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  1. Trade List!

    Updated! Hi everyone! Been a while.
  2. Trade List!

    Bump! Updated my wants list. If anyone has any of these, PM me here or find me in game with the same name.
  3. Trade List!

    Okay! I'll make a room called "The Trader", and you can join me there. I'm available now.
  4. Trade List!

    Ayo! I'm about to hop on right now if you're still interested.
  5. Trade List!

    Okay! I'm online now if you're available. What's your IGN? Alternatively if you're not online right now, I'll be on for most of the day tomorrow.
  6. Trade List!

    Heyo! I'm online right now if you're still interested in it. Yo! that's perfectly fine with me. Keep that luck mat, as you'll need it for future endeavors, since you're just starting out. I'm online now if you're available.
  7. Trade List!

    Bump, for the longest hiatus before finally updating. LOL
  8. XMAS 2021 and 4th Anniversary!

    My goodness, Magic. Leave us salivating, why don't you.
  9. Triple Threat Event

    Who's got two thumbs and is drooling over those Anniversary Blades? This guy.
  10. Old Newbie

    Oh hi there! And welcome!
  11. Heyo! I've got a friend who is trying to get onto Destiny server, but is having some random issues on it. Like, she's able to get the client to load, but it goes to a black screen and auto-closes immediately after. She's double-checked to make sure she's properly set permissions on her antivirus, so that's out of the question, and I'm drawing blanks. Could anyone give me a helping hand? Thanks!
  12. Valentine's 2020!

    ... Well, now's a good time to go madman farming, since I'm all caught up on Path of Exile.
  13. Trade List!

    Bump for a long-awaited update!
  14. Hello All!

    Hi there! Welcome to Destiny. Great time to join too, with the event in. You're welcome to pester me in game if you need help.
  15. Destiny v0.7.0

    These updates spoke to me on a spiritual level... I can actually make use of Subzero, now... <3 <3