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  1. thank you so much for the event, sab!!

    amirite? :^)
  3. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    new stuff!!! TASTE OF AFFECTION [0/40/30/0|40] 110% YASMINKOV 7000V [Hell] [40/75/0/0|40] 155% YASMINKOV 7000V [Hell] [60/0/0/70|80] 210% TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/40/0/0|20] TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/0/60/70|70] 200% TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/70/0/80|70] 220% TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/0/40|40] still lookin' for PGF/DF!
  4. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    Welcome to my shop! Everything has been Booma approved! SWORD/DAGGER/CLAW/PARTISAN/SLICER/DOUBLE SABER WEAPONS HANDGUN/RIFLE/MECHGUN/SHOT/NEEDLE WEAPONS CANE/ROD/WAND/CARD WEAPONS ARMOR/SHIELDS/UNITS MAGS/MAG CELLS/ANIMAL PARTS/Etc. WANTS: PDs, PTs, Dark Flow, PGF (for these two i can offer PDs, PTs, DTs, PS'). PM me if you are interested in anything!

    thank you all for the event! it was so much fun :DD <3
  6. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    small bump with new stuff! PASSION HAZE [0/60/60/60|0] 180% AENSLAND [0/0/0/0|50] SUBZERO +2 [0/0/40/0|35] BLACK KING BAR [50/0/0/60|40] 130% M&A85 FURY [0/80/0/0|0] more coming soon! still looking for PGF/DF.
  7. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    thank you! i know yours has been out for a while but i wish you luck too
  8. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

  9. Ello? hiya

  10. S>4 Adepts. 15 pds each

  11. Show your screenshots

    some decent stuff that ive found hunting WoL im gonna max this at some point and use it as a beat stick and a decent solo TTF time imo could've been 10-20 seconds faster but i messed up just a tad on spinner stage
  12. Show your screenshots

    yeah ive been farming for what i missed out on during xmas event xP and zerk doesnt seem half bad bc of the stats on it too. hmm youre right shiva, brb
  13. List of Valentine Crate

    mercurius rod also drops from it!
  14. Show your screenshots

    daily crate finds again should i add hell? or somethin else? not too sure when ill ever use this lol to go with my passion hazes (not too sure if this is rare?) (3 spheres, 28 addslots, 2 photon boosters, and like 80 pds so far) (110 flower bouquets so far lol)
  15. Show your screenshots

  16. Show your screenshots

    this is my 2nd day of loot so far, and hoLY MOLY (these are from the 16th just posting them now bc i forgot to yesterday)
  17. Show your screenshots

    of course i get this right after i use 80 tokens on my CF D: @Orgodemirk
  18. Show your screenshots

    was it shiva?
  19. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180, gl lads
  20. Show your screenshots

    !!! happy new year lads, got a good thing. my first one here, and probably my last one bc i hate doing RT lolol.
  21. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 179, enjoy!
  22. Show your screenshots

    i know right D:
  23. Show your screenshots

    my random item luck is,,,, interesting to say the least lmfao.
  24. Show your screenshots

    the first rathalos greatsword o::: (thanks to sab, magic and orgo xP )
  25. Show your screenshots

    how could you do this to us, simple hunters. D: