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  1. Hi! I am Wrath...

    I think you've made me about 10 mags since I joined (I have a problem) It's great to hear that you're doing better. Hope to see you in the future events
  2. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    Super fast! Highly recommended
  3. Destiny v0.69.420

  4. Great time @VEL + @Alt I would love to see a video run of BTV in the future - I love the quest I might start posting some times on quests with my chars, even if they aren't the record, just to get some more times on the board and have a record of progression haha
  5. Ill gill hunt (Hucast)

    10/10 Howi
  6. B>HP Mats :x (done!)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Piv


      Sorry man, I've just seen this! Ive sent you a PM :)

    3. Piv


      Done - thanks @TheRealHawk :D

    4. TheRealHawk


      Np bro :D 

  7. Piv's List

    Small update, Buying a Last Swan with % (no hit) Ideally 120%+ total, but open to lower
  8. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Its not my fault, I play PSO using this:
  9. S>ETERNAL NIGHT +95 [0/0/0/85|60]  30DT

  10. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Welcome! Just guessing, but I would imagine the Scape Doll amount limit is to dissuade players from relying on them too much. Multiple Scapes would be good for me though, as I die on average 3000 times per run (others can confirm this)
  11. Congrats on the Legendary User status, Howi! :D

  12. Show your screenshots

    Little know fact: White tiny Hucast is the best way to play Hucast Also true endgame PSO is actually trying to optimize dancing in sync
  13. Xp rate and Free ID

    Thank you!
  14. Old Newbie

    Welcome I am a little biased as I'm in the team, but team Legion has an active Discord to plan games / hunts More info here if you are interested: