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    Up date Add Weapon,Armor,Shield and more!
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    1DT = 10PDs = 2PTs 10DTs= 1Photon Sphere Guild Card:42003592 Please PM me(日本語でも大丈夫です。) Sell list MASTER RAVEN 0/0/70/80[80] 20DTs STORM RENDER 50/0/0/25[0] 30PDs TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/0/40[15] 20PDs TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/0/30/0[25] 30PDs -------------------------------------------------------------- ・ PRIMAL NEXUS s2 0/0 10DTs CHU CHU FEVER s4 5PDs DRESS PLATE s4 5PDs -------------------------------------------------------------- ・ CATACLYSM SHIELD 10PDs DEAL WITH IT 10PDs --------------------------------------------------------------・ Orb of Illusions 30DTs Orb of Illusions 30DTs TPmaterial *125set (as a set only) 20DTs TPmaterial *125set (as a set only) 20DTs Heart of Angel+Heart of Devil set 5PDs wants PD / PT / DT