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  1. Music

    @JanenbaDMS your band should make a cover of this. it would fit perfectly
  2. Idk

  3. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    this one since the chart on psoworld has something wrong
  4. Show your screenshots

  5. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Sabers, guns and canes are the most common drops for any section id. if you are looking specifically for a partizan, the highest chance to find one is with the id blueful. next would be viridia or pinkal.
  6. Hello

    Heya^^🙌 enjoy your stay 🙌
  7. Show your screenshots

  8. Hi all CursorKing here

    Heya!! ^^ enjoy your stay
  9. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    nice for a better quality pic i suggest you press ingame the button "print" to take a screenshot. In the bmp folder will the screenshot be stored. this saves you the trouble to manually take a screenshot with a smartphone/camera^^
  10. Hello

  11. Halloween 2019!

    glad to see you back in action kicking gobooma butts
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  13. Music