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  1. Izsha's Trade List

    im online room arashi
  2. Izsha's Trade List

    3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE GALAXY [0/0/35/45|0] 30 DT i would like to buy that from you
  3. Virtuos in da House

    Hello and welcome to Destiny
  4. B>Things

    2nd Anniversary Wings* Valentine Wings Wings of Life 3rd Anniversary Blades Immortal/Battle DEAL WITH IT PM me
  5. Music

  6. B>Things

    D Virus Launcher x2 2nd Anniversary Wings* Valentine Wings Wings of Life *i´l pay lot´s of DT´s for it PM me
  7. Hello ! I'm Kalut !

    Hallo @Kalut, Welcome to Destiny. Enjoy your Stay. Looking forward playing with you.
  8. Let`s have some Fun (Symbol Chat Event)

    Hi Destiny Community A few sentences about the recently hosted Community Event by me. This Event was meant to be an alternative to the usual Ingame Hunts. Something that brings us some Joy and Fun in wich everyone can participate with no Skillcap or Item dependency. I heard your Concerns about possible ways of manipulation. And i acknowledge the flaws of the Rules that have been used in this Event. I will not retroactively take action to change any Prizes that have been already handed out. The Rules i picked somehow even incentivized People to go rouge and think outside the box. But i promise that any new Community Event hosted by me will have a better Rule Set & Protection against any possible manipulation. Especially no more ``Upvote decides Winner Rule`` I`m all in on Fairness and learned from the outcome on this Event. I`m still thankfull for all the People who did participate and i had Fun hosting this Event. And i`m also looking forward to our next Community Event (and trust me i will make more) I`m sorry for any inconvenience caused by it. Thank you for reading, Arashi
  9. Happy Birthday,  alles gute zum Geburtstag

  10. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Arashi


      Thanks you 

  11. Yoo happy birthday Arashi

    1. Arashi


      Thanks Buio

  12. going offline now, il be online in about 15 hours again.
    most people already got their prize the rest will follow later

  13. Let`s have some Fun (Symbol Chat Event)

    1. & 2. Nemesis and Avarea with 9 upvotes 3. Maxwell with 8 upvotes 4. & 5. Thanx and Ndoubleog with 7 upvotes We have multiple People with the same amount of upvotes for that reason we need to roll it out ingame, to decide who is winning each prize we let rng dice decide who comes in first and second beetween the two of you, same goes for 4th and 5th place.
  14. Let`s have some Fun (Symbol Chat Event)

    This Event ends in about 14 Hours !!!
  15. B>Things

    update D Virus Launcher x2 with good % 2nd Anniversary Wings FrostBite with good % and Hit % D-Photon Core Dragon Scale Glide Divine Three Seals 0 Def Mag