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  1. Halloween 2019!

    Great job as per usual. I really appreciate you not rushing out things if you're not 100% ready. Been dealing with a lot of stuff IRL too so looking forward to sinking some time into this when I can
  2. giphy.gif.cc2cfd4f7a6eeb8a60532fcf2c211120.gif


  3. Hey man Happy B-Day have a wonderful day, May all your dreams come true.
    With a lot of health and happy times.


  4. Show your screenshots

    You'll never guess what happened next...
  5. Music

    Andrew Huang is my current jam... so inspiring <3
  6. Show your screenshots

    I'm playing catch up here but here are some photos from the ongoing adventures of PSOs favourite FO: CLASSIC Hopkins OCD continues to be satisfied I found you, FAKER! Had to send a lot of Baranz to the scrap heap to get that banner @Shiva
  7. Mag cells

    I have a bunch of 0 def mags spare that you can have as well. Just give me a shout if you want them
  8. Destiny v0.6.18: The Eternal Age

    My hero <3
  9. Happy birthday lad!  I would have got you a cake but I assumed you're not a cannibal :P

    1. HHawk4


      thanks jan :D 

      i wouldve taken a cake but im for sure not a cannibal :P
      its the thought that counts though

  10. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Thanks for the trades guys
  11. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Shop updated
  12. Music

    Still the best cover/video ever imo <3
  13. Music

    NEW VIDEO DAY Spotify pre save link is in the description
  14. My mag won't learn a 3rd photon blast

    I've never encountered this myself but hopefully you're able to get it sorted. 3rd photon blast activates at level 50 every time afaik so you should have had them long before it was even able to become a Sato

    Now to figure out what specials to add...