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  1. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes guys I'm sorry! I took a break been almost two years... Prolly coming back soon! 

  2. Happy Birthday 09!  I never got to thank you for the skins you made us because I was to sick then, but I was rifling thru a mountain of unread team content  and found them all ! Very nice..tyvm I really enjoyed the stuff you made for the team. Have  A  good one!:D




    1. Ona357


       We will have screenshots here..Enjoy!


    2. Ona357
  3. Happy birthday dude ^^

  4. Release: Destiny Database

    how about a list of their texture numbers?
  5. Giving away my things (Leaving)

    that'd be sweet...by any chance do you play PSO on ultima? j/w cause i could atleast give you something in return, since i know for sure anything more then other games gear is a bannable offence.
  6. Giving away my things (Leaving)

    Im actualy tryin to get started on this server... I'd like to get some decent gear to make the leap. Idk what you have left maybe we can work something out?
  7. What's up

    Ty all good to have exp boost got to 25 in no time transition won't be as bad
  8. «・CLOSED・»

    o9B0666 (oh nine bee zero siz siz six) some get the 0 and o's confused
  9. «・CLOSED・»

    If I can I'd like a spread needle and master raven. I just made a character and will be online shortly with it I literally have nothing on this server.
  10. What's up

    See alot of familiar names which is great to see! Hopefully everyones keeping their ultima forum name so it's easy to find people. Server is going to be the only competition ultima has seen from what I've read. Basically like ultima but the market isn't all jacked up from items that only 4 drop once a year. Think ima give it a try here wish I could bring character data here. Oh well fresh start!