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  1. Izsha's Trade List

    Okay, that will be 11pm at my time. Will try my best to be online at that time
  2. Izsha's Trade List

    Great! I happen to be offline atm, if i may ask, what time usually you are online ? My time zone is GMT+7
  3. Izsha's Trade List

    Hi im interested with: Celestial Fusion. Zu Punishment Skyfall Are these still available for trade?
  4. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    Ill take PSYCHO WAND [0/35/20/0|0] for 3 PT please mail me if you are going online. thanks
  5. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    Hi how much do you sell this? PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/35|0] Thanks
  6. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    i am online now, if you are ready, i will make a room for you
  7. SNOW's Sell List

    Hi id like to buy lv 20 tech (Shifta Deband Jellen Zalure Resta) please
  8. Zion Shop Update (14/04/2023)

    Hi, how much for these in PT? Centurion Power GRAVE DIGGER [0/55/0/30|0] Thanks
  9. Trade List!

    coming. just checked in at work, will make time to log in
  10. Trade List!

    Hi i'd like to buy these items in PT Centurion/Battle: 2 PT DEATH REAPER [30/0/40/0|0] 1 PT thanks
  11. Trade List!

    Hi there, is it possible for me to buy hallowed garment and haunted helm for 2 PD total? i have 1 luck mats also. just starting psobb from scratch, thats all i have now. thanks