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  1. I run Imortal/Abil on Hucaseal. Agreed it's the better option if you're looking to max
  2. Updated with Howis anti Merc strat! Also updated about stopping charging enemies with Gifoie. Howi pointed out it should be only done with low level gifoie.
  3. Added about scape dolls being able to replenish traps. Also reformatted sections for ease of use. Will add more sections next update
  4. Genesis has 56 less EVP than Behemoth and a little less resists, but Genesis has much better DFP. Perhaps for other people It's a better balance. Reflex has better EVP by 40 over Behemoth, has a little less resists and lower DFP. Behemoth has have a nice +50atp bonus. IMO Behemoth is the most balanced, however I think I might switch over to Reflex Gear for Racaseal to give it a go for that lil extra EVP I use RR as to me its a great mix of good EVP and that nice +20 ata and other stats over using From The Depths. It's always a game of compromise haha
  5. Great stuff Dep! I'd like to add my own 2 cents about some gear choices. I only really play casts so can't comment on the other builds. D Virus Launcher (set) is a great option for rangers rather than just Dark, if possible. Behemoth Armor is still a good option for RAcaseal as it has better EVP than D virus. I prefer running Behemoth + High EVP RR as I'm normally on low HP from using D Virus Launcher + Final Egg Blaster. I survive a lot longer than I do on RAcaseal than on RAcast because of the EVP. Behemoth + RR have great other stats too. From my experience Eternal Night isn't great on HUcast. I found even with 80 hit it didn't connect as often as I thought it would, and it doesn't build PB from using the special attack. It seems to work better on HUcaseal with the better ata, and animation. Ill Gill Reaper's hell is better than Mitsunari's for EP4 Lizards I believe. Combustion Cannon set isn't needed IMO. Can confirm arrest supressed gun works great on Hucast / Hucaseal! Though that type gu/mechgun has better ata by a couple of points. Whilst Hell Yas 7k has better ata, Hell striker is sometimes better due to greater range. Stealth suit has better EVP than spectral suit, so is still worth considering over spectral suit for the lag free weapon changing effect. Would be great to hear others thoughts!
  6. Piv's List

    Added quite a bit, bumpdate
  7. Photon Token mini event!

    Thanks for the mini event, was great to hop on to collect tokens and game with some old friends!
  8. Return of the sniper in red

  9. ooOOOo Same day as me hahaha, I almost forgot...

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  13. B> S-PARTS ver2.01 (not X parts)

    Will pay well! 

  14. Piv's List

    Added some rare bits such as Prophets of Motav, Oran Card + Christmas Spirit. Removed some items and reformatted. Prices mostly added but unsure on a few prices. Feel free to offer.