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  1. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    I do think so at least its sword swing in the Very least
  2. Glad you like it Orgo did found the correct ingredients and I did found the correct Setup to use Fomarl and Fomar to the Max. Old Tanky build doesn't rivalize their utility in end of 2020 I think, even they can still be good. But be aware that actually Ethereal got inherent bugs right now with Mechguns and Sabers animations, so be careful you can be stuck in endless mechgun shooting loop with it
  3. Well thank you for your reply. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! So at this point I assume its looks certainly the way to go to EVP Hucaseal, but Ill add a grain of salt. I think ATP/ATA Hucaseal shouldn't be using this unit. because you do want to get 1 free unit flex spot like Imm HP/PB Flow Which justify the existence of 2 different Hucaseal slot in your accounts to enjoy the most layers of gameplay possible. but that's a great finding actually. Good job guys
  4. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    PSO BB Destiny Private Server Time Attack 2P TTF EP 1 11.30 Karlito68 & Depassage NO PB Enjoy Guys Karlito68 = Orion Ramarl Depassage = Creinu Fomarl Xmas Spirit special's is actually a regular one. the special listed on bank inside was not right after a donation, the special is Spirit as normal actually Video Footage is by Karlito68 hosted on his YT Channel Inventory :
  5. S>List

    updated again as well as B<List
  6. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    Apparently for some users on W10. launching the reader while the game is already launched, does crash the game. Even with added to exceptions on AV and WIn Defender and start as admin. I noticed 2 cases so far
  7. Okay I'll assume you know it better than me because Its the only Char I didn't pilot. I'll add this suggestion tomorrow EDIT What do you think about Genesis Armor MAX? Would it be better in that specific Scenario? EDIT2 I did checked to be sure. REFLEX Gear can be equipped by Any Class making it in that dodge scenario a possible option if using your Strat I think. Could you confirm this theory? @Piv
  8. Thank you. you expanded my knowledge even more ^^
  9. Well. I didn't had the same experience and I think even if the animation is worse. The Free Insane DPS for ATP HUcast does make up for that, but Yeah I agree its better on Hucaseal for these reasons. Also Eternal Night is dedicated Dark Falz 2 Killer I didn't found a better alternative on Hucast except maybe Stormrender which does vaporize Falz 3
  10. Well. I don't know im not sure. I mean yeah Ill Gill has better high ceiling Hell. but first of all you need to consider that you will Swap Nightmare to Mitsu/Ill Gill. and what's left is more about the animation speed and the fact that Mitsunari does hit 6x for 3x Targets. Ill Gill has overall better utility and special also better horizontal reach but you only hit 3x times and you don't go forward as much than using Mitsunari. Also you probably won't use Gill on Hunter for DPS there are better options. So yeah I don't feel that there is a best answer for this but in my view in that specific Lizard mashing scenario Mitsunari Does won by an inch.
  11. I did always thought that Olga2 is weak to a random attribute, like in his invincibility form and the same way to his Tech random weakness? Could you test/confirm once again? Just to make sure Okay your points (and Howi's) did convince me of the superiority of use of Hell Striker over Yas7k I will modifiy the guide accordingly So yeah also I will add the possibility of DVL Set as @Piv suggested
  12. 1 DFP feels Suicide honestly unless you plan to TA/got backup members
  13. I need to add that Intel to Legacy Weapon then.
  14. Yes probably an oversight from initial version