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    Looking to buy Shifta lv. 20, Resta lv. 20, Zalure lv. 20 PM me if you have these items
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  13. I just want to take this time to say since coming here to Destiny community August of 2019, its been amazing! I been off and on here but now I'm back and been on the server heavy, playing with cool friends and hunting great items. A few things I love about the server is the people in this community are very nice, the gear here is amazing and it's a lot of weapons to use besides depending on dark weapons to be skilled or a great player, and the staff here are so helpful. The staff is always active on the server 24/7 and always here to help in whatever we need from redeeming DTS to just answering general questions about the server. I want to acknowledge and give thanks to @Sabrina @VEL @Orgodemirk @Shisui and the mastermind behind it all @Magictrick for making an amazing server foe everybody that still has that nostalgia for PSO. The GM's has always been helpful to me for whenever I needed redeem DTS especially @Sabrina @VEL @Orgodemirk they always helped me when I needed them for anything. This is has been an amazing experience on this server and playing with friends that I knew from other servers is amazing! I'm proud to say that this is my new home, new community and I plan on being here for a long time. I'm grateful to find this server and playing with amazing people that want to hunt and have fun. Thank you Destiny for having me here Oh and if I forgot to mention anyone please don't be mad at me
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