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  1. Show your screenshots

    True Dep Luck
  2. Hi all

    Welcome aboard!
  3. S>List

    Long awaited update!
  4. I'm Koro. :D

    Welcome Aboard =D
  5. Show your screenshots

    do you have the complete collection of all 10 IDs cards up to this point x)?
  6. Easter Event 2022: Lost Soul Ripper

    Thanks for the event! The original quest design for Lost Soul Ripper was very fitting for such challenging monstruosity. The way to reserve modified quests for event monster makes complete senses for me aswell What I did noticed outside of specific communities that it was very hard to find players after the second half of the event for it. Im not arguing with the difficulty of the quest which I found very fitting and interresting Maybe replacing photon drops with photon tokens as drops on the sinow would have made the motivation of overall server's player last longer for it aswell as a 2nd item generated for boss death. Outside of HH the effort required to go through the quest made me personnaly discomfortable on farming it hence my previous observations. I also liked the idea of the new rewards of unobtainable items for easter eggs this was a great use of them. But what I did also realized despite all the years I'm here since is that farming/spamming rappy on doldolm research is very unfortunately extremely unfun the only workaround is usually to mix egg farming with luck materials farming on normal while HH is on. but it doesn't make it fun regardless How I would make seasonal rappy drops more enjoyable: -Make the holliday rappy drops with very low droprate to all ennemies. This way player would feel the incentive to spam the quest to fill the amoun of eggs they need throughout the event. and -make the holliday rappy drops assignes to all rappies to all episode while the event is active with a better droprates on rappy than random mob but still inferior to seasonal rappies -Making a new quest in temple dedicated to rappy and luck materials farming Also -Increase spawn rates on Ult seasonal rappies. Thanks for reading. Im expecting great things for the new endgame content and upcoming event =)
  7. dorameow

  8. Keyboard shortcut settings

    Menu --> Cutomize --> Highlight the wanted icon, and press the numerical key location of the keyboard you want it to
  9. Trade List!

    DYNASTY ARMOR [slots: 0 / def: 41 / evp: 7] - 10PDs This please DM/PM me ^^
  10. Hi all ;)

  11. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Torhu don't get mad but you're using 2nd Anniversary Wings T_T,
  12. Destiny Reader Update!

    Amazing, will try it out asap
  13. Looking to buy "starter" things

  14. Looking to buy "starter" things

    Its a specific really hard boss encounter facing modded reskinned dragons. one modded gol and one modded sil dragon. The quest is called Beyond the Veil on EP1 It does drop one of the best sword of the game aside from Dark Flow. Rathalos Great Sword which generates localized explosions on contact but it's a really tough fight you better be completely endgame and with a strong Full 4P party