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  1. happy birthday jan! you old man c:

  2. Happy Birthday Jan enjoy your day and may all your wishes come true :D 


    1. Arashi


      Happy Birthday:)

  3. Music

  4. Music

    New single dropped on Friday. Had the launch party last night which was AWESOME Now that's all out the way I'll finally have some time to hunt next week
  5. Halloween 2018!

    Baranz scare each other with stories about me. Wouldn't be the same if I was hunting them ALL the time. They get there own special halloween event
  6. Music

    Looked out window of hunters guild and suddenly got this in my head
  7. Halloween 2018!

    ^ I'm sure he's fine :3
  8. Halloween 2018!

    Amazing as usual! Pretty busy until 10th but I'll be hunting like mad after that
  9. Phantasmal Crate findings?

    Only got a token today but Stormrender showed up on the list of possibilities :3
  10. Phantasmal Crate findings?

    I got a sword of despair eariler
  11. Just back from seeing this at the cinema.  English dub is hilarious.  Would recommend <3 


    1. Shiva


      son goku, ben 10 and google alltogether in one movie



  12. Show your screenshots

  13. Show your screenshots

    First run of daily since new crates came out Anniversary got me hit PF, PB and a bunch of tokens Tested it the only way I know how :3 Good times <3
  14. Spending Monday in a recording studio is much more fun that going to work <3