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  1. B> Whitill Anniv Wings w/ RARES 💎✨[DONE]

    Trade done! This topic can be close now. Thanks to @JanenbaDMS and @Howitzer in the first place who traded me the Sky ones
  2. B> Whitill Anniv Wings w/ RARES 💎✨[DONE]

    Because Meme aside, I could talk endlessly on how aesthetic is important to me but long story short, since I'll see my toon for hours I'd rather find it pleasing to my tastes so seeing one fashion faux pas or a missing piece triggers me lol That's why I'm down for it, oh and plus the fact that it is a limited edition item, which is always nice as a collector
  3. B> Whitill Anniv Wings w/ RARES 💎✨[DONE]

    @Howitzer for a swap color? Cmon Howi x)
  4. Hello, For Whitill 2nd Anniversary Wings I'm offering one of those trades: 1) TIGER'S FANG & DRAGON'S CLAW [0/70/70/0|90] 2) ORAN CARD [45/0/0/35|45] + PROPHETS OF MOTAV [0/0/0/40|0] 3) SKYLY 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS [def: 0 / evp: 0] + 20 DTs 4) 30 DTs Contact me if you are interested in one of those options (or a mix of some). Thank you EDIT: Trade done ✅
  5. Show your screenshots

    oh my' Im jelly lol Congratzzzz beeeeeeeeg HHaaaaaaaawkkkkkk \o/
  6. I don't know you (yet) but... cool profil pic, cool banner
    Happy Birthday to you! :V


  7. Music

  8. In need of d-photon core

    My message was overall a speculation... Thanks for the input guys!
  9. In need of d-photon core

    Welcome welcome, This mag cell can be found on Olga Flow Ultimate Greenill at a 1/32 rate (which is actually 1/16 since the droprate here is x2 on Ultimate difficulty) https://playpso.net/drop-tables. While looking into the Market section, I saw a player offering 3 DTs for it but since I sold some equivalent cells such as A New Friend cells for 3 pds each (according to experienced players, 5 pds is the max asked)... even if Olga is harder to beat than Boss Dragon EP2, the price difference can't be that important. Long story short, I don't have one to sell but paying more than 10 Photon Drops would be too expensive considering the drop rate in my opinion. Last but not least, the ratio with players is 1 Donation Token = 10 Photon Drops = 2 Photon Tokens . + Also feel free to use the chatbox if you have more questions, you may get quicker answers. You may not find this cell available with players on forum since this is a popular one but as I said, it's a reasonable rate so you will be able to get yours for sure at some point by hunting or waiting until someone find and sell it for a decent price. I hope it has answered your question, Good luck and I hope you will enjoy your stay on Destiny Cheers :ˆ)
  10. Beeg yeet 🎵


    1. Piv


      Wow.... I feel more cultured after watching! 

  11. Show your screenshots

    My first and beautiful Xmas baby ,_,
  12. B> D-Virus Armor with DTs

  13. Avoiding Olga Flow form 2 early Divine Punishment When starting the form 2, Olga is on stand-by during a couple of seconds then starts to look on his left and right... Damage him after the beginning of this animation to avoid an early Divine Punishment attack. Dealing with Transfer attack from Olga Flow form 2 When Olga turns orange, the only way to damage him is to use a stated weapon with the right attribute, it's randomly chosen between Native, A.Beast, Machine or Dark (or find out the right element with techs). Using wrong attribute/element will hurt the player transformed into Heathcliff Flowen. Shambertin / Kondrieu / Saint-Milion phase 2 guide After preferably defeating a red spinner (yellow/green = little time of vulnerability, orange = longer, red = even longer) on phase 1 to break the first 4 tail jewels, you will have to do 4 more. When you multi hit the 4 jewels simultaneously during phase 2, three of them will explode so after the boss runs away towards the center area, you will be able to break the last one. Since you avoid multiple back and forth fights across the map for each jewels, this is the fastest way to defeat him, so prefer Estlla Photon Blast, multi targets weapons or techs. Zalure S-Rank Launcher vertical range With this specific infinite vertical range you can Zalure (lv. 21) enemies above you. Here are a few examples: - Olga Flow after his introduction cinematic - Gal Gryphon when he flies above the players in the beginning of the fight - Dark Falz form 3 in his landing animation (after Grants) - Da Ra Lie when he is (or jumps) above the platform etc Hitting Gal Gryphon during Thunderbolt with infinite vertical height attacks Take advantage of the infinite vertical height feature of Dark Meteor and Rathalos Greatsword specials to deal damages to Gal Gryphon while he is up in the sky shooting thunderbolts.
  14. Show your screenshots

    It happened again.. What is happening with my Oran luck, that's insane lol