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  1. Music

  2. Hi. New player :)

    Heya n‘ welcome ^^
  3. Show your screenshots

    The heck is Booma doing there?! Shouldn’t he/she/it be at work behind the bank counter? I guess that needs some serious talk.
  4. Music

  5. Show your screenshots

    More like TMNT
  6. Quality of Life Mods?

    Sorry, since they r part of the current event it’s not possible at this moment to revert it back until the event is over. if u replace the file in the data folder or delete it, it would just redownload itself. if it becomes to annoying I suggest u turn off the SE sound effects.
  7. Game constantly crashes

    try testing this one here: btw, what OS do u have? Also, u play in fullscreen or window mode?
  8. Game constantly crashes

    Only crashes when u r ingame? do u run a browser in the background? And if so, do u have a page like discord for example open which gives a sound everytime u get a message? Pso can be really weird with this kind of stuff
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  10. Music

  11. Item Combinations

  12. Happy birthday dude ^^

  13. Music

  14. Alles gute nachträglich Tantchen :) 

    Wie alt biste geworden?

    1. Shiva


      giphy.gif.ca0f690860bc06587e1d639fd14d8b69.gifwoah onkel, wie ists dir ergangen? :D