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  1. Music

  2. I just noticed you are GM Now

    Congratulation Vel

    You have always been a very helpfull Kind and Friendly Person

    Im sure you will do great

    1. VEL


      thanks a lot, arashi :)

      i'll do my best and i hope you to enjoy here again as well :D

    2. Arashi


      Il be back for sure but atm i cant play 

      Looking forward to play with you again

  3. Destiny v0.6.18: The Eternal Age

    Amazing cant wait to play The new quest. Thanks a lot for all that Work and time you did invest. Kudos 2 u
  4. Spongebob's Bikini Bottom Bazaar

    Good luck with your upcoming Trades May you become rich:D I would have a sword of Despair with 95% Machine works as gizonde huney vol opt killer weapon If you want it pm me
  5. yuzushop

    Always nice to see new shop and trade lists Good luck Yuzu
  6. Summer Event 2019!

    [email protected] for your continuing Support and passion you provide with each and every Event. Destiny is Love Destiny is Life
  7. Nice to meet you i yuzu

    Welcome Yuzu
  8. Hello Everyone

    Salut Enjoy your stay
  9. I'm Steel

    Hi and welcome
  10. I wish all Destiny Mommy's an happy Mother's Day

  11. Happy Mother's Day hope you will be celebrated like a Queen today :D
    I wish you a wonderfull day Sabrina <3


    1. Sabrina


      Thank you verry much man :D 



    1. Arashi


      Thank you Sabrina <3

  13. Arashi's Trade List

    update please lock/close this tradelist thansk in advance
  14. Destiny v0.6.17

    ok today i did a test run with my maxed Last Emperor solo BTV dmg is still good but you did underestimate the now drastically increase of TP consumption dmg was nerfed by about 40ish% but the TP Special cost is still the same, this way it feels like a double nerf i would consider to lower the TP cost for special by also 40% just my 2cents for Last Trifluid ehm Emperor