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  2. Music

    ^ Perturbator is awesome! Been on a real Periphery kick lately
  3. Show your screenshots

    The best thing about coming back after a break is remembering that you've already done most of the grind for a new char. Dipping my toe in the HU pool for the first time in years. Made a Hucassy and was messing around with stormrender and didn't pay attention to low health when dragon was landing :'L
  4. Music

    Still alive btw, Hope everyone is doing ok.
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  6. Happy bday buddy!

    1. Magictrick


      Thanks man <3

  7. Music

    Been revisiting BP Empire over the past day or so. Still one of my favourites <3
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  9. Old Newbie

    Ahoy hoy
  10. T> for typeDS/D.Saber

    I don't think TypeDS/D.SABER is obtainable here yet. It was a beach laughter reward for FO on Ultima but we're still missing ma2v2 to obtain heart of ID. I did a lot of these runs when I played there but unsure if that was a custom build or standard. I read the old GC reward was different.
  11. Converting Monster Parts Guidance

    Welcome! Since you said you're a GC player I thought I'd add that with Episode 4 you can use photon crystals to add up to 50 hit to enemy weapons as well. NDW wrote a pretty comprehensive guide here https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/how-to-convert-enemy-parts-to-weapons-and-add-hit.362/ Edit: I have this unlocked already. If anyone wants hit added and I'm around just give me a shout
  12. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    Yeah I guess the source image I used was darker. Realised when I went to get the video clip haha Also pay no attention to the ears
  13. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    Most of my ideas were let down by how limited the costumes are here. This is the best I could manage.
  14. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    This episode 1+2 guide was just posted to Reddit. Might help? https://archive.org/details/phantasystaronlineepisodeiiiversusstrategyguide/mode/2up