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  1. Halloween Event Update

    Woot thank you been waiting for this event

    I would like tomgive props to my boi he made a very good mag and in the fast time I have seen if you need one stop buy his shop
  3. topu's Trade List

    D-VIRUS LAUNCHER [0/30/20/0|0] 10DTs SKYFALL 7DTs HEAVEN STRIKER [70/0/0/0|70] 20DTs GRAVE DIGGER [0/0/0/0 |20] 40PDs GLIDE DIVINE 20PDs GLIDE DIVINE S 20PDs wouod like these pls
  4. Buying techs/Heavenly/Technique

    Need all techs between 27 to 29 or Heavenly/Technique post or pm me if you have thank you
  5. Nuke force

    Yes it does thank you for giving me more to look up. It was a realy big help never played for nuker before this is the only sever were you can
  6. Nuke force

    I was reading the char guide and see the mag I need but i did not say where to put the mats for the fonewman build. This will be my first nuke force and I want to get all I can out of it I missed something tells me and I will go back and read it again
  7. Windowed vs full screen

    Ya it seems a bit better ty
  8. Windowed vs full screen

    Thank you I will try that out
  9. Guren's Trade List

    Will buy if you still have Immortal/battle 10DTs
  10. Windowed vs full screen

    I have a some what weak laptop it has a Celeron n3046 dual core in it with Intel 400 GC I was wanting to know if they game works better windowed or full screen I have not run seabed let wich most peeps get lag on just want to ask to see what everyone is using
  11. Trade List!

    HELLION SWORD [Spirit] [0/0/0/15|35] how much for it
  12. Halloween Event Update

    I would like to know all so pls . I know it's going to be good
  13. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Ok cool ya I am more in to fomarl she been my girl since Dreamcast I may lose 💯 atp but I think she has better animation on most weps
  14. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    I made a force Newman to be my caster and got him a meele mag just in case if I need to use a weps. But what I want to ask is what force is best to be used a battle I thought it was fomarl but I am hereing fomar all so any help with this would be great like why pick one over the other Thank you
  15. Happy birthday 🎈🎂🎉 I hope you day and the rest of your year are great