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  2. Deldepth Farming?

    Deldepth[Extermination] Phantasmal World #3,need to enter Seabed 2 nouthernmost room (31)[VR] Maximum Attack 4th Stage-B- (24) But imo The easiest and fastest way is 8-3 it takes about 3-4 minutes to kill 7 of them. After you have killed the first spawn in room 4 wich contains 3x Deldepth you /Lobby out and repeat. You can use Shadow Cloak for some traps on the way and Hell Weapons for Dolmolm and Domdarls and you will also face 4 blue Sinow's easy and efficient thats how i farm Grave Digger if i have to

    wow looks really nice thanks for your effort @Staffhappy grind @all
  4. Happy Birthday dear Thegmk:)

  5. Caverns of Gloom quest

    Episode 1 quest that runs through Caves 1, 2, and 3 and has 2 bosses (if you find all the secret things) Enemy Counts: Grass Assassin: 96 Poison Lily: 198 Nano Dragon: 105 Evil Shark: 166 Pal Shark: 150 Guil Shark: 140 Pofuilly Slime: 91 Pan Arms: 73 De Rol Le: 1 Dark Falz: 1 General Information about the quest: There is no time limit. The timer does not stop until you talk to the quest giver at the end or when beating Falz. The quest will take probably 1 to 2 hours depending on the team. This is my first quest, and only one created before Destiny, so it wasn't balanced around the unique changes this server has done, but everything is 100% possible to solo. You don't get to return to P2 in between De Rol Le and the rest of the quest at first. You will need to find all the secrets to get the secret area and 2nd ending. Rewards: Normal : 5000/50000 meseta Hard : 10000/100000 meseta Very hard : 15000/150000 meseta Ultimate : 20000/200000 meseta There are 2 quest endings which will determine which meseta reward you get. There are also some set pds, but they do not appear 100% of the time. There's not one for each player. Whoever gets there first, gets them. Change log: Fixed the bug in Caves 2 that could prevent completing the quest. for further information you could msg Orgo about this quest https://playpso.net/forums/messenger/compose/?to=61 or maybe he will response to your topic by his own
  6. Arashi's Trade List

    SALE IS OVER Price's back to normal
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
  8. Show your screenshots

    Maxed Final Egg Blaster with Racast + Behemoth + Batwing (Shifta 30 no Zalure)
  9. Arashi's Trade List

    lower price for items listed below til Sunday 3.Feb. ETERNAL NIGHT +95 [95/0/0/0|80] 175% 30DTsGRAVE DIGGER [50/40/0/0|80] 170% 25DTsDEATH CANNON +15 [0/0/0/100|60] 160% 15DTsCryo Warhead 30DTsBEHEMOTH ARMOR [slots: 4 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 7DTs soldImmortal/Battle 7DTs soldV503 3DTs soldState/Maintenance 4DTs sold ETERNAL NIGHT +95 [95/0/0/0|80] 175% 30DTs >> ALLGRAVE DIGGER [50/40/0/0|80] 170% 25DTs >> TOGETHERDEATH CANNON +15 [0/0/0/100|60] 160% 15DTs >> FORCryo Warhead 30DTs >> 80 DTS 2 Days left friendly reminder done
  10. Show your screenshots

    Yeah look Shiva and his friends in Action
  11. Arashi's Trade List

    Update i will lower the price for items listed below til Sunday 3.Feb. ETERNAL NIGHT +95 [95/0/0/0|80] 175% 30DTs GRAVE DIGGER [50/40/0/0|80] 170% 25DTs DEATH CANNON +15 [0/0/0/100|60] 160% 15DTs Cryo Warhead 30DTs BAT WING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 7DTs SOLD BEHEMOTH ARMOR [slots: 4 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 7DTs Immortal/Battle 7DTs V503 3DTs State/Maintenance 4DTs done
  12. B>Triple 50 Handgun
    B>Armageddon 0,0,xx,xx,xx
    B>Final Egg Blaster native Dark 50 hit

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  14. Arashi's Trade List

    update prize etc RATHALOS GREATSWORD [20/30/30/0|0] 80% 250PDETERNAL NIGHT +95 [95/0/0/0|80] 175% 450PD DEATH CANNON +15 [0/0/0/100|60] 160% 250PDGRAVE DIGGER [50/40/0/0|80] 170% 350PD CHRISTMAS SPIRIT [45/0/0/40|80] 165% 450PD YASMINKOV 9000M [Charge] [0/25/0/0|80] 350PD TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/0/25|80] 350PD Cryo Warhead 500PD BAT WING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 100PD Photon Token x287 25 TOKENS = 10DTS