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  1. Looking for a high stat Red Ringo
  2. Price guide

    Hey all! Could I please have a price check on Grinders (per +10) D Virus Armor
  3. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Hey 'm looking to buy a few slots from you, your PM box is full so please PM me when you can
  4. After a high % d virus launcher

    Wrath made a 0 def custom Twin Sato Mag - super fast too! Thanks again!
  6. Ah I didn't realise that about Yas 3000R - thats great!
  7. Love the guide, I refer to it a lot I would say a Hit Hell TypeRI/RIFLE (or a hit hell laser which is much cheaper but less ata) is worth considering for some spawns where auto lock isn't wanted, it also has the longest range of the hell guns. I've found it useful in certain spawns in episode 2 sniping gees from a big distance or aiming for certain enemies that unlock the room. Its more of a legacy gear suggestion but Stealth Suit has an interesting property that it removes weapon equip lag so you can attack faster when changing weapons. Might not be optimal given the other options but is worth considering possibly.
  8. Couple more bits to get!
  9. Price guide

    Thanks guys
  10. Price guide

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate some opinions on what these items are worth: M&A85 Fury S Rank Rifle or Gun (With Zalure Special Anti Dark Ring State/Maintenane (10dt?) Photon Booster (2 - 3dt?)