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  1. Frequent game crashes

    Try window mode instead of fullscreen. Fullscreen mode will crash if you alt+tab or some background process such as windows notifications steals the focus of the window. Just be aware that there is also the possibility of crashing if you try to run softwares in admin mode with UAC turned on regardless of being in window mode or fullscreen. Error message is in Japanese, but your OS is not which is why it displays as gibberish.
  2. No Sound

    You probably don't have directx 9c installed. You can install from here (Make sure no game is running during installation). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109
  3. Legality of server

    Private servers are legal in general. The use and distribution of SEGA copyrighted content isn't. Meaning, you could be a 100% legal pso private server if you never hosted any client files and never used any of SEGA content including the use of quests, config files, etc. (Which means goodbye vanilla pso and users would have to grab the client files elsewhere of their own accord.) Both the users and the private servers are breaching the digital millenium copyright act by using and sharing SEGA's copyrighted content. That said, in alot of countries (Other than USA), law enforcement doesn't care too much about the downloading of said content, but rather care about those who share the content. Which means, the target of such laws is usually the server owners and never the users. It's also not very efficient to target random users when the company can just target a handful of servers. But these rules are slowly changing towards a more strict approach over time and nobody knows what the future holds 10 years ahead. You are dwelling on a greyline by playing on private servers in the same way you are playing retro games on emulators. I'll be honest. While it's technically possible for a private server to be 100% legal, I've never actually witnessed a private server that was truly legit. The software is sometimes legal, sometimes not. However, as soon as someone makes their own private servers, they need to host files/data for the players and it's not legal anymore. Even as far as psobb private server development goes, there's another factor to consider. To actually reverse engineer and add content to PSOBB nowadays, you don't really have a choice but to download and run the game in a non-legal way. This means the developers are also breaching the DMCA regardless of what people think. This can be different for older versions of PSO since the player actually purchased the game, but PSOBB has a EULA/Terms of service that was breached long ago.
  4. I need your help..

    There is your answer. As a student, it's also important you take care not only of your studies, but also of your health. How you'll go about fixing this is up to you. Do note that the daily caloric requirements go higher if you sleep less and/or don't sleep regardless of what you do with that time. Daily caloric intake is more important than controlling when and how often you eat. However, your body still has to digest the food before you can benefit from it, so it's generally recommended to space out meals whenever possible.
  5. I need your help..

    How much are you eating? If you're not eating enough or the right kind of food, it's a recipe for hypoglycemia which leads to insomnia. Also, don't try to stack a whole day's worth of food before bedtime just because you haven't eaten throughout the day. You may not notice at first because your body will be fueling off adrenaline. However, not sleeping enough eventually leads to hormonal imbalances and all sorts of related issues.
  6. My mag won't learn a 3rd photon blast

    By the way, I'll add this here as reference since it's not an obvious mag evolution behavior : Hopefully this information prevents people from messing up their mags.
  7. My mag won't learn a 3rd photon blast

    Almost all mags have a specific linear evolution path that leads to having only 2 photon blasts. It doesn't happen because the third evolution isn't yielding a photon blast, but rather because the photon blast in question is the same as the one you received at the second evolution. You can view the specifics below. Changing class and section id before evolving to get the photon blast you need is often recommended. Force: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1238 Hunter: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1240 Ranger: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1241 As a sidenote, I'm not sure how many levels you raised on another character, but the evolutions starting at level 50 only trigger every level divisible by 5. In your case, only level 195 and 200 remains for evolution. Also, if you got a special evolution mag already, you're out of luck as they never evolve again regardless of stats/class/section id. Some of the special evolution mags include: Deva, Rukmin, Sato, Rati, Pushan, Bhima, Savitri, Dewari, Nidra and of course all of the mags you get using mag cells By the way, special evolution mags never receive photon blasts upon evolving. Edit: I just saw you have a sato which means the mag in question will sadly never receive a 3rd photon blast
  8. We removed GuardianGirth's quests

