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  1. Price guide

    How much cost one mortal ruin?
  2. Sab's Shop

    not interested in buying ethereal armor?
  3. Xhask shop

    price to be agreed later!
  4. Xhask shop

    Tormento 0/0/0/0/10 Exterminator 0/30/0/20 Grave dagger 40/0/40/0 D-virus launcher 0/0/30/0 Egg Blaster 0/0/0/0 2x Heaven Striker 35/40/40/0...25/25/30/0 Madam's Umbrella 35/0/0/0/35 Handgun Milla 0/20/0/0/40 Last Swan 0/0/0/0/30 Frozen shooter 15/0/0/0/35 Mille Marteaux 0/0/20/0/30 Judgement Blade 35/0/0/0 Cannon rouge 0/0/0/30/35 Mitsunari 0/30/0/0 3x Mother grab+ X-parts ver 3.10 Ring of fire Three seal 2x V802 2x Cent/Power Cent/mind Cent/body Immortal/mind 4x A New friend 3x dragon teat Jellen, shifta and deband 20.
  5. Buy reflex gear

    Buy reflex gear
  6. buy immortal / ability!

    buy 2 immortal / ability!
  7. exchange of id!

    Mudei a identificação do meu personagem, mas o que eu digitei não ficou. Eu usei o comando para obter oran e só estava indo para viridia. Nenhuma outra identificação é alterada, apenas para virídios. Pode me ajudar?