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  1. Piv's List

    Lil bump! Looking for a maxed Red Ring!
  2. Dude I forgot that we have the same anniversary date lol
    Happy late birthday dude, hope you are doing good!!

    1. Piv


      Haha me too!!

      Thanks man - happy birthday to you too!

      I hope you're doing good too!!

  3. Happy Birthday! 

    1. Piv


      Thanks Hawk! :x

  4. Happy Birthday Piv! :D

    1. Piv


      Thanks Howi! :x

  5. I'm Koro. :D

    Welcome back!
  6. Wow, some amazing times coming in this year! Long live Destiny TA
  7. XMAS 2021 and 4th Anniversary!

    Outstanding work! Thank you for the hard work team Destiny
  8. Happy birthday Shisui! :)

  9. Piv's List

    Time for a bump! Also after an upgrade to my Red Ring [def: 55 / evp: 11], can offer that RR + DTs or items.
  10. True! I think as long as the item pool for those crates doesn't remove those weapons, they're good to use. I think if Snow Queen was removed for example it's pretty unlikely you would ever find a 100 hit Frozen Shooter in-game from a drop. I think the other non-returning event gear (like anniversary blades + wings) shouldn't be used as it's not possible to obtain. But I also see that the TA scene is pretty small here... I think previous runs shouldn't be scrubbed because of this, but I think new runs should just use non-event gear. (Unless Eternal Night + Blue Phantom Field get their stats upgraded to match to 3rd aniv blades + wings! That would be my solution haha) Great run @Tohru!! The idea of reduced demons and J/Z on this quest is a nightmare haha. Awesome
  11. Destiny Reader Update!

    This is such a great upgrade, thank you!!! edit: I can't read haha. Didn't spot the bit about the non rares showing with hit, perfect!
  12. Love this idea! Any excuse to hunt stuff works for me!
  13. Happy birthday Hudo!

    1. HHawk4


      thank you piv! :x

  14. Happy birthday Howi! 

  15. @R-78 - what a great run to watch!! Amazing time and run!