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  1. Deldepth Farming?

    Might be worth removing the GG stuff at the bottom of the post as well since those quests are gone now
  2. WTB Power Mats

    I can do 100 for 4 tokens if you still need them?
  3. Show your screenshots

    Hopkins went on the ultimate fetch quest for Claire to make up for all the weapons he lost before...
  4. Music

  5. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Sure. I'll be online in a couple of hours. Will fire you a message later.
  6. Show your screenshots

    Demon gets my vote
  7. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    175 left :3
  8. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  9. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Could one JaNs trash be another mans treasure? Finally updated
  10. Show your screenshots

    Not as shiny as Vels but I'll still take it
  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  12. Show your screenshots

    Deep Happy New Year from Rathalos! <3
  13. Music

    Can't remember if I've posted this before or not but I've been playing with sound on for the past couple of days and the title screen intro always reminds me of the start of this <3
  14. Show your screenshots

    ^ wow where was that luck when we were running BTV?
  15. XMAS 2018: Monster Hunter!

    Happy that my favourite forest BGM/theme is back