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  1. Halloween Event 2017

    I'm definitely going to play tomorrow. Thanks for the event.
  2. Well after a series of fortunate events, my internet is no longer being shut off. I'm still going to be on break for a couple more days at least.

  3. Show your screenshots

    Awesome Last Swan I found: NDW hitting a nasty dab in the lobby: There was a ghost in my game. Very spooky:
  4. S>Last Swan(55/0/0/40/30)

    new topic
  5. S>Last Swan(55/0/0/40/30)

    Wants: Materials(power, luck, hp) Spread Needle with hit Exterminator with hit Hell Striker with hit Death Reaper with hit Combustion Cannon with hit Soul Biter with hit PGF(will add stuff for this)
  6. Berry's Shop

    I have Dark Falz buster(45/0/0/45/0), Judgement blade(x/x/0/0/0) <----forgot exact stats, and RR. I'll meet up with you later to discuss trades
  7. Show your screenshots

    These dropped in the same run
  8. Music

  9. Done

    new topic. B>smartlink
  10. Done

    let me know when you can meet up. I'll trade for kitetsu @JanenbaDMS
  11. Done

    Let me know what you can do. PM or find me in game
  12. Music

  13. Race to 200 event!

    CCA is gross.
  14. Race to 200 event!

    Congrats everyone.