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  1. Price guide

    Ive seen them go for 5PD Yeah 60 seems the standard going rate People have been selling a few in tradelists this year, just not under new selling topics
  2. There is a great shield called Blue Phantom Field which gives +30 ata and is fairly cheap to buy - I personally don't think you need much hit
  3. What are your PSO Goals?

    Find a red ring drop Find a PGF drop Finish sphereing my RAcast equips Die less often (one can dream)
  4. Beginner's friendly Guide

    Great work @Depassage
  5. Halloween Event Update

    Thanks Magic! Looking forward to it!
  6. Pivs Tiny List

    Bumpdate! After a Hell Needle or Dark Matter - paying with DT's.
  7. Thats an awesome time!
  8. T>Red 2nd Aniv wings for White wings

  9. Pivs Tiny List

    Updated! Sold quite a bit this week D Virus Armor still available for 12dt!
  10. B>Grey Lvl 0 Mag (done!)

    1. Thegmk


      Hey Piv, I have a white one if that'll work!

       Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][White]

    2. piv


      Hey Thegmk! 

      Ah.. so close, but I need grey unfortunately! 

    3. Never


       I have 1

      Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][Grey]

      for free  =) you gave me items, when i first start thank you

  11. Pivs Tiny List

    Sale! Prices reduced on D Virus armor, Hit Excal, Hit Heaven Striker, cryo, pthn booster and more!
  12. Show your screenshots

    Thanks man I died in a healer, I like how it keeps trying
  13. Pivs Tiny List

  14. Pivs Tiny List

    Added Cryo Warhead + fully upgraded Heaven Striker
  15. S> 100/100/0/0/80 or 0/0/100/100/80 Heaven Striker for DTs