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  1. Mini event puzzle

    thank you arashi!
  2. Mini event puzzle

    theres a button when making a post and you press it to make your post a spoiler
  3. Show your screenshots

    wew lads
  4. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    This is a very cool feature, Magic! It's so nice to not have to run around checking everything, haha, I'll admit that's some of the fun but it really helps a ton.
  5. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 175!
  6. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 137
  7. Show your screenshots

    ive done it w/ 4 FOs before
  8. Happy (belated) birthday shiva! we wont blame you for this week :D 

    1. Shiva



  9. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180!
  10. Show your screenshots

    c'mon gal, not the present D:
  11. B>80 Power Materials for 16 PDs

  12. Show your screenshots

    he kept it safe?
  13. Show your screenshots

  14. Little mini event puzzle

    oh LOL I didnt even notice i did totormentor D: woo! this was really fun sab, and whoever else helped! thanks for doing it!
  15. Little mini event puzzle

  16. thank you so much for the event, sab!!

    amirite? :^)
  18. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    new stuff!!! TASTE OF AFFECTION [0/40/30/0|40] 110% YASMINKOV 7000V [Hell] [40/75/0/0|40] 155% YASMINKOV 7000V [Hell] [60/0/0/70|80] 210% TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/40/0/0|20] TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/0/60/70|70] 200% TypeSH/SHOT +60 [Hell] [0/70/0/80|70] 220% TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/0/40|40] still lookin' for PGF/DF!
  19. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    Welcome to my shop! Everything has been Booma approved! SWORD/DAGGER/CLAW/PARTISAN/SLICER/DOUBLE SABER WEAPONS HANDGUN/RIFLE/MECHGUN/SHOT/NEEDLE WEAPONS CANE/ROD/WAND/CARD WEAPONS ARMOR/SHIELDS/UNITS MAGS/MAG CELLS/ANIMAL PARTS/Etc. WANTS: PDs, PTs, Dark Flow, PGF (for these two i can offer PDs, PTs, DTs, PS'). PM me if you are interested in anything!

    thank you all for the event! it was so much fun :DD <3
  21. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    small bump with new stuff! PASSION HAZE [0/60/60/60|0] 180% AENSLAND [0/0/0/0|50] SUBZERO +2 [0/0/40/0|35] BLACK KING BAR [50/0/0/60|40] 130% M&A85 FURY [0/80/0/0|0] more coming soon! still looking for PGF/DF.
  22. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    thank you! i know yours has been out for a while but i wish you luck too
  23. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

  24. Ello? hiya