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  1. Glacier's shop

    This is my first shop, so I'm not that familiar with the market. Some items are listed without a price because I'm not sure on their value, so just shoot me an offer. MY GUILDCARD: 42000805 Price Conversion: 100PD = 20PT = 10DT = 1PS Melee Weapons Gush HELLION SWORD 25/0/15/0/30 15PD Gush HELLION SWORD 0/20/0/0/30 15PD Charge HELLION SWORD 0/0/0/35/30 15PD SOLD GAE BOLG 0/25/0/35/45 1PD ASTERON BELT 80/0/80//80 AGITO 35/0/0/0/30 20PD LAVIS CANNON 0/0/0/0 5PD CHAIN SAWD 0/35/0/0 1PD CHAIN SAWD 0/20/0/15 1PD RED SWORD 40/0/50/30 3PD RED SWORD 35/0/0/0 1PD RED SWORD 0/0/0/0 1PD DRAGON SLAYER 0/0/35/0/55 40PD GIRASOLE 45/0/45/0 3PD LAVIS BLADE 30/0/0/0/30 LAVIS BLADE 20/0/10/0 5PD DEATH REAPER 0/0/0/45 7PD DEATH REAPER 0/25/0/0 7PD DEATH REAPER 45/0/0/0 7PD ZAMBA 0/0/60/0 OBLIVION 0/0/25/30 SOLD DEMOLITION COMET 0/40/45/0/35 10PD EXCALIBUR 0/0/0/0/10 15PD TIGER'S FANG & DRAGON'S CLAW 20/0/0/0 DAYLIGHT SCAR 30/0/20/0/35 5PD CHARGE GUNGNIR 20/0/0/0/50 2PD SLICER OF FANATIC 90/0/0/100 Ranged Weapons FREEZE ARMS 0/40/0/0/60 40PD SPREAD NEEDLE 0/0/0/65 10PD SPREAD NEEDLE 0/45/0/50 10PD SPREAD NEEDLE 0/0/50/0 7PD SPREAD NEEDLE 0/0/0/0 3PD ARREST NEEDLE 0/0/0/0 20PD HANDGUN:GULD 0/0/0/0 10PD HANDGUN:GULD 10/0/0/0 10PD HANDGUN:MILLA 30/0/0/25/20 25PD HANDGUN:MILLA 30/0/20/0 10PD MASTER RAVEN 0/0/0/0 1PD MASTER RAVEN 0/40/40/0 3PD LAST SWAN 45/0/0/0 3PD LAST SWAN 30/40/0/0 3PD FROZEN SHOOTER 0/0/25/65/25 5PD DUEL BIRDS 0/0/0/0 2PD PASSION HAZE 0/0/0/0 SOLD 5PD PANZER FAUST 0/0/10/30 10PD BARANZ LAUNCHER 0/0/0/0 2PD GUILTY LIGHT 0/0/0/25/45 5PD MILLE MARTEAUX 10/0/0/0 5PD MILLE MARTEAUX 60/0/70/50 HEAVEN STRIKER 0/0/0/15 3PD HEAVEN STRIKER 0/0/0/0 3PD HEAVEN STRIKER 0/0/10/20 3PD HEAVEN STRIKER 10/0/0/0 3PD HELL STRIKER 50/0/45/40 25PD HELL STRIKER 0/0/0/0 5PD HELL STRIKER 0/0/0/0 5PD CANNON ROUGE 0/0/20/0/20 3PD HELL TYPESH/SHOT 0/35/35/0 1PD HELL TYPESH/SHOT 0/25/0/15 1PD Mage Weapons GLIDE DIVINE 0/0/0/0 5PD GLIDE DIVINE 0/0/0/0 5PD GLIDE DIVINE S 25/30/0/15 15PD (SOLD) TYRELL'S PARASOL 20/0/20/0 5 PD TYRELL'S PARASOL 0/0/0/10 5 PD Armor/Shields LUMINOUS FIELD 0 SLOT 1PD LUMINOUS FIELD 2 SLOT 2PD SOLD GAURD WAVE 4 SLOT 1PD MOTHER GARB + 1 SLOT HALLOWED GARMENT 4 SLOT 2PD HAUNTED HELM 2PD THREE SEALS 20PD KASAMI BRACER 1PD STANDSTILL SHIELD 1PD Units LIMITER X2 5PD V101 X2 3PD CENTURION/BATTLE 12PD (SOLD) CENTURION/HP 5PD CENTURION/LUCK 3PD CENTURION/POWER 5PD IMMORTAL/ARMS 10PD SOLD HEAVENLY/POWER X3 1PD HEAVENLY/ABILITY X2 1PD HEAVENLY/ARMS X3 1PD Power Materials x50 10:1PD SOLD Mind Materials x180 10:1PD HP Materials x70 5:1PD SOLD TP Materials x19 1:1PD Def Materials x100 20:1PD Evade Materials x200 20:1PD
  2. B>Heart of dark chao

    Really wanting one just pm me a price.