    These quests were originally made by Lee and not GuardianGirth as far as I remember. Did he modify Lee's quests to add monsters or something? If so, there are two versions of the same quest around. Edit: So this is weird, but apparently GuardianGirth reused Lee's/sega's quests as a base to make his own and named them in a similar fashion. If what I gathered is correct, here's a small list including the ones mentioned. Lost Shock Gungnir - Lee Lost Riot Raygun - Lee Lost Devil's Scepter - Lee Lost Heart Breaker - GuardianGirth (Using Lee's code) Lost Chaos Calibur - GuardianGirth (Using Lee's code) Lost Master Blaster - GuardianGirth (Using Sega's code) Lost Son Hopkins - GuardianGirth (Using Sega's code) Apparently, Lost Shock Gungnir was accidentally removed even though it's Lee's quest. Probably a mistake and the one to be removed was meant to be Lost Heart Breaker.
  9. Disgusting Behavior

    I guess I'm not missing much by being away from the PSO community these days lol People are still bringing up the same old retarded statements. Just for your own fun, this was already discussed in the past and settled with Sodaboy (The one who made up the claims) as seen here which I'm sure people are ignoring on purpose.
  10. Server Q&A

    New enemies are unlikely to be added as part of the new difficulty. If some are ever added, it would be as part of an independant change. Tweaking enemy AI, giving enemies new skills or changing them slightly, increasing their stats a little, making them faster, increasing range on ranged attacks, making them more reactive (especially bosses), changing their skins are things that will be given thought. Now, of course, it doesn't mean all of them are going to be done for every monster on day one of release. Also, things still need to have consistency and not become impossible to go through. If you are going to give boomas laser beams alongside rocket barrages and gravity bombs, people are going to find that funny at first, but will start raging and ditch the new difficulty the next day lol
  11. Server Q&A

    If you mean the user ranks, you can find them at the bottom of the rules thread : https://playpso.net/forums/guidelines/
  12. Server Q&A

    About donations : Some people have been concerned about the donation system that the server offers. Remember that donations are purely optional and that all of the items you can donate to get can also be acquired at any time during the year. That's right, there are ways to increase the hit percentage on your weapons even without donations. As for the contribution money, it will be used for both server costs and to reward people who contributes to the server with their own free time. The donation system has been setup as an incentive for other people who would be willing to contribute regardless of if they are staff members or not. If you are a developer somewhere who made a really cool tool, feel free to show people around here. For more information about donations, please follow this url : https://playpso.net/forums/topic/37-qa/ About server balance : The game balance for this server has been axed towards endgame rather than the earlier difficulties. There's the possibility of adding a new difficulty to the game amongst other changes to provide a more challenging gameplay in the long run. We are still in the process of deciding how to go about it and I hope we can receive your feedback once the time comes. About new content : The server is still in its early phases, and while we had originally things planned in a specific order, I think it would be a good idea to receive feedback from the community. Thus, I will eventually host a poll in the development section of the forums to determine what kind of changes people want the most. About player X : This server will not ban a player under the premise he has done something in another community in the past. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem himself. Sometimes, people can have a bad day, we have all been through that. If that person is causing issues, said player will be dealt with in the same way as any other. About server commands : You can find the list of server commands available by following this url : https://playpso.net/forums/topic/53-commands/ About rules : The rules are available on the forums through this url : https://playpso.net/forums/guidelines/ About the procedure to contest a ban : If you are looking to contest a ban, please file a report to a GM via their inbox. If you can't contact them directly due to the ban itself, you can ask one of your friends to forward the report on your behalf (Make sure you include both your forum and game account names). For this report, you will be asked to provide enough information that proves you are either not guilty or that you reflected on what you did. If you don't take this introspection seriously, your ban appeal will be rejected. Additionally, if you have been banned for verbally abusing or ruining a player's experience, you will be asked to provide said player with a letter of apology which will be approved by the GM firsthand. If that letter is not deemed a will of good deed, your ban appeal will be rejected. The letter will then be forwarded to the victim assuming everything is in proper order. If a staff member is unsure about the credibility of your claims, your report may be double checked by other staff members. Other questions? If you have any questions regarding the server, feel free to ask them here.