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  1. Happy Birthday > NDW

    1. Arashi


      Happy Birthday^_^

  2. :o I didn't know you played here!

    <-- Rivera

  3. Phantasmal Crate findings?

    Bringer's Rifle
  4. Duo Time Attack Event

  5. Duo Time Attack Event

    What is the ruling on players using the techniques Shifta/Deband or reducing HP before the quest is loaded?
  6. Lost Riot Raygun Lost Devils Scepter Lost Heart Breaker
  7. Show your screenshots

    Got stuck somehow.
  8. x5 XP forever

    Rika's Claw is okay for use for Vol Opt 1 Gizonde trick if a player doesn't have any higher ATP weapons, but the main use for Rika's Claw is to ledge drop in Seabed as a male Hunter/Ranger character. Does this mean those who currently have Dark Falz Buster can use for now but later on the weapon will be entirely removed from the game so no one will have one? If so, I'm fine with that. Claire's Deal is broken anyhow. After you attempt to trade in items for a specific item from the NPC, it will not be added to your inventory. Thus, all items you attempted to trade in will be deleted and you get nothing in return.
  9. x5 XP forever

    The 5x EXP at all times (and possible leveling curve for lower levels) is something that characters below Ultimate will appreciate for sure! I'm disappointed to see Dark Falz Buster (a non-event original weapon to the server) being removed from the drop table. I understand the intention of wanting to add Skyfall and Eternal Night to the drop table (which is great!) and needing to remove two drops to make this happen. Instead of removing both drops for Dark Falz Buster, I feel like removing 1 of the 3 Red Ring drops and 1 of the 2 Dark Falz Buster (or DF Shield) drops would have accomplished adding both new weapons while retaining Dark Falz Buster as a drop as well.
  10. Hello

    Hello, my favorite Oran HUmar.
  11. Trials of dw

    I choose KEZIA'S BERETTA +9 (100/0/0/100|100).
  12. XMAS Event 2017

    When is the last day for this event?
  13. XMAS Event 2017

    Or make custom event HUD's optional for use.
  14. Yamigarasu 40/0/0/40|35

    Character name: MIDORIN GC#: 42000605 I was playing by myself when I noticed a banner scroll across. I didn't think there was anyone else online at the time. I was curious to see who was playing, so I left my quest to check each block's party list. I found this player in Block 2 about a minute after I left Block 1. They had found Dark Falz Buster from Ultimate Dark Falz on a LV136 FOnewearl in a party with a timer of 7 minutes 9 seconds and no quest started. Then later I had found this: Proof of area warping (reaching areas in unrealistic times).