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  1. Music

    Classic wow!
  2. Music

    It's been a while since I've been in a Berlin Techno'ish mood but hey, when Blawan plays an unreleased tune from his duo Karenn, it's always a pleasure (the timecode should be set 👂🎵)
  3. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    @Gummy no sacrificing base stats involved if you follow some max stats plans! Here is a cool doc with multiple plans; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uIN2LbEmjdybDzvI8QuU9SMvy9csROqpkSl8bldvv0E/edit#gid=458429584
  4. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Ahoy Gummy, My 2 cent theory about the limitation of Dolls is to fit the philosophy of the majors game changes, like no-knockdown for example. That amplified feeling of danger while playing is a nice touch to balance the powerful custom gear available. Also a "Game Over" from time to time (which is not that punitive in my opinion) is a good message to think about a game-plan to complete the run. And as Obama says... With great power comes great responsibility btw you still owe me 500k spent on moons
  5. Old Newbie

  6. B> Last Emperor with DTs contact me ploze, ty Edit: ty @Rem cr-blush.gif


  7. Show your screenshots

  8. Show your screenshots

  9. Music

    Woa.. New Gorillaz sounds lovely Désolé 🇫🇷
  10. T> SOUL DEVOURER [100/0/100/0|100] ✨ for Yellow Wings Done: ✅

  11. Show your screenshots

  12. Show your screenshots

    And I thought that my 40 crates farmed were already a lot, nvm lmao cg topu that's insane!
  13. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    This event got three time more answers than your previous one.. no but jokes aside, we are a small community, that's not a news we know that. So a bump about mini event is a common thing to refresh people memory so they don't forget about it or in this case maybe an extended date to motivate people to post their ideas in time could have been a thing.. since a costume event is more time consuming for participants to prepare than a single answer quiz, if you get my point here. And long story short a sentence about it in the main post in the first place would have been appreciated, now it feels like an anti-climatic last minute surprise.. Don't get me wrong, I'm being honest here Wrath but I hope that my point is constructive enough to be benefical to the next events... which add life to Destiny's activity and we all appreciate that!
  14. Converting Monster Parts Guidance

    Welcome Siozek