORB OF ILLUSION, the PHANTASY STAR game on line, I would say it's a game beyond mathematics, I've done a lot of calculations too and came to a conclusion, useless . And I say that smiling, you know why? Because my friend got 2 orb in 2 days in a row, because I already got 3 primal nexus in 2 hours of game, because I got 2 D-virus Armor in an hour of game because I got 2 PGF in 2 Rt in a row. So I say today that the drop calculations with or without hh give you a drop basis, but I don't believe that they are exact. i just played it was where i most drank items hahahah. About your question '' why is the ORB OF ILLUSION so expensive and so rare? well what costs more in real life in similar items, let's go to a simple example CAR, any car takes you anywhere from any model, and manufacturer, but why does a FERRARI cost an absurd price, since it has the same functionality that a popular car? Simple STATUS, desire, greed, pure lust and pride, is that wrong? not after all that's what makes you play still in search of that desire to make a nefarius needle, evil aura, hellfire shield or a dark profoudness (I think that's the name lol). Finally, when I see that red aura in another player I get '' wow he has an evil aura '' I already checked it reduces my resistance and various statuses, but my D-virus armor is not as beautiful as he is and I want one yes because Evil Aura is the face of wealth hahaha. And don't worry, in the event you will make it, and if you want we will play to get one for you and then one for me because I still haven't got my evil aura hahahah. and I LOVE DMR. we can have fun on the weekend if you want. Zion always likes challenges! in the picture I got the v802 and the Dvirus armor in the same room in seconds hahaha and it wasn't HH
  10. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

  11. but, v802 drop in ep 1...and, what do you trade for v802?
  12. Valentine's 2021!

    Any changes from 10x Exp to go until the weekend?
  13. Valentine Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    For this Valentine's Day many hugs and hearts, so Zion wishes you.
  14. Buri's Market

    MAn edit color of word i can read anything lol
  15. hello, new player here

    Hi Viridia, I do not think it will be unusual for help to upar, even because you will see that here is twice as hard, help is always welcome , hahahaha this initial difficulty may scare some players, I've had friends of mine who gave up for the difficulty, but they just wanted to play alone, well I prefer a full party, finally welcome and have fun. Ahh do not know what kind of class you like but, Recommend Ramarl, Hunewearl or Forces.