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  1. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    Post here to let your fellow hunters know it's time to LOOTLOOTLOOT!
  2. Somehow went 5+ years playing PSO on multiple private servers without ever having windows defender freak out on me regarding false positives... until today.  Not sure if that's a good or bad thing actually :3

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  4. Music

    ^ Perturbator is awesome! Been on a real Periphery kick lately
  5. Show your screenshots

    The best thing about coming back after a break is remembering that you've already done most of the grind for a new char. Dipping my toe in the HU pool for the first time in years. Made a Hucassy and was messing around with stormrender and didn't pay attention to low health when dragon was landing :'L
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    Still alive btw, Hope everyone is doing ok.
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  8. Happy bday buddy!

    1. Magictrick


      Thanks man <3

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    Been revisiting BP Empire over the past day or so. Still one of my favourites <3
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  11. Old Newbie

    Ahoy hoy
  12. T> for typeDS/D.Saber

    I don't think TypeDS/D.SABER is obtainable here yet. It was a beach laughter reward for FO on Ultima but we're still missing ma2v2 to obtain heart of ID. I did a lot of these runs when I played there but unsure if that was a custom build or standard. I read the old GC reward was different.
  13. Converting Monster Parts Guidance

    Welcome! Since you said you're a GC player I thought I'd add that with Episode 4 you can use photon crystals to add up to 50 hit to enemy weapons as well. NDW wrote a pretty comprehensive guide here https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/how-to-convert-enemy-parts-to-weapons-and-add-hit.362/ Edit: I have this unlocked already. If anyone wants hit added and I'm around just give me a shout
  14. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    Yeah I guess the source image I used was darker. Realised when I went to get the video clip haha Also pay no attention to the ears
  15. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    Most of my ideas were let down by how limited the costumes are here. This is the best I could manage.
  16. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    This episode 1+2 guide was just posted to Reddit. Might help? https://archive.org/details/phantasystaronlineepisodeiiiversusstrategyguide/mode/2up
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    This is amazing
  18. New Around Here

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here
  19. XMAS 2019!

    I finally completed the xmas spirit I got two years ago. GG
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  21. Radiants Trade list

    Sure I can jump on now if you're about?
  22. Radiants Trade list

    I'm not the best with market rates either. Been here since closed beta but disappear a lot Happy enough to sell each weapon for 2-3PTs if that suits?
  23. Radiants Trade list

    I've got the following: CELESTIAL FUSION +30 [0/0/0/100|0] CELESTIAL FUSION +30 [0/0/0/0|20] SLICER OF FANATIC +30 [0/0/90/0|0] BRINGER'S RIFLE +9 [0/0/0/0|50] Just give me a shout if you're interested in any
  24. Hoi, Now that Defend The Main Room is an active quest again I figured I'd post this quick guide for newer players. It's a generally safe, consistent farm of 3 Ill Gills every 2 mins or so. In a perfect run the Gi Gue will leave you alone and the final Del Lily will trigger mag as a response to your barta first try but I decided to show one where things don't go according to plan. Keep the Gi Gue in view so you can tell if it's countering. So long as you run straight and slightly to the left when warping into the room you should be fine. Your mag might trigger during the first part when you're killing the other plants but it will most likely run out before you can wipe out the Ill Gills so best to let it time out then reactivate as per the video. Happy hunting