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    goal will be 14:1x (Walking through Flame) still in progress Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Rei. (RAmarl) @VEL , Erika (RAcast) @Alt , topu (HUcaseal) @topu, Guren (HUcast) @Gurenren Time : 15:04
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    S> Excalibur 100/0/0/0/100 for DTs. Open to offers
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    B> 2nd Anniversary wings for dts pm me if you sell my luck is -100 Done LOL
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    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes guys I'm sorry! I took a break been almost two years... Prolly coming back soon!
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    Todays lesson: State/Maint counters roct quest jellen/zalure debuff. Even though it shows the character is debuffed, in fact its a fight between s/m and roct quest code the whole time and s/m wins since you deal usual dmg to enemies.
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    still in progress i think? Walking through Flame 14'34
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    Cg Depassage a new Legend is born Keep up The Good Work Great Teamleader Great Forum User Awesome Guy kudos to you <3
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    Happy Birthday 09! I never got to thank you for the skins you made us because I was to sick then, but I was rifling thru a mountain of unread team content and found them all ! Very nice..tyvm I really enjoyed the stuff you made for the team. Have A good one!
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    Happy Birthday my sweetheart @Magictrick
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    Well after a series of fortunate events, my internet is no longer being shut off. I'm still going to be on break for a couple more days at least.
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    Congratulations! @LegendaryLipelis
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    Welcome to the LegendClub Piv
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    Congrats on the Legendary User status, Howi!
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    Looking for someone to unseal SJS (Yes im lazy ppl) paying up to 20DTs. (Done) Ill use it instead of IGR until then. Pm me if ur interested
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    Buy level 30 techs All Attack Techs lvl 30 Grants lvl 28 is also fine Megid lvl 28 is also fine
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    Happy Birthday Shiva. I hope you'll enjoy it =) <3
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    I just noticed you are GM Now Congratulation Vel You have always been a very helpfull Kind and Friendly Person Im sure you will do great
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    Happy birthday lad! I would have got you a cake but I assumed you're not a cannibal
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    Wishing every mom a happy mother's day today hope you all have a wonderfull day <3
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    If anyone need some GM tasks please pm me here or on discord! Actually doing some work at home
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    Amsterdam - you were fun! Hope to be back soon
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    There will be a Forum event soon so be prepaired and stay tuned will be my first forum event so dont expect much but ill try to do it as good as i can :3
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    Today - this irl Hope the launch goes well guys! See you when I get back
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    S>SLICER OF FANATIC [0/0/0/0|90] pm me
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    S> MITSUNARI [0/0/35/50|80] 30 Dts BOONDOCK SAINTS +50 [0/0/40/100|45] 40 Dts TIGER'S FANG & DRAGON'S CLAW [0/0/40/0|40] 5 Dts JUDGEMENT BLADE [40/0/0/40|40] 10 Dts PM me if you are interested
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    Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend. -Bruce Lee
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    Happy Birthday Shiva, I wish you all the best in life may all your dreams come true <3
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    T>Cryo Warhead for Wings of Life
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    Buy Wings of Life for DTs also lookin for Gush Needle
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    Buy> ANCIENT PROPHECY Buy> BAT WING PM me if your selling
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    Rhythmic tones, played in her art A story told, not from the start Music speaks, in confusing tone A ghost at play, angels have known The audience silent, as if in a trance An elderly couple, their final dance Children crying, their memory thrill The world asleep, real life now still A missed note, her broken key Echos now nod, for all the see A perfect song, reflecting her life Taken to early, the loving wife Lights turn on, the music stops Her friends now gone, reality props The world awakes, conscious souls Pictures in frames, playing their roles
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    If, by any chance, im not me, then who says that you're you? Can u pick up the pieces of your heart, that fell apart like a broken sand castle? The voice of someone is calling out... changed into ringing in my ears. Its as if time has stopped. Now wake up! I made my way out of the deap darkness... I fled like a swift wind... We used to be like living corpses, but now we head beyond these walls. Lets meet again... in a place not found on any map.
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    i have some things for sell check it out here https://playpso.net/forums/topic/387-sabs-sell-trade-list/
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    Keep your smile, Leave a tear, Hold your laught, And forget all your fear, Because it is a happy new year. Wish you all a rocking year an great hunts!
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    If your Baranz begins acting irritable, try gently massaging its missile glands.
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    Bored at work today. Decided to look up how to embed flash games in excel... I am now the hero of the office. Plz dun tel teh mgmt D:
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    Section ID change command is dead and I didn't change my ID to the right one in time. RIP. #OranLifeForeverNow