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  1. Trade List!

    DYNASTY ARMOR [slots: 0 / def: 41 / evp: 7] - 10PDs This please DM/PM me ^^
  2. Hi all ;)

  3. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Torhu don't get mad but you're using 2nd Anniversary Wings T_T,
  4. Destiny Reader Update!

    Amazing, will try it out asap
  5. Looking to buy "starter" things

  6. Looking to buy "starter" things

    Its a specific really hard boss encounter facing modded reskinned dragons. one modded gol and one modded sil dragon. The quest is called Beyond the Veil on EP1 It does drop one of the best sword of the game aside from Dark Flow. Rathalos Great Sword which generates localized explosions on contact but it's a really tough fight you better be completely endgame and with a strong Full 4P party
  7. Alright due to the shortage on the market regarding Orbs I will close this topic and potential purchases for now. Thanks to thoses who looked at it.
  8. small Bump, 1 Orb has been sold to me, I still really need 2x more or Evil Aura/Profound Darkness PM me please =)
  9. Greetings, I do buy up to 3 2 Orbs of Illusion. Name your prices in PM. I do pay in DTs fully. If you're selling multiples Orbs for a slightly reduced total price we can also work together this way. edit: I can also take Evil Aura or Profound Darkness as trade for Dts Thank you
  10. Happy Bday man =)

  11. hello, new player here

    Hello virdia. Welcome aboard! Please, enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to ask for advices and parties We're a hearth-warmful and friendly community here =) Hope lots of rares and good parties for you =)
  12. XMAS Event 2020!

    Merry XMAS DESTINY!!!
  13. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

    Ty vm for the trades ^^
  14. Zion Shop Update(13/09/2021)

    6Dts Okay ?=)