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  1. Best man alive!

  2. Show your screenshots

    @NDW Can u Show a Picture of the new 2 "BannerItems" ?
  3. Windows XP Download Launcher

    Whats with Windows 1.0?
  4. Zwene the Ranger

    I Love you #Nohomo
    1. RedSniper


      So fcking epic my Friend Jesus Christ.... probably we have to wait for the Next season:c

    2. Junsui


      Yeah totally, ahaha!

      Thought to share the amazing art work, hope it gives off some inspiration and brightens your day young Hero! :)

    3. RedSniper


      Its super amazing ^^ Thanks man!

  5. Selling Some finds

    I want the 40 dark judgement blade Would give an 40 Native Combustion Cannon
  6. S/T> 45H Kitetsu(SOLD)

    Oke can you safe it for me?
  7. Zwene´s Shop

    Little (i dont want to see such words)....... Farming with out me
  8. S/T> 45H Kitetsu(SOLD)

    I can give you comcannon 0'd and a Grave digger
  9. close

    @Sab Oke Really then we have a deal!
  10. close

    I give you my Ninja Armor for DE
  11. Music

    Samy Deluxe is pretty good:D (when u understand his lyrics)
  12. Music

    My fav game song.. https://youtu.be/F9TrwqCsNMQ
  13. hi hi... im Luca ^,^

  14. T>Ps for Hunterstuff

    Hmm doesnt sound bad at all