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  1. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    Thanks @Howitzer + @Shiva for the links! As far as I can tell the lowest I can get the DEX stat is 26 - does anyone have any experience of shaving a couple more levels off it? It's looking like its not possible, which isn't the end of the world - I'll just move a few mats around on my plan
  2. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    Hey! Is it possible to make a mag with 0/176/24/0? I found I can't make a mag with under 29 Dex with the method, just wondering if there's a way to reduce dex?
  3. B>State/Maintenance + Trap/Search + High Def Red Ring

  4. Show your screenshots

    My 2nd lvl 200 on Destiny Quite the game - 3 characters hit lvl 200 and an Orb dropped for D Vader! PSO trolling while hunting a 50 hit arrest laser...
  5. B> Stuff (Pivs Tiny List)

    Thats very kind indeed @JanenbaDMS, thank you! Happy to give you something for it!
  6. haha! Nice. I still want a -5hit Twin Blaze... OP
  7. Not sure how accurate it is, but I'd geuss bluefull. http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=452 Also it might be worth running Restless Lion (solo Episode 4) if you're looking for a triple 50 Striker for a Dark Bridge
  8. Hello

  9. B> Stuff (Pivs Tiny List)

    Im not sure what you mean about the Ramar / Rabarta?
  10. B> Stuff (Pivs Tiny List)

    Reformatted + updated! After any stat Red Ring + Imm/Legs edit: thanks orgo! After a High Def RR now.
  11. S>D Virus Launcher 0/0/0/35

  12. Beeg yeet 🎵


    1. Piv


      Wow.... I feel more cultured after watching! 

  13. B> Stuff (Pivs Tiny List)

    Bump, after Grave Digger + Last Emperor
  14. B>Last Emperor with Stats + Grave Digger with Stats