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  1. Halloween Event 2017

    Got a present, ended up getting this:
  2. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Depends on the mag. Different mags have different feeding requirements.
  3. Assistance for a friend

    I can't do anything on my end but @Magictrickcan definitely help you out here. Also sorry it took so long for you to get some assistance.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    180 on HH
  5. Praise the Tekker for he is hard!

  6. How To Hunt Grinders

    You probably have some sort of awesome weapon that you need grinders for but can't get them due to them being picked up by someone else. Well there's an easy way to grind for them(pun intended)! You'll need a Blueful(Force suggested) that can handle itself on normal. Next you'll want to make a room on Ep 2. Then in the Quest list under Destiny, you'll find a quest named Dolomn Research. You'll want to do all of the Temple areas and look for Lilies and Hildebears. Regular mobs drop digrinders at 1/20 and rare mobs drop Trigrinders at 1/2. I suggest doing this on HH since it'll make it much easier. Enjoy your newly grinded weapons!
  7. Hoi

  8. Show your screenshots

    First banner of mine for this server. As per usual when I get good stuff, Kezia is in the room.
  9. Rocket Shop

    Well I'm ready to trade whenever.
  10. Rocket Shop

    How much for a hell striker?
  11. B>stuff

    Ah sorry I already bought one anyways, bumping this topic.
  12. B>stuff

    Kitetsu any stats Judgement blade any stats. Desert Eagle any stats hmu
  13. Suppose I should introduce myself.

    Probably both tbh
  14. A feminist has arrived

    If this is who I think it is, ily.
  15. What other games are you playing?

    Besides PSO, I play Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and whatever else I might feel like playing. I recently got a Xbox 360(10 years late to the party, I know), So I've been playing through GTA 4,5 and the stories for GTA 4. I'm a pretty big fan of FPS games, so I like to play through a few of my favorites every so often. Here's a few of my favorite games: Bioshock series Doom 1,2, and Final Doom Half Life 1 + 2 Starcraft: Brood War Diablo Series Halo 1 - 3 GTA: Vice City + 5 Shovel Knight Return to Castle Wolfenstein Quake 1 + 2 Any 3d Zelda besides Skyward Sword Any 2d Zelda besides Zelda 2 and the DS Zeldas