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  1. B>Items

    Looking to acquire a Hellion Sword with AB% and Charge special. Red Phantom Field. Excal with AB/M%. D-virus Armor. Pm me if you are looking to sell please. Thanks.
  2. B>Handgun 0/50/0/50/50.

    1. Piv


      Ive got a Raygun +4 [Berserk] [0/40/45/0|40] if thats any good?

    2. Lipelis


      and Raygun [Tempest] [0/50/0/50|30] for 10pd here if you don't find better

  3. B>Items

    Bump. Added a couple of items.
  4. B>Blue Phantom Field.


  5. B>Items

    Hello, I'm looking to buy the following items: Deband level 20. Christmas Spirit. Eternal Night. Paying with Photon Tokens/Drops. Hit me up with a PM or here if you would like to sell. Thank you.