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  1. Zion Shop Update(24/01/2022)

    Ill take PSYCHO WAND [0/35/20/0|0] for 3 PT please mail me if you are going online. thanks
  2. Closed

    Hi im buying these please Zonde LV29 2PDsRazonde LV29 2PDsRabarta LV29 disk 2PDs thanks
  3. Zion Shop Update(24/01/2022)

    Hi how much do you sell this? PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/35|0] Thanks
  4. Zion Shop Update(24/01/2022)

    i am online now, if you are ready, i will make a room for you
  5. Max shop

    yes, just bought the disc, but still interested in combustion cannon, if you are okay with PT payment
  6. SNOW's Sell List

    Hi id like to buy lv 20 tech (Shifta Deband Jellen Zalure Resta) please
  7. Zion Shop Update(24/01/2022)

    Hi, how much for these in PT? Centurion Power GRAVE DIGGER [0/55/0/30|0] Thanks
  8. Trade List!

    coming. just checked in at work, will make time to log in
  9. Trade List!

    Hi i'd like to buy these items in PT Centurion/Battle: 2 PT DEATH REAPER [30/0/40/0|0] 1 PT thanks
  10. Max shop

    and I want to buy lv 20 Shifta and Deband also.
  11. Max shop

    hi do you accept 4 PT for this? COMBUSTION CANNON [0/25/40/40|0] 2DTS Thanks
  12. Trade List!

    Hi there, is it possible for me to buy hallowed garment and haunted helm for 2 PD total? i have 1 luck mats also. just starting psobb from scratch, thats all i have now. thanks