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Found 3 results

  1. Halloween 2018!

    Halloween 2018! Happy Halloween! We're proud to present Destiny's second halloween event. Halloween Theme A super awesome halloween theme is active throughout Ragol during the event. Credits: Graphics, areas, HUD, etc. by @Shiva Music and sound by @Shiva & @Rsnemesis Special Phantastic Bazaar activities @Orgodemirk Hallo Rappies Obviously the Hallo Rappies are back, dropping Jack-O'-Lanterns that contain various mag cells. x10 XP For the entire event! Trick or Treat throughout Ragol You can now go ahead and trick or treat the monsters in ragol. Actually by trick or treat we mean kill them. But they do sometimes drop treats in the form of presents! 3 Different presents exist. They come wrapped Are limited edition (only obtainable for the next 4 weeks) One of the presents is a weapon, and it comes tekked with a random tier 4 special Presents drop the same way as crates, individually No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present. Note that it's not allowed to farm presents with multiple accounts at the same time. Get S-ranks Once you collected a bunch of jack-o'-lanterns, you have the chance to trade 25 of them for an s-rank weapon (no special) with a GM. Redeeming s-ranks starts when the event ends. Like last year, the Headless Horseman has returned! but this time around, he invited an infamous friend: The Grim Reaper! Find the Headless Horseman in episode 1 ruins. Find the Grim Reaper in episode 2 tower. These monsters are more powerful than regular ragol residents, and there's a high chance you'll meet death (lol), so you better bring some friends. However, to make the pain and suffering worthwhile, they both drop some brand new items: ANCIENT PROPHECY "An ancient double saber said to have the power to weaken enemies around it." Special: Lv 17 Zalure. Class: Ramar, Ramarl, Racast, Racaseal, Humar, Hunewearl, Hucast, Hucaseal LAST EMPEROR "An ultimate double claw powered by mental strength. Its special attack uses TP to blast enemies." Special: Uses 40TP to launch a special blast that hits enemies in front of the wielder. Class: Ramar, Ramarl, Humar, Hunewearl, Fomar, Fomarl, Fonewm, Fonewearl BAT WING (LIMITED EDITION) "A pair of mysterious wings. Its strange powers boost certain techniques." This shield boosts Jellen & Zalure range by 100%, and ATP by 60. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Halloween only, and may or may not return next year. For more information about these items check playpso.net/database. And last but not least: Here's an awesome halloween themed fomar skin by @shadie! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8k0ztqkvbq39y6v/Mercurials_FOmar.rar HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Event will approximately end about 4 weeks from now. Credit to shiva for the awesome picture!!! And a special mention to @Sabrina for the countless hours testing our stuff. Enjoy!
  2. Summer Event 2018: Robotnik’s Plan B

    DESTINY PSOBB SUMMER EVENT 2018 Summer Time! Summer theme A special summer theme, including the most awesome Seabed you’ve ever seen, made by @Shiva ™ ×10 XP & Free Section ID For the duration of the event. To change your section ID, use the /sectionid command in-game. Remember to change it back on time though! Summer Presents & Photon Tokens Special presents are dropping randomly from any monster and contain a random item, including 3 LIMITED EDITION summer items. Possible contents: Galatine Phoenix Claw Laconium Axe Girasole Baranz Launcher Rainbow Baton De Rol Le Shield ??? Limited Edition Summer Gun ??? Limited Edition Summer Partisan ??? Limited Edition Summer Shield Photon Tokens are dropping randomly from any monster in the game. Photon Tokens can be used in the Phantastic Bazaar quest to add hit on your weapons. Find the quest in Episode 2 / Shop. Rules: Present weapons now come automatically tekked to +10%. Presents and tokens drop the same way as crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present or token. It's not allowed to farm presents or photon tokens with multiple accounts at the same time. Feel free to post pics in this thread once you find the surprise items Rates: Present rates: Photon Token rates: Dr. Robotnik's Plan B The infamous mad scientist Dr. Robotnik has invaded Seabed, and is once again trying to take over the world. It’s up to you to protect the “friendly” creatures of Ragol and stop dr. Eggman. Destiny PSOBB presents to you the FIRST EVER custom monster in PSOBB: Dr. Robotnik! Modeling & Texturing by @Shiva Monster AI by @Magictrick NEW ITEMS Dr. Robotnik's Plan B "Eggman's super secret plans. They appear to be blueprints for some kind of weapon." Can be used to transform Egg Blaster into Final Egg Blaster. Drops from Ultimate Dr. Robotnik on all ids. V503 "This unit increases the success rate of special attacks. In addition, raises ATA for Hunters and Forces using ranged attacks." v501: Freeze, Paralyze, Confuse, Hell +50% v502: Freeze, Paralyze, Confuse +50% and Hell +100% v503: Freeze, Paralyze, Confuse, Hell +100% plus built in smartlink Drops from Ultimate Goran Detonator on Pinkal, Redria, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill Final Egg Blaster "A prototype secret weapon built by dr. Robotnik to destroy the world. Its power is awakened when its owner is in danger." Obtained by combining a "Dr. Robotnik's Plan B" with an "Egg blaster". Egg blaster is made by combining a "Parts of Egg Blaster" with a fully grinded handgun series weapon. Stormrender "A legendary wind lance. Its special attack sacrifices a small amount of HP to summon a concentrated blast that damages nearby enemies." Drops from Episode 1 Ultimate Dark Bringer on Viridia, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenum Mortal Ruin "Ultimate energy blades from another dimension. Its special attack fires two death balls." Drops from Episode 2 Olga Flow on Greenill, Bluefull, Pinkal, Whitill Event is live. Enjoy and Happy Summer from Destiny!

    DESTINY PSOBB EASTER EVENT 2018 Happy Easter folks! Easter theme A super awesome easter theme throughout Ragol, made by @Shiva ™ Egg Rappies Of course the Egg Rappies are back, dropping Easter Eggs that contain various mag cells. Find the Rappies in Episode 2 Temple. D-Virus A super hazardous D-Factor Virus has escaped from dr. Osto's lab! This time, the virus spread all the way to mines, infecting the Baranz and empowering their abilities. Destiny PSOBB introduces the extremely powerful D-Virus Baranz! Do you have what it takes to get the situation under control?! D-Virus Armor "Armor enhanced with a D-Factor virus. The virus empowers your abilities, increasing attack speed and defensive power." DFP: 600 EVP: 200 EFR: 32 ETH: 32 EIC: 32 EDK: 32 ELT: 32 Required Level: 200 Boosts attack speed by 70% Drops from: D-Virus Baranz / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate Behemoth Armor "We’ve updated this armor with a brand new aura, and increased its power, as suggested by @Orgodemirk. To celebrate this, Behemoth Armor can now temporarily be hunted for the duration of the event." DFP: 340 EVP: 340 EFR: 32 ETH: 32 EIC: 32 EDK: 41 32 ELT: 41 32 Required Level: 200 Boosts ATP by 50 30 Drops from: D-Virus Baranz / Episode 2 Spaceship / Ultimate Ring of Fire "A protective ring of fire. The fire instantly melts any freeze effects." DFP: 300-400 EVP: 180-220 EFR: 50 ETH: 20 EIC: 20 EDK: 20 ELT: 20 Required Level: 160 Built in cure/freeze Drops from: Vol Opt / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate Shadow Cloak "The smoke exposes hidden traps. Also increases ATA by 20." DFP: 160 EVP: 240 EFR: 24 ETH: 24 EIC: 24 EDK: 30 ELT: 30 Required Level: 160 Built in trap/search Boosts ATA by 20 Drops from: Gal Gryphon / Episode 2 CCA / Ultimate Zu's Punishment "A mysterious cane created from the head of a Zu. Its special attack launches 3 fireballs." ATP: 465 ATA: 60 Required MST: 1100 Tech Boosts: foie 60%, gifoie 50%, rafoie 40% Special: Launches 3 level 16 foie forward. The foies benefit fully from tech boosts, making each one around 80% as effective as a single foie. Skin by @Shiva Code by @Magictrick Drops from: Shambertin / Episode 4 / Ultimate x10 XP in weekends The event lasts for around 4 weeks. x10 XP is active in the weekends. ENJOY!!! Note: We closely monitor the balance of our items. For this reason we can alter any shown stats in the future with or without indication. We also know the item stats and available information is a little messy right now, all over the place or outdated. We’re working hard on a solution so that our players can view and compare all item information in a single place. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more updates!!