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    bump Replenished PGF
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  5. B> Power and Luck Mats

    I have a long login so please talk to me
  6. B> Power and Luck Mats

    Can you login now?
  7. B> Power and Luck Mats

    hi Lord I can offer it
  8. yuzushop

    No42002044 1DT = 10pds = 2pts PGF = 60DTs plz PM(DTonly ) Replenished PGF Hu  SOUL DEVOURER [] 10Dt(統計 100)  STORM RENDAER [] 15pd Ra FROZEN SHOOTER [30/30/0/0 / hit45 ] 18pd FROZEN SHOOTER[0/0/0/30 / hit45 ] 15pd FROZEN SHOOTER[25/0/0/0 / hit35 ] 5pd HAVEN STRIKER [0/0/0/40 / hit0] 8pd HAVEN STRIKER [0/35/35/30 / hit0] 18pd SPREADNEEDLE [0/40/0/0 / hit40] 35pd SPREADNEEDLE [0/0/0/30 / hit25] 5pd Fo Zuspunshiment [0/0/0/0/0] 18pd  disk Resta lv16 2pd (bestlv) Resta LV30 1PD ATackDisk 25〜29 2set pd1 unit item shild RED PHANTOM FIELD 4pd Cura Freez1pd Cura paraliysis 1pd D photoncore 35pd mat list def or mind×10 = 1pd(def200mind100 keep) hpmat4 = 1pds (keep200) want list PD PT DT cryo wanhed?  
  9. Nice to meet you i yuzu

    Nice to meet you I am Yuzuponko Recently started Destiny Newcomer  'm not good at English, but I use Google Translate to talk  I will be indebted from now on