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  1. Music

    NEW VIDEO DAY Spotify pre save link is in the description
  2. My mag won't learn a 3rd photon blast

    I've never encountered this myself but hopefully you're able to get it sorted. 3rd photon blast activates at level 50 every time afaik so you should have had them long before it was even able to become a Sato

    Now to figure out what specials to add...
  4. Music

  5. Ello? hiya

  6. Show your screenshots

    Everyone's favourite FO just reached full power
  7. Arashi's Trade List

    Can I grab that heart of chu chu off you when you're next on?
  8. Show your screenshots

    Hopkins got his first weapon over 80 hit
  9. Show your screenshots

    Maybe zerk on the arms? Also yeah heavenly resist is crate only atm iirc. You've been a busy little farmer haha
  10. Deldepth Farming?

    Might be worth removing the GG stuff at the bottom of the post as well since those quests are gone now
  11. WTB Power Mats

    I can do 100 for 4 tokens if you still need them?
  12. Show your screenshots

    Hopkins went on the ultimate fetch quest for Claire to make up for all the weapons he lost before...
  13. Music

  14. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Sure. I'll be online in a couple of hours. Will fire you a message later.
  15. Show your screenshots

    Demon gets my vote