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  1. Discord down? (Or am I banned?)

    Discord had some hickups and even crashes for some people recently.
  2. Music

  3. i stumbled upon your work again :D


    1. Arashi


      once an artist always an artist

    2. Shiva
  4. I Can't Play PSOBB

    its a false alert because destiny psobb uses custom code to run psobb. Also this thread is from last year...
  5. Accounts permanent?

    Nope, they wont get deleted
  6. Constant Disconnecting

    have you checked if your internet connection is stable? pso can be really sensitive with disconnections if you have no connection even for a short amount of time. also are the disconnections in specific areas or anywhere? do you use any skins or reshaders?
  7. Happy Birthday Shiva! 

  8. i wont to use OROTIAGITO

    you will need to advance government quests and beat at least quest 4-1 to unlock it
  9. First come, first served!

    second woof did i win?
  10. I Can't Play PSOBB

    whitelist the destiny PSOBB folder and then reinstall the game. your antivirus is removing the file due to a false alarm
  11. Guide to the Destiny quests?

    monster count is not up to date unfortunatelly.
  12. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    It drops from Gal Gryphon with Redria ID 1/64. When equipping the spread needle the option "use" on proof of sonic will be available. do that and spread needle transforms to arrest needle
  13. Muckbeast - Super Happy to be here!

    happy to have you here!
  14. Frequent game crashes

    disable/lower UAC in your windows and see if it fixes it. for example when you open a programm as admin your screen wont become dark and usually prevents the crashing.