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  1. Wade's Flea Market

    lets make 2 pds bro
  2. Wade's Flea Market

    I give you 3 pds for that Immortal Battle!
  3. Return of the sniper in red

    RedSniper lol
  4. Return of the sniper in red

    Hello guys its me, RedSniper Some people may know me, the most may not. Im a 21 year old pso enjoyer from germany (berlin) so my english isnt that good. I found my way back to the Server after 3 years (idk when the Server launched...) and hope to have a bomb time and find some players to play with. I like Pso, Food, gameing and @Hawk. Im really excited to play on this server again and looking forward to try all the new stuff. Have a good one guys Red Sniper
  5. Wow thats a nice list, it sure will help me as an returning player! Thank u for makeing it.
  6. Best man alive!

  7. Show your screenshots

    @NDW Can u Show a Picture of the new 2 "BannerItems" ?
  8. Windows XP Download Launcher

    Whats with Windows 1.0?
  9. Zwene the Ranger

    I Love you #Nohomo
    1. RedSniper


      So fcking epic my Friend Jesus Christ.... probably we have to wait for the Next season:c

    2. Junsui


      Yeah totally, ahaha!

      Thought to share the amazing art work, hope it gives off some inspiration and brightens your day young Hero! :)

    3. RedSniper


      Its super amazing ^^ Thanks man!

  10. Selling Some finds

    I want the 40 dark judgement blade Would give an 40 Native Combustion Cannon
  11. S/T> 45H Kitetsu(SOLD)

    Oke can you safe it for me?
  12. Zwene´s Shop

    Little (i dont want to see such words)....... Farming with out me
  13. S/T> 45H Kitetsu(SOLD)

    I can give you comcannon 0'd and a Grave digger
  14. close

    @Sab Oke Really then we have a deal